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What's a gram of cocaine go for where you live?

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Drug czar John Walters is making noise this week about how a decline in cocaine availability is causing price increases. Walters always jumps on these price blips to tout the success of US eradication and interdiction policies...then the prices go down again. We will see what happens this time. In the meantime, I wonder what cocaine prices are in your neighborhood. I lived in Austin in the 1980s, and a gram of cocaine (usually obtained from a Nicaraguan college student...go figure) went for between $120 and $150. Just last night I was on the phone with folks in Austin, and they report that a gram can now be had for $40. Gee, maybe it's up from $35 last month; I don't know. But the long-term trend is undeniable: Down in price by about two-thirds since the '80s. What are cocaine prices like in your neighborhood? Historically and currently. Let's get us a little unscientific survey going.
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In Beantown

from what I hear: $125/ an 8 ball.

That's hilarious. For

That's hilarious. For Boston, first off, it's not good quality cocaine. Secondly, it is from $200-$240 for an 8ball. It is ridiculous.

Yeah I go to school there.

Yeah I go to school there.  Shits mad expensive.  I generally pay between $80-$100 a gram and the $80 price I get soemtimes is because I'm in the same frat as the dealer.    Guy above me has it spot on for 8ball prices and its usually cut.  I'm thinking that all that shit gets bought up in New York CIty as it makes it way up from the South or through the port and then what little makes its way up to Boston is just priced up the ass.


^ this is spot on.  $200-$240 for an 8ball.  And the only time I get $200 is when I get from the guy in my frat as a brotherhood discount.  I'm guessing what comes up from the South all gets sold in NYC with not that much pushed forward to Boston which sucks.  It's usually cut pretty bad here too.

Just a question

My buddy is hard on cocaine i am am trying to show him he is wasting his money he get some for 100.00 but gets about 4 or 5 kinda nice lines about 3 in long and maybe 1/8 inwide is that a good price i need him to stop plz let me know

i have it good

man i could get 3.5 grams of 90% pure for $60 but im located in south texas we even get a pound of good weed for 120

u a lie

u aint gettin no pound of chronic for 120 u must got that confused with an ounce

he is not lying

it is super cheap in south texas

sorry to break it to you

i lived in south texas all my life until about a year ago.

the weed there is SCHWAG compared to the socal crip

Where at in south Texas

Where about in south Texas I'm in OKC and I want it all..blow and crunch

dude when i lived there it

dude when i lived there it was $10 a g a dollar a joint

lol I get 10 bucks a gram for

lol I get 10 bucks a gram for some bomb ass fucking weed in seattle, and when i livd in arkansaa i got 100 dollars a puond for weed imported from the islandd(;

a pound for 120?

first off mexicans cant grow good weed for shit.. As a grower since 66, I know what it takes to grow quality cannabis, Iam currently providing 2 co-ops in the state of washington and I personally do not sell even to co-ops for under 2500 a pound. Sounds like your paying 120 an ounce, which i still do NOT believe, cause my shit at co-ops goes for 285 a zip and in is serious chronny kid. so stop lying.

He is serious! $120 to $250 a

He is serious! $120 to $250 a pound for schwag is what weed goes for in south texas!!! Its $40 for an oz! Lol!

Yo tell me about it hes an

Yo tell me about it hes an idiot no fkn way are you getting any quality of headies for 120/lb like u said its extremely rare to even be able to get an oz for that price unless u got a friend buying bulk who will sell u an oz at cost for him

Yessir true that... Roma, Tx

Yessir true that... Roma, Tx 956

Honestly we get bomb stuff

Honestly we get bomb stuff from the cartel they my guy. 140-150 a ball. And not trying to knock it down own ur Texas weed but in humbohlt county and oc we are getting top shelf lab tested at 32.6 percent thc. Like I said. Not trying diss u but if u ever come to Cali I'll bring u the dopest dope u ever smoked lol

No way

I live in san marcos tx and weed is 120 for half. Now cok is 100 for 1.75 50 a g


Coke is now 80 a gram where i live in Texas and 10 a gram for pot

LI New York

i can get some good stuff for around $50

$100 a gram in london,

$100 a gram in london, england.

Whats a ounce go for in

Whats a ounce go for in london


yo im new to this weighing shit explain to me man wts wat in gram eg. 8 ball , half quarter etc ... england ..


start with an ounce (a little more than 28 grams)
half is 1/2 of an ounce
a quarter is 1/4 of an ounce
an 8th (8ball) is 1/8th of an ounce...


I pay25$ for a gram 50$ for a haf a g and 85$ an 8 ball,very strong "my friend ivd a little under a half a g and went into a seizure VERY STRONG 85 to 95% greenville,sc

Drought and NOT PURE in Greenville, SC

If you are finding some 85-95% pure in Greenville, SC you need to give me a fuckin call right now. There is a drought down here and it is getting on everybodys nerves. Prices soaring and purity going straight down.

Cheap as hell

ayy dawg i live in s.c and i pay 50 for a gram and you pay 50 for double tha white, man you need ta hook a nigga up foreal and im talkin quantity so no small shit. it aint stepped on is it? 

Where it's at! Haha. I just

Where it's at! Haha. I just recently moved to Greenville and haven't been able to find anything.



it was be some shitty baking

it was be some shitty baking soda for $35 a gram Im about 3 hours north and its $100 for decent. Are you blowing the guy for the good deal or something.

Sure wouldn't mind finding

Sure wouldn't mind finding prices like take I'm not far from Columbus.

Just a question

My buddy is hard on it and he get a gram he says for a 100 and gets about 3 to 5 lines from it about 1/8 wide and about 3in long is that a good price i need to show him he is wasting his money plz let me know

Im in Cleveland and a ball

Im in Cleveland and a ball runs like 200-250 and it's a complete shit I'm from corpus christi originally and that shit was pure af and cheap as hell down there this northern coke is complete shit.


a whopping $300 a gram

Seattle is f****** right now! Doesn't rock up! a waste of $

It's coming from Colombians, Stay away!

how much coke is half a g?

how much coke is half a g?


Go downtown. Make eye contact with a beaner and prepare to get taxed. Highly taxed. Two major busts in 30 days!


Ayy one of my buddys bough 4 and a baby, i was wondering how much coke is that? like what is a baby in coke terms?

a 'baby' is half an ounce so

a 'baby' is half an ounce so 4 and a baby is 4.5 oz (127.6 grams )

Which in my book would be one hell of a 3 month binge.

not even bro

Ok no an oz is 28 grms and half of that would be 14 gs. Your obviously not very smart when it comes to things like this. Also all the coke in boston is shitty unless u order it bottom line. U can get anything in high quality if you know the right dource to get it...mdma coke lucy ect...


Umm...a baby is 9 ounces...( a quarter chicken/bird...since a chicken/bird is 2.2 lbs (kilogram) or 36 ounces...u dumbass fuckin wanna be drug dealer. U sound stupid as fuck so just stop. All y'all mfs sound stupid AF. ERRBODY WANNA BE A DOPE BOY. Y'all pathetic just give up.

I'm over here reading 50 n 30

I'm over here reading 50 n 30 a gram of some 90%...muthafuckaz ain't gotta lie to kick it. Dope game ain't as fun as It looks or presented as. Life aint peachy n rosey like on tv. You better know your risks n consequences that come with whatever you doing. Your life n freedom is always on tha line. Y'all need to sit tf down in ya quiet suburban houses, n drink ya big boy juice. Tf wrong wit yall. Gotdamn internet thugs...i meant wannabe's. If you wasn't born in tha struggle, stick with ya 9-5, or live off y'all mommy n daddy's earnings...real shyt. Rap music ain't a painting for everybody to live by, stop tryna live in a culture yall know nothing about. I apoligize for the rudeness, but stupidity n ignorance are my biggest pet-peeves...

Lmao...OoK dude... Are u sure

Lmao...OoK dude... Are u sure u just didn't hear fo and a baby on a young jeezy song? And if not...why wouldn't you just ask "your buddy" fkn loser


in vegas i used to sell weed and pills and i found this vato mexican guy who was a real big drug runner who sold good coke that was like 85 or 90 per pure and he sold it for 300 an ounce

western new york

100 bucks for a gram


After reading about the cost of cocaine. IT'S SICKING TO SEE HOW BOLD PEOPLE ARE ABOUT PRICING AND LOOKING FOR CONNECTIONS.!!! Hey get a life and please get some HELP!!!!!!! The world would be a better place without drugs. I hope that one day god will make it so . Yes; I hope and pray that one day we can live drugfree. It's just the way I feel.

I can agree to an extent.

I can agree to an extent. Weed ain't a drug, and the Bible states it 3xs. So weed was apparently given to us by Our Heavenly Father. And who are you to judge the other? If you lived a day in the same struggle as the people you bad talk towards for doing drugs, you might actually understand why they do them. Some people ain't emotionally/mentally strong you selfless fuck!

Seattle - Summer 08 pricing

1g = $40 to $50 depending. Mainly decent quality, some very good.

8b = $130 - 160

Seattle Back in the House!

40=g of w
30=g of b


with all the busts in mexico, a recent bust of 5 tons like 2 weeks ago it has more than doubled from a year ago.last year a kilo could be purchased in mexico in a border town where i live although i lie in the american side for 8k...last month it was going for 15k....and this month is running for 20k.... That is for it in the average oz is kosting $600-$700...last year you would get it for $250-$300.... Prices have started to go up really quickly in the past months...So a 20 or so they call it cause it is usually 1/4 of a gram.... If you buy a gram which they will actually give you .8 runs for about $60 (this is as of now) 8 ball runs for 120.... an ounce for like 800.... This are for the prices on the american side... so a key should be selling for around 30k in the sstates.... Remember this prices have just changed.....and we ar talking of about 80-90% pure.... Cut coke is really cheap ounce for $250

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