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What's a gram of cocaine go for where you live?

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Drug czar John Walters is making noise this week about how a decline in cocaine availability is causing price increases. Walters always jumps on these price blips to tout the success of US eradication and interdiction policies...then the prices go down again. We will see what happens this time. In the meantime, I wonder what cocaine prices are in your neighborhood. I lived in Austin in the 1980s, and a gram of cocaine (usually obtained from a Nicaraguan college student...go figure) went for between $120 and $150. Just last night I was on the phone with folks in Austin, and they report that a gram can now be had for $40. Gee, maybe it's up from $35 last month; I don't know. But the long-term trend is undeniable: Down in price by about two-thirds since the '80s. What are cocaine prices like in your neighborhood? Historically and currently. Let's get us a little unscientific survey going.
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The Bay

anyone know what it costs in the bay. shit doesnt seem too pure nd i think im gettin ripped off. anyone got a good connection nd prices?


Seattle Tip:
1 Find a weed dealer ( weed is our favorite pastime, so not so hard )
2 Ask him if he knows about the soft, white stuff
3 He'll call someone
4 You call and meet that someone
5 Pay $100 a gram for decent soft, white stuff

how stupid of you guys to

how stupid of you guys to post these dealers info on the internet. dont expect to have a dealer much longer.

i guess thats what drugs do to the brain


for real these r some dumbass motherfuckers and half them r probably the fuzz

southwest florida

southwest florida (tampa/st.petersburg/sarasota):

$90 gram of good to high quality coke
$210 8 ball

$50 1/8 chronic (more often than not, its fire)
$90 quater

$20 1/8 mids (lows in PA, where i grew up)
$170 oz (i think, do not buy mids, but my buddy does)

$12-20 30mg oxy/roxy

$3 2mg xanax bar

$4 loratab

(personal favorite: P.S.A, if you do methadone, remember it takes about 1hr to 1.5 to kick in, do not keeping popping them because you are not feeling anything, one of the easiest drugs to OD and enter a coma or worse, esp if you mix with anything)

$4 10mg methadone
$18 40mg wafer

$2 250mg soma

Hey man i need fl connect

Can you hook it up with a good deal man msg me if so if not its cool. O can get 150 ball its just not that good i need high end. Email me


ahh well in australia coke is $300 a gram :(

What would be the point of

What would be the point of doing it then? Of course it always has been a drug for the well to do

damm thats fucking expensive

for 5 dollars i get 2 grams, half a pound for 700 bucks pure shit,,something they call here in colombia escama de pescado,,,its about 90 percent pure,,i mean the shit u guys think that its 70 percent or sixty percent its not even 50 percent,,the only place in the states to get pure coke its in queens,,,but you dont wanna go there,,there a bunch of mexicans, no wonder fucking drug lords are getting so fucking rich off from you people,,

Must be nice maybe the top

Must be nice maybe the top dealers need to lower their prices it's hard to or find now a days anyways to many idiots doing meth and now with the crack down on pills it's time for coke to make a big come back with better purity and less wet prices

only in socal..

Homeboys right.
In LA I can get an 8-ball of some pure wash for 60..
And a hooked up ounce of some dank medical fer 2 billz..



san antonio texas

is $50 to much for a gram in texas?

Best place to go to get some Coke in Sealttle?

well that's it,

lots of terrible rip offs out there. If I use it during my work at home days, my work load improves alot. I'm prescribed Ritalin. But need more.


That was true when I had a

That was true when I had a contact but once you don't have one it's almost impossible to get or find a new one. Just moved to Tulsa, Ok and can't find anything and the people I did talk to that had some recently said it's $300 a ball or basically $100 a gram no deal for getting 3.5grams which I don't understand especially here I keep thinking I'm so close to Mexico no I should be getting a much better deal than what I got in Washington State. So can someone please tell me why it's so much cheaper in Washington than in Tulsa? I know a while back it was $200 a ball but now it's way more and from what I hear it's all powder now and not in chunks meaning someone is messing with the product. Which pisses me off like anyone wants to sniff BS how about you not cut it and just charge a little more or something but cutting it is stupid and it's greedy.


