and yet another letter from a medical marijuana patient that the feds claim don't exist...

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We received this message earlier in the week:
I have had to move back home to a state that does not allow the medical use of marijuana -- the state I was in before, Maine, allowed it -- and it is very hard for me to find relief from my pain now. My doctor has increased my medications twofold, and I do not get the pain control I had on 1/2 the narcotics with the smoke. I just hope some day the government will stop demonizing a very useful tool, and allow us who really get relief from it without abuse of the drug.
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Medical Marijuana and the DEA

The goverment is literally stealing cash from the people who sell it to sick people. They will raid a medical marijuana club take all it money and anything else that is worth value and then in many cases not charge the people involved. Why do this to your own citizens this country was based on freedom and with freedom comes the right to vote being the basis of how we as a country enforce anything. The goverment should be ashamed of themselves. This country is now about greed instead of freedom. I am proud to be an american but when I look around sometimes I sometime think to myself why are we letting this happen to us. Buy the way the federal income tax is illegal. It was started in 1913 and is against the consituiton. How do you think goverment was funded before 1913 if there was no income tax. It comes from sales tax. None of your money you pay for the federal income tax goes into the country. It goes to the richest people in the world. The bankers. GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had to move to a non-compasionat med-PotState

I have had to move home a state that does not allow the medical use of marijuana
i have to live in fear when i do obtain it.

My doctor has prescribed Marinol to alleviate some of the symptoms but he and i both agree natural cannabis would be far more therapeutic..
at a cost of $2-3,000.00 a year Just for doctor visits out of my pocket and a cost of $1,200.00 per month for the Marinol Itself for a total yearly expenditure of $17,400.00
if i could grow my own medicine my total cost would be $1,500.00 as i wouldnt have to see my doctor as often (refill limits on marinol)
that would save a total of $15,900.00 that could be used to better myself and help others

federal income tax is illegal. and unconstitutional Per several supreme court rullings
How do you think the government was funded before 1913 if there was no income tax. It comes from sales tax and excise taxes (gas tax pays for roads)
None of your money you pay for the federal income tax goes into the country.
It goes to the richest people in the world. The bankers. GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you think ending the tax cuts for the rich and or having a national sales tax is the plan you are sadly mistaken. A national sales tax will increase the burden on the lower and middle classes. The hooey about rebates for the poor is just to make the idea more palpable.

Quit buying into the elite propaganda machine. They (wealthy) are "marketing" their beliefs on you to improve their bottom line.

The draconian drug laws of this nation are deplorable. Contact the presidential candidates and ask them their stance on the relaxation/termination of the draconian marijuana laws. Make pot legalization/decriminalization an issue in this election.

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