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Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars

As California faces a $1 billion budget shortfall, the marijuana industry offers a commonsense solution to the state's fiscal problems:
August 6 -- A coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to solve the current state budget crisis. The group, calling itself Let Us Pay Taxes makes the offer through its web site The offer comes at a time when the California legislature is deadlocked on a new budget and California has stopped issuing checks for vitally needed social services. Legislators are currently arguing over which programs will be cut in order to balance the budget. [link]
This effort is the brainchild of drug policy expert/activist Cliff Shaffer, who has hit the nail square on its head. The failure of prohibitionists to grasp the inherent economic lunacy of the drug war has always been particularly startling to me. I grudgingly accept that drug war supporters feel no sympathy for the victims of harsh laws, and even that they clumsily attribute the harmful effects of prohibition to the drugs themselves. Yet, tragic and irrational as these beliefs may be, they do not explain the willingness of government to cast aside billions in taxable commerce.

Marijuana is, after all, the #1 cash crop in the nation. This fact cleanly illustrates the failure of prohibition, while vividly depicting the massive windfall available to any state with the wisdom to pursue regulation. And all this is to say nothing of the incalculable value of discontinuing our current marijuana policy, which is as wasteful and ineffective as can be.

Gov. Schwarzenegger is unlikely to be impressed with this offer, unfortunately, having vetoed California's hemp bill over concerns regarding conflict with federal law. Yet, as Shaffer points out, there is truly nothing the DEA can do to prevent state level regulation of marijuana. The vastly smaller medical marijuana industry has already overwhelmed the agency's enforcement capacity. Ongoing DEA raids are merely a face-saving gesture, designed to confuse legislators in prospective medical marijuana states. The full-scale regulation of the marijuana economy in any state would reveal DEA's genuine impotence, permanently burying the myth that conflict with federal law ensures some sort of brutal showdown.

Having failed to get the point across in so many ways, it's about time to start offering people a billion dollars.

United States
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a forceable way to cure

I wonder If ANY scientist or group of scientists have thought about creating a virus that would give a person the choice to die or smoke marijuana in small amounts to save themselves. Think about it people! It might be a crazy idea, but i dont think that the Shitty government is going to accept money from pot growers and dealers. I hope they do.

A virus that forces pot smoking??

Yowie, a "smoke or die" virus?...are you completely high? I sure hope so.

I agree with you

I think they should force us to smoke weed. A virus that mutates could be a dangerous thing though. I move to support this notion and prohibit the use of such things in everyday households.

dude you are like a god. it

dude you are like a god. it makes the government legalize it and it helps so many people. i also think that, i dont know how, but i think it will make for a better government and a HIGHER moral amoung citizens

i get high

we need to do something about this weed cries just make it legal and make some loot of taxis

Moronic dopers should be shot

I agree that the government should not waste money on jail time for those who use illicit drugs. Instead, they should just be shot.


how come you're a moron

The Drug War in General and the War Against Pot in Particular

Is a complete farce and at it's very base, is absolute racism. Think about it. Every pot-smoker I know knows that pot is nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol; alcohol kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, both in liver damage as well as vehicular homicide from drunk drivers. Not a single person has overdosed on cannabis, because it's impossible. (There is a statistic called the 'LD 50,' meaning lethal dosage, how much of a dosage is required to kill 50% of the test subjects. For someone to overdose on cannabis, they'd have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole in 5 minutes, and this is assuming no smoke is wasted in the process.)
The truth about the war on drugs is that it's really a war on minorities, and the truth about the war on pot is because the production of industrial hemp on a nationwide scale would have prevented quite a number of multi-billion-dollar corporations to their knees. And the government would never be able to receive the billions of dollars in funding for the drug war every year if they didn't outlaw cannabis. All other drug usage is infinitesimally minimal compared to the very fact that there are roughly 12-15 million casual users in the U.S.

I urge you all to read the following links, and you'll understand exactly how it happened:

The History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States

The Forbidden Fruit and the Tree of Knowledge: An Inquiry into the Legal History of American Marijuana Prohibition by Professor Richard J. Bonnie & Professor Charles H. Whitebread, II

And finally, order yourselves a copy of 'The Marijuana Conviction,' the book that was originally published in 1974, written by Profs. Bonnie & Whitebread after investigating the Library of Congress. (@ $14 total)

just a quick note

This starts off with "(The drug war) is absolute racism" as if it is a premise, and the last paragraph wraps up things starting with "the truth about the war on drugs is that it's really a war on minorities." Whereas I agree with this, why is the wording of this posting DEVOID of any statements to back up this well known fact, which, by the way, is presented as a key argument in such a way that the reader would expect some discussion about it (like statistics we have on it proving it)?

