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What's a gram of cocaine go for where you live?

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Drug czar John Walters is making noise this week about how a decline in cocaine availability is causing price increases. Walters always jumps on these price blips to tout the success of US eradication and interdiction policies...then the prices go down again. We will see what happens this time. In the meantime, I wonder what cocaine prices are in your neighborhood. I lived in Austin in the 1980s, and a gram of cocaine (usually obtained from a Nicaraguan college student...go figure) went for between $120 and $150. Just last night I was on the phone with folks in Austin, and they report that a gram can now be had for $40. Gee, maybe it's up from $35 last month; I don't know. But the long-term trend is undeniable: Down in price by about two-thirds since the '80s. What are cocaine prices like in your neighborhood? Historically and currently. Let's get us a little unscientific survey going.
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Coke in Bogota

I am Irish and have been living in Bogota, Colombia for 3 years. Here you can can 1.5g for  about 3 USD and it is pretty good, Last week i saw some amazing shit and that was 25 USD for 7g best I have had here. It can be cheaper depending where you are...In Medellin and Cali the quality is a little better and around the same price as bogota. if you go down to the far south you can get pure uncut paste for a few dollars for maybe 20g.


I'm from europe

Looking for a connect from South Texas,

I have money, the method of working, and the energy, looking for a legit source and send me from there blow not under 90% purity, and weed ounces of mexican weed or pinneaple express.


My email.

[email protected]


i can send to the u.s best moroccan hashish.

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yo word on the street 70 percent pure for 40 a gram - 120 an 8 ball is the prices :P thats in burbank area of ca  year 2012-2013

For good shit here: 50 for .7

For good shit here: 50 for .7 80 for 1.0 180-220 for an 8 ball 400-450 for quarter ounce 700-800 for half ounce 1200-1500 for an ounce For low quality: 20 for .7 35 for 1.0 90 for 8 ball And I don't know about higher amounts because I only buy good coke

You guys in America are

You guys in America are lucky. In the UK you get a .7 or .8 of shit for £50 You want decent stuff that is about 50% pure its 100 a g. I'm lucky just found some geezer that does 70% pure for £80. That's why most people over here just do x, mandy or skunk. When I was in Canada I got some good stuff for like 30 dollars a g


In Sydney coke costs $300  a gram !!!


The stuff sucks here, if you can even find it. Need a connect bad.

In New York City $40-$50 a

In New York City $40-$50 a gram for ok shit $100 a gram for good shit And $100 for .7 of some fire shit IMO the 100 for .7 is real coke meaning no jaw clenching, and the come down is less harsh. most coke these days is cut with speed which causes the jaw clenching and a more euphoric, speedy high and also cut with lidocaine for a numbing affect.

In Bangkok, Thailand

A gram of coke goes for 3000-3750 baht which is around $100-$125.

When bought on the streets from Nigerian dealers, the coke percentage isn't much higher 18%

and if you have a good source the maximum estimate is around 25-30%.

When you are unlucky, it will be cut with amfetamines, caffeine and other unpleasant substances.

The good ones are cut with lactose or some other non harmful filler.


^ this is spot on.  $200-$240 for an 8ball.  And the only time I get $200 is when I get from the guy in my frat as a brotherhood discount.  I'm guessing what comes up from the South all gets sold in NYC with not that much pushed forward to Boston which sucks.  It's usually cut pretty bad here too.

Glasgow Scotland. Adulterated

Glasgow Scotland. Adulterated heaily for £30. Way better purity £100 a gram but very high quality.

Pauline the proper up here

Pauline the proper up here from the right person is usually 80%. Very very good but fuckin hell it's good. Interesting to see the variations. "A friend of mine" thinks why waste cas on shit when the real deal is the bomb. Texture. Smell. First bump gives you all you need to know to judge the quality.

Any one in Glasgow who is

Any one in Glasgow who is punting high purity will give you a patsy cline to try first.


I hate tacoma been here for three months and cant find any coke just meth I hate meth

DC prices

about 80-$125 from a gram to a 16th

where's the fking pure cocaine at!?

Back then in late 1990's, it was almost pure as it can be. Used to get 90-95% purity. Now, it's all bsing and its like freaking 70% give or take. Ima pissed n wonder where the hell is top graded purity cocaine. Back then it was 50-60 dlrs a gram which is damn gud price for da bomb pure shit.

Northern virginia

A gram here sells, to some, for 100.00 a G.


I get a 8 ball for $100 and sale a gram for 50

I live in Santiago Chile

I live in Santiago Chile right now and it is always 5000 pesos a gram. that about $9. 

Cocaine in San Diego, New York City, northern Mass. and Vegas

I got clean and sober many years ago but I do know that the 'caine I did in the '80s in San Diego was like Tony the Tiger (grayyyyt!).  Early on the cocaine was faint pink colored which meant diethyl ether wash.  Then a bit later came pretty much equally good yellow tinge stuff, which was acetone wash.

This cocaine of the 1980s would get you EUPHORIC not speedy, although there was a batch we got in eastern Mass. in 1983, that was speeeedy, aaaas shiiiit, maaan.  But by and large coke of the '80s was quality, no idea how pure, but whether you snorted or shot it, you got euphoric not speeded out, and you could TASTE IT, SMELL IT, going in on injection, like your whole mouth felt like someone had shoved a tablespoon of crusty delicious tasting cocaine in it.

But 1980s coke was pretty expensive, $100. per gram, $325. per eightball, $600. per quarter ounce, $2000. per ounce.  Maybe by the mid to late '80s prices were down some, for example eightballs came down to $275., but my coke use was in the early eighties and didn't do much if any in the later '80s.

I was clean and sober through most of the 1990s used only a bit in 1991, and by then the not nearly as good kerosene wash stuff (that literally smelled like kerosene) was in.  The coke I did in 1991, wasn't all bad though, athough it didn't give nearly the euphoria of the '80s stuff so there must have been some crap mixed into it.  On injection, you didn't get much of any taste or smell (at least not any good taste or smell) with the cocaine I did in 1991.  In 1991, an ounce was like $1000. 

I had a brief relapse in 2001 which was the last time I did drugs or alcohol of any fashion.  In 2001, the coke was pretty much that same kerosene wash shit, and again of questionable effect, sometimes a weird rush and not really that euphoric.  In 2001, I used in San Diego, Vegas and New York City, and the coke was about all the same.  Inexpensive though, I could get an ounce of coke for like $500. and by then a gram was as low as $25. but rarely higher than $40.

Heroin though, which I dabbled in, not only did the prices go down (was $200. per gram in the early eighties, by 2001, was about $70. per gram (friends who kept using tell me it is down to about $40. per gram in 2015) - with heroin the quality and purity has gone UP over the years, which is the opposite of cocaine.

I'd be scared to shoot any cocaine these days, who knows what is in it.

Southern nh 603

24,500 a key 750 a oz 400 half 200 quater 100 ball 40 gs Good clean shit 70% pure

Need to chat with a real plug in okc, not s snitch or con artist

In okc, I know almost all there is to know about price, weight, and its 80% available 80% 24hrs a day. However, I could be missing out not knowing the right people. E mail me back if your smart and plugged in on love boat, work, boy, girl, or REAL rolls and/or gel tabs liquid or paper trips. Side of mushrooms too.

Damn i feel like im getting RIPPED - Northern Virginia

Looking at these prices, i get charged 100 bucks a gram over here, in a small town in northern virginia. Maybe its the availability.

In Toledo Ohio it's 90 a gram

In Toledo Ohio it's 90 a gram right now for some raw ass shit. The re-rock as we call it is about 40-50 a gram. It used to be 65 a grafor some raw soft fish scale shine but the supply decreased dramatically with the surge of heroin in the city. The great quality can be explained by our proximity to Detroit. I know people that drive to get it. I know it's very high quality because I've shot it up and no cut and I've cooked it and cut shit don't rock up unless it's cut with soda which one would be able to taste.

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