60 a gram.
I will find out tonight what the quality is...

San Francisco price

50 a g for ok stuff, 100 a g for the real deal.

Come get some big or little

Come to wilkes and get some of fresh baked of 70% pure and for 30 a gram!!!!


100 an 8 in LA

Frankfurt Germany

We're talking $80 to $90 a gram and its about 75% -80% pure. This is average four dealers. most coke comes from the Netherlands


in miami is
100/ 8 ball
200/ 1/4 ounces (about 7 g)
400 to 600 a once

in orlando fl

is a lil more
20= .2g
25= .5g
50= 1g

Used to but now...

I used to pay $90/gram up here in Bellingham, WA. Now I just pay $2 for a ritalin pill and snort that. feels just the same!

i feel sorry for all of ya..

i feel sorry for all of ya.. here in cali i get grams of about 85% pure for 25 bucks.. real good shit numb ur mouth so fast..
its every were around here, but watch out if u go to los Angelas tht shit is wack!!! come down to san bernardino or redlands.. redlands i better, bunch of rich white people with money. :)


Cocaine prices in your area

You can check DopeStats to lookup average prices/quantity/quality/county:

Cocaine Prices - Cocaine Statistics

I'm living in a small town

I'm living in a small town in south carolina and im getting pretty tired of paying 60 for a gram should i be getting it cheaper or is this a resonable price?

Cocaine Prices From Exp

I have experienced it in Rio Grande Valley Pharr, Tx which is the very bottom of texas and up here in Alberta Canada. The shit is garbage by the time it gets up here to Canada it has been cut way too many times there is no possible way of falling asleep for at least a day when you sniff it up here from all of the additives. Up here it goes $50 being the cheapest to $80 for a gram and most the time they are .7 to .8 at the most. Down in Texas the shit was next to pure you could sleep on it it was amazing and that was only costing me $10 a G. This is 100% accurate it isnt what I read it knowledge i gained myself from living in both places. Oh up by Alaska and Northwest Territories it is about $200 a g. Also Marijuana in southern texas is $1 a joint $25 a ounce but it is garbage hay-weed most the time. Up here in Canada it is $5 a Joint and anywhere from $200 for shitty to $300 for High-Quality Kush weed. Its a Reversal coke is better in texas but the weed is shittier up here and the opposite just real cheap in texas because down there the cost of living is fairly low i lived in a ballin house with my own 6ft deep pool 3 bdrm dbl car garage huge yard in the rich part for $133,000 My house in Canada isnt half as nice just a tiny bit bigger because they do basements here $368,000

in souther texas it is about

in souther texas it is about $110 a pound for weed but in Canada where i now live it is anywhere from $2400 - $4000 depending on quality

I get a g fer 90$ in

I get a g fer 90$ in australia.

Right now it seems as if

Right now it seems as if there is a big drought I live in las vegas as of now you can get a half oz for 400 to 500 quater oz are 200 to 250 grams I get for like 30 bucks but thats from my homeboy who get his stuff from my connect...But like the adbove article say's the prices of all drugs have all gone up I remember a couple of years agao we was getiing 8 balls for 80 bucks all day quaters for like 150 to 175..also alot of the stuff that's going around now day's is rerock anyway's..

i live in south

i live in south texas..mcallen to be exact.. and i buy the 8 ball for 60.00 dlrs.. and a quarter..(two 8 balls) for 120.00.. its not the greatest quality.. i think it has some cut, but its still pretty good... and you can get a .6g bag for 20 buks

pure snow

if i know you i sell a gram 25-30 bucks if i dont 50 firm

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

At some slums that deal with good stuff, you can fin 1.5 - 2g for R$50 (that would be something around U$ 28).
Here in Rio de Janeiro, at the slums, dealers don't sell the stuff by the measure. They sell by the price. Usually they got R$50, R$30, R$20, R$10, R$ 5 bags and in some places you can even find the R$1 bag. But the stuff isnt the same in different quantities. Usually the 50 comes with more and better.
With high class dealers, you can find 1g of good and smooth "siberian" kind for R$60 or R$50, with the advantage of having the stuff delivered.
But I guess the best stuff here, is the "Fish Skin". They say its 95% pure, and believe it, in the day after you are totally fine, with the nose intact. It costs usually R$ 70, but at some other places in Brazil people can find it even cheaper.

In rio. Need cocaine

In rio. Need cocaine

down in Mexico

damn...and i thought i was gettin it expensive..

i get a gram for 150 mexican pesos...datz around 13-14 dollars

and its top quality


The people who asked for the coke, are you guys dumb,stupid or retarded. This stuff can kill your dumbasses. Fucking crackheads.

Cocaine prices in Kodiak Alaska?

Anyone know how much coke is in Kodiak Alaska???

Northeast Ohio (Stark County)

$100 a gram. sometimes you can get a little over a 1.1 or 1.2 for $100 depends on if your freinds with the dealer. I can get 3 grams for $175....its decent....after 12 hours when its gone you do have clogged sinuses for a day. but thats if your doing 1-2 grams to yourself in one night. Ones bound to have sinus issues next day.


1/2 gram is 50. last me about 4 hours but Im a fiend

Last time i bought coke was

Last time i bought coke was back last august in sussex county delaware and it was about sixty a gram for some decent quality then again it was through my roomates cousin so im sure i got a discount dude even hooked me up with a solid chunk instead of broken up bullshit i cut half the weight in bakingsoda and flipped at .2 grams for twenty bucks and they didnt even know the difference


In Chicago, I've heard it's about 160 for a ball. Low quality though.

San Francisco Bay Area

$40 a gram around San Jose

$20 a gram in Santa Cruz


in greater manchester ur lookin atleast 1200 for an oz of the purest possible straight off the docks but then its normaly cut like 2 to 1 and sold for 700 an oz, 40 for .8 of a g 250 ish for 7g......or u can get the crap stuff thats full of benzocaine and mixed about 6-1 for 25 quid a g


$80/gram is standard around here and quality varies. You could get shitty stuff for that price, but chances are it will be at least decent, if not fairly impressive. There's always the stuff that has had a bit of meth or speed cut in and will burn the shit out of your nose and sinuses, and have you up for 6 hours after your last line... but if you find a decent connection you'll have a nice smooth snort with a good, non-jittery buzz. 

If the person is selling it for $100/g they're probably just trying to make an extra 20 off you, if not you'll probably have yourself quality shit.

$220-250/eighth ball

I've heard of people who find stuff for $60/ g, but unless i got to see it/taste it first I would never actually buy coke for that price.


Keep in mind I live in London, Toronto is probably more like $100/g standard price. 

As of June 2012 .07g or.08g

As of June 2012 .07g or.08g (which seems to be the bag that everyone dishes out) goes for 50 dollars... never less.  Unless you have a good connect it's usually a crap shoot as to the quality.


I know of one person who drives to you where ever you are, isn't ghetto and is very professional.  It's constantly good but he charges 60 for 1, 100 for 2.



(oh yeah, on longlsland NY) -

(oh yeah, on longlsland NY) - forgot to mention that.

Flushing ?

Flushing ?

Long island

Bruh get at me lol

Man they have a big a@s

Man they have a big a@s drought right now my peeps claim they can't find no coke no fuc#Ing where.

in lebanon

in lebanon u can buy 1g between 85-100$ in Beirut but if u go to bekaa u can buy the pure and the best shit for 40-50$ 1g...  but hash u can buy the good stuff for 50$ a bag that can make abt 40 joint ! thats the price here ...


Do you have a source? how much u get it for?

Coke in Bogota

I am Irish and have been living in Bogota, Colombia for 3 years. Here you can can 1.5g for  about 3 USD and it is pretty good, Last week i saw some amazing shit and that was 25 USD for 7g best I have had here. It can be cheaper depending where you are...In Medellin and Cali the quality is a little better and around the same price as bogota. if you go down to the far south you can get pure uncut paste for a few dollars for maybe 20g.

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