I have his back....

Look into this fact, or at least look into watching a movie called 'grass'
It about the history of marijuana in the United States. It has some comedy, or lighter sides of things, BUT DO NOT think this is a joke. The points they make are serious, VERY serious. In summary, pot was treated as a recreational joy until blacks and Mexicans (read minorities, scary people that weren't white, spoke different had different cultures etc..) started moving into white areas and etc. then all of a sudden it was the 'devils weed', and the ball started to roll. It was not made illegal, at first it was made VERY hard to get, as you needed a certificate or stamp to buy it, the only problem with that was that the government wouldn't issue any stamps! Watch the movie, its 90+ minutes of good solid information that might enlighten quite a few of the people who believe the hype that the OLD school drug czar propagated!
On other notes: Most major cities want the anti drug war money to keep the budgets balanced, and thus will not look at other things, like decriminalization of the plant and its use will free up BILLIONS of dollars in the prison part of the police budgets as its estimated that 6billion dollars a year is spent on keeping pot related offenders in jail or prison, or on anti drug propaganda. In fact over the last few years, studies prove the US anti drug ads, to be basically ineffective, as a study over 30 years proves that pot is just as easily accessible now in 07 as it was in 77, Strangely enough the increased the budget for 08?!?!?!? Obviously the block headed Bureaucrats are more worried about lining their own pockets then actually making a difference!
Thanks for listening


how about the thousands of years that it was legal before they actually outlawed it due to "mexican imigrants" who "caused trouble/disrupted the peace" for the ppl who moved into the south west.. which if im not mistaken had been what we currently call mexico for much longer than america has owned it...

so because rich white folks who bought up their land didnt like them smokin pot while they worked their asses off for the white folks who stole their land (if you actually buy into the concept of "owning" land)

and the prohibition of alcohol had failed so miserably.

the guys who were running the alcohol prohibition unit set up some new fact finding adventure to see what all the commotion was in the southwest.. and made pot illegal.

well technically they made a act and sent it to congress and they MADE it a law.

so anyways the law stated that in order to regulate marijuana they were gonna have a stamp tax.
you bring in your nuggets... they weigh them... you pay a tax for the stamps.. and you walk out...

problem is that you had to bring them with you to the government offices....
i think everybody knows better than to do something like that...
and yoku couldnt weigh them yourself cause how do you prove that much is how much you have... you coulda ripped off the IRS on the taxes for it... they had to weight it you had to bring it in to weigh .. thats how to make it legit
but having the marijuana without the stamps was illegal

and ppl who tryed to go pay their taxes to have their plants/crops

then Timothy Leary took the case that that law was CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL all the way to the SUPREME COURT and had it OVERTURNED

and for 3 whole years pot was legal again...

then came the Comprehensive Drug Reform Acts

and they couldnt have the druged out hippies running the nation...

i mean hell.... how would the war economy survive?...


Watch this shit

Watch the movie In Pot We Trust as well as Reefer Madness.
In Pot We Trust is a good movie while Reefer Madness is hilarious.


I'd pay a buck a joint in taxes to make it legal.

What did Arnold say?

I'll be back!

What's a Billion to Arnold?

Nazi SS General Schwarzeneggar would be so proud of his grandson.
He's a member of the facist elite, what's another bil to them? Chump change next to the whole enchilada, Corporate Global Domination.
War, even on drugs, is simply mind over matter; The wealthy don't mind, because we don't matter.

i hate pot heads and their

i hate pot heads and their whining so much, they all have the same arguments, they act like they cant get addicted, they act like all alcohol drinkers are dangerous, and the legalization of pot some how wouldnt make car accidents go up, they act like pot is the great fucking thing ever, it's like get over it, its not that great, go take some scips or some shit and get over...

hate is a strong word

It is hatred that drives the evilness of the system. Just because you hate potheads is not reason enough to send millions of them to jail and/or prison for doing something that only affects themselves. As for the whole issue of car wrecks, some people are just bad drivers regardless of how sober or not they are. Cars are inherently deadly and we need to reshape the US infrastructure so as to not force us all to use cars for every little thing. Also in many places public transit cuts off before people are ready to go home. The actual substance becomes more of a problem only because our society is set up in such a wrong way

So drunks OK?

What a hypocrite. Only a alcoholic would not see the difference between smoking pot and drinking. Pot smokers don't bother anyone unlike alcoholics. Why are you even be on this site? Go have a drink and shut up and leave good people alone.

