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Destroy Yourself

I’m quite “sick” of all this bullspit I hear about how cannabis is illegal because it is far too detrimental to human health and well-being to be legalized. My body, my choice. If the government gave a toss about its citizens’ well-being, then why would it allow certain other HIGHLY suspicious substances to be 100% legal? Do you have any idea how bad the birth control pill is for the human body? Or artificial colors and flavors? Or that the aluminum in antiperspirants can build up in your body and lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease? These things are totally legal, and it’s up to you if you want to consume/use them. The risks of tartarazine (FD&C yellow #5) far outweigh any potential risks of marijuana use, but that is fully legal. Synthetic ingredients affect the body as well as the mind and behavior. Are you trying to tell me that this is different from the classical definition of a “drug”? And I choose not to consume this garbage. But I wouldn’t try to enact a law to prevent others from being able to eat it if they so choose. (I do like to let people know what is in that stuff, but you know what, most people really don’t care. It’s like the Dead Kennedys said, “Give me convenience, or give me death.”) It’s your life, and you pick your poisons. If you want to eat foods that are high in trans fats, and use industrial pollutants for makeup, go right ahead. Destroy yourself in any way you choose. But the bottom line is you choose what you put in yourself. One would hope you’re an informed consumer, but though the government will lie loudly to your face about the evils of weed, they don’t do a damn thing to raise your awareness about these abominable products you use every day. I just want the opportunity to choose for myself, and I wish to only answer to my Creator about my choice. Why would I smear my face with parabens? Would I flood my body with foreign hormones? I’d rather flood my lungs with pot smoke. And that’s my prerogative. Really, the worst thing about it is that it’s illegal. The worst thing about the birth control pill? Cancer and strokes! Hmm, euphoria or cancer. Oh hell, I can’t choose. I’m gonna close my eyes, and you pick… So destroy yourself, if you want. But leave me out of it. **Don’t lose hope in the face of lies, just hold on tighter to the truth.**
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Of course, we all feel the

Of course, we all feel the same way to be here. Marijuana was perfectly legal during the time of our Founding Fathers, and all who respect them should oppose the law against marijuana, or laws against consumption of any psychoactive substances.

A good book

You would benefit from reading "the Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer - the is alot of information about the over all value of the weed in that book.

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