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What's a gram of cocaine go for where you live?

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Drug czar John Walters is making noise this week about how a decline in cocaine availability is causing price increases. Walters always jumps on these price blips to tout the success of US eradication and interdiction policies...then the prices go down again. We will see what happens this time. In the meantime, I wonder what cocaine prices are in your neighborhood. I lived in Austin in the 1980s, and a gram of cocaine (usually obtained from a Nicaraguan college student...go figure) went for between $120 and $150. Just last night I was on the phone with folks in Austin, and they report that a gram can now be had for $40. Gee, maybe it's up from $35 last month; I don't know. But the long-term trend is undeniable: Down in price by about two-thirds since the '80s. What are cocaine prices like in your neighborhood? Historically and currently. Let's get us a little unscientific survey going.
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In the south east

40 to 50 dollars. My friends can't find it very frequently they say, so I'm sure it would go down if there were steady supply lines I'm in a pretty large city.


Well in Long Island NY you can get a gram of low laced coc for 50 dollars as of last summer

$40 for fairly pure stuff in

$40 for fairly pure stuff in San Diego,
$40 for not as pure stuff in the Bay Area
These prices are as of this summer

good coke in West Wendover

good coke in West Wendover NV can go for $10 a mil gram .

bs, that shit woul be 10k

bs, that shit woul be 10k usd per gram


The 80's called and they want their prices back ;-)

in the 80s it was 25 for a

in the 80s it was 25 for a quarter and 100 for a gram in the bay area. but it was actually good stuff

reply mother fucker

damn! i from da 60s and son of a bitch woulnt you know those damn mexis have been selling coke like damn hot cakes for unda 10 dollas a gram! double Snap !!




I have no Idea,I only no how much Sam Adams cost.As a republican and life long conservitive I do not think it's any of my buisness what people put in their bodies.Now,back to my ale.

Yea Right


Good talk, so you want a bump

Good talk, so you want a bump or not.

Yo hmu i could use a g.

Yo hmu i could use a g.

Putative Shortage Leads to Violence....


Did you happen to catch the following inconsistency? In the Plain Dealer's coverage, the Mayor is quoted as blaming homicides and robberies on the shortage:

"Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson believes that the shortage in cocaine could be to blame for a spike in certain violent crimes close to home.

Jackson said that federal indictments that have yanked dozens of suspected dope dealers off the streets in recent months have increased competition - and violence - in the drug trade.

While he supports seizing drugs and locking up the dealers, he said it does not come without short-term side effects: increases in robberies with firearms and homicides."

However, in a followup in the Indianapolis Star, we are told:

"In the past, Walters said a shortage of drugs has led to a decrease in violence. “The vast majority of the violence is committed by the user under the influence of drugs,” Walters said. “When there’s a contraction in the market, there isn’t as much violence. There’s more likelihood that individuals who can’t get the drug will seek detoxification, will seek treatment.”

First of all, notice how plainly incorrect Walters is in asserting that "the vast majority of the violence is committed by the user under the influence of drugs." Goldstein (1985) put this to rest with his study of homicides in New York City, and criminological research conducted since then would still bear this out. But also notice how what the Mayor sees (an increase in violence) is exactly the opposite of what Walters has predicted.

Also, buried at the end of the Plain Dealer coverage is this little gem:

"Another report, issued in January by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network, showed that the powder and crack cocaine supply and retail prices were unchanged in the last few months of 2006."

Not surpisingly, federal officials were not available to comment.

drug war paradox

Oddly, the many failures of our drug policy protect it. The simple reason is that failure does not make the policy wrong. The myriad problems that flow directly from these laws protect the Achilles heel. Problems do not make the policy wrong any more than failure. The horrendous implementation of our ‘drug’ policy blinds us. Our so-called ‘drug war’ is unauthorized. That makes it wrong. That is the only thing that really matters.

Having no authority to outlaw personal choice, our legislature and judiciary have turned to the indirect but equally unauthorized control of substances presumed dangerous to the ‘public health’. Control of ones body, mind, life, death, happiness, pleasure and pain does not involve the public and is beyond the purview of any but the unique individual concerned. Our leaders are pursuing a policy that presumes unbelievable, unacceptable and most importantly unauthorized power.

The liberty defined by the Declaration of Independence in 1776 inspired revolutionary patriots a decade before the Constitution was written to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. Suggesting the liberty defined in the Declaration of Independence is different from the liberty mandated by the Constitution denies self-evident truths and the unalienable rights ordained by our creator. Our Constitution does not redefine the liberty for which our forefathers fought, bled and died. To the contrary, our Constitution defines a government, which must secure that liberty. The Declaration of Independence defines the liberty of all men. It has never been amended or canceled.

Egregious lying on a biblical scale, galactic ignorance, bad science, contempt for man, fear of freedom and evil intent are all distractions. They are moot. We must ignore ‘drug war’ failures and all the problems caused. Issues of implementation are irrelevant.

The lack of authority is the overwhelming and undeniable terminal fallacy of prohibitions. The violation of personal liberty is unauthorized to any or all in this nation. That is all that matters. It is all we need to restore personal liberty.

Rick Wolfe <>

I dont know about a gram but

I dont know about a gram but in Grand Rapids Michigan I get 1/4 ounces for $200 to $250 at the most.


i live in gloucestershire england,prices vary £50 a gram or 125 a 8th.but i know some 1 who sells a 8th for £100,its all shit round here about 28% coke cut wiv speed and novacaine,waste of money,but still by the shit

cocaine gettin cheaper & cheaper but crap

i come from gloucester in the uk,down ere a gramm is £40 a 8th of a ounce is £115,and a ounce is £700,but its getting more cut and all it seems 2 do is make u go numb,and blocks ya nose up 4 days on end

that's because..

The reason y ur nose is just getting numb n blocked is because the delear is cutting ur coke with baby gummers.. Baby gummer is a numbing power used ot put on babys gums when there teething!!, n my cokes only 50 a G, with no cut!! cut?

90% of all cocaine is cut,to come by pure is akmost IMPOSSIBLE

why this is true, its not that hard.

im young and can get solid golfball size blocks of coke (about 1/2 ounce).

its fun to just chop a chunk off of them and grind them alll up :]

20 a gram

Yakima Washington, 20 a gram.. PURE!! this stuff is amazing, completely numbs my face with the first line. Bought as a rock, cut it up myself, and damn. its just really really good.

still 20 a gram

I haven't had any good stuff since the 90's. Would really like to find some for a good time just once. I just got some and I started feeling like ass after about the 4th line. Any advice?


For A Gram A Coke In Stratford ON.. Its 80$....

seattle cocaine

i get my shit for 50 a gram. but mines 85% pure. good shit. most coke around here averages about 70%.

UK coke

In London coke costs around £40-50 for a "gram" that usaully weighs .8 of a gram. Cocaine in the U.K is re-press ie not cut by the dealer but cut in large quantitys by the importer and some how re-pressed into a rock so it looks kind of convincing. but its acually nothing like the real thing. being chalky rather than the waxy mother of pearl apperence of real cocaine

new jersey

a gram goes for 50 in new jersey good quality
I have an awesome hookup for when i want to do it occasionally.
The prices are going up since a few years ago and the quality is good. It depends who you get it from.

hook me up!!!! :)

hook me up!!!! :)

seattle coke

hot damn. what neighborhood can you score a gram for $50 in seattle. been looking for something good and consistent for MONTHS!!


shorline wa (seattle) 1.7g+bag 20 bucks
kodiak Ak .8g which might include the bag like 400
Ajo Az 10 bucks a gram -200 an oz if u buy in bulk key+++

Seattle Blow

same seattle resident searching the same...

Seattle Blow

Grams $50
Eight-balls $175
Quarters $325
Halfs $600
Ounces $1100

Top-quality...clean cut.

11-08 seattle prices

anything for cheaper is crap period

hook me up?

please-i'm 400 miles away-i'll drive tomorrow!


Are you a policeman? How do you know the prices so well, if my friend wanted to get some, where would he go to get this quality stuff, and how would his friends be able to stop him. I am worried that he might end up purchasing too much, and don't know how much he is willing to spend but he has a lot of cash. I would appreciate any information about this, if you are a policeman let me know, as I know nothing about the police force.


i can get a gram for 25


25 a gram

Wanting Seattle Blow

What is the best way to find decent quality blow in Seattle...had a friend and now it is almost impossible to find anyone that even does blow anymore much less sells it


Goto tacoma nigga bomb dizzle shit straight off the brick.


HOOK ME UP.  Arizona's full of mexican bullshit.  I want my shit straight NIGGA homie.

fukk yuh!

im mexican n i live in phoenix! >_< aszhole!


40 a gram
100 a 8
175 a quarter
300 a half
575 an ounce...

87's all the way clean cut!

Is that still the same price?

Is that still the same price?

gram price

there is a drought in nap town. a gram is costing 50-60$

hoop me up!!!!!

hoop me up!!!!!


$100 for good stuff in NYC

Memphis, TN

i live in memphis and i can get an 8-ball for $90 and that is 3.5 grams, and there is a drought right now. i can typically get a gram for about $30.



Yo.memphis here tooo

So man, those prices are so much better than mine. Pretty pure? I play like 3 times a year. Looking to hook

Park city Utah

we pay $45.... and it is amazing...MMMmmmMM

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