Personally, I'm not an

Personally, I'm not an alcoholic or a pot-smoker, but I have to agree with the individual who likened smoking weed to drinking because the effects on the nervous system are nearly the same with both alcohol and marijuana.

If it's regulated, it would take a lot of the pot off the streets and generally improve the quality of the bud that you can get.

Oh and by the way, potheads around my apartment complex are just as belligerent and annoying as the drunks that come out of the bar down the street.

Maybe the potheads are drunk

Marijuana users can drink too ya know.

Or maybe they are in fact on

Or maybe they are in fact on pot, and pot isn't exactly the fucking secret cure for AIDS all you pseudo-intellectual pseudo-hipsters make it out to be, duuude. If you guys were as truly "non-bothersome" as you constantly profess to be then we wouldn't be suffering through your tireless whining and sanctimonious tirades, would we? (And not to mention horrible body odor stemming from the aversion so many of you have toward showers.)

i hate pot heads and their

nice mouth idiot. you are soooo ignorant...get a life.

sup g

im on drugs. does that mean you are at war with me? i might have to bust a cap.

Hope for We the people

For all you folks that are tired of the lame lies of our present politicians. And their unability to help and serve the people of Our country. Keep their Word.

Love to ride bicycles?, come ride for We the People
Our Constitution
Our Bill of Rights
Legalization of Medical use and Research of Medical Marijuana

Ride across South Carolina


Small Mind

The Post I hate Pot heads

your words say it all dude.
What a small mind U have !

I don't know why Da Govnator

I don't know why Da Govnator has a problem with it now, I watched that guy smoke a joint while drunk on vodka and you can too....

It is nice to smoke joint sometimes

in many European countries they think it is cool and have allowed people to smoke marijuana officially. if you regulate that maybe is that better. people are going to smoke joint rather than ecstasy. and to make some money for very needed people.

I hate people who hate pot smokers

Denial is a sign of alcoholism. I've been very very very very very high before, and I can honestly say that it has never made me belligerent. Well, at least it didn't put me in the mood to be abnoxious or anything. If I had stoners living next to me and they were being loud and shit, and I didn't like them, I would just threaten to call the cops and I bet that would keep their party at a dull roar. And that would give me much satisfaction if I was simple enough to honestly believe that smoking marijuana was anywhere near as dangerous as alcohol.

all people are different

...but for me when I was mandated by the state to take drug councelling because I got caught growing pot, i was told by the councellor that the only problem he could see that marijuana caused me was getting caught. He thinks I should be an activist or lobbiest. I think I will. Too bad about the haters who come here to spread their fear. It is a shame they are such sheeple that they can't have some tolerance for others. It's the same fear that allowed people the let racist Harry Aslinger push through laws based on a fear of people of color. That was a chance for big oil to fund his campaign to stomp out hemp at the same time. Look where that got us.



and why isnt every pot org and med port org emailing this to everyone and doing simalure nationwide....

we have the people to support it but many are closet smokers or to scared of the Gvt to come out and stand up for what we belive in..

in short tell your freinds sign the petition.. and call your local Liars wooops i mean local politicians

i spoke up

and i've been under surveillance for 8 years. i've had my property vandalized and shot at,my pets beaten and killed, veiled threats directly from state vehicles and more.

this is what passes for law enforcement. i have been reduced to surveilling the surveillers to protect myself.

this is not a free country. it is run like prison gang. they will shank you given a chance. they will do anything they please because they have the power and technology at their fingertips.

if i weren't innocent and had several documented complaints on file with the fbi,sbi and police complaint groups, i would be dead....and death is still possible. you sheep have no idea what you are messing with.

these people[police] are hired killers. if they can do to joe citizen what they do to me they can do anything.

it takes every ounce of my being not to sacrifice myself just to send a few straight to hell where they belong. there's a lot of evil power behind gov't agents. this is not your religiously convicted forefathers. these people are evil,evil,evil.

lay off th pot

Dude to much wwe has made you parnoid, Cops have enough trouble breaking up, domestic squables to bother with a motard as yourself.

I bet you hide in your basement and play your phish albums, and talk about the commune.

Grow up, get a job, and stop making society pay for your dumbass.

random related thought

Quck comment (somewhat related).
I live in australia currently (moved here from canada 3 years ago..planning on moving back eventually) and i noticed this massive backlash against weed in all forms of the media and just amongs people in general.

It's rare to find pot presented in a postive light anywhere, but here it seems that it's blamed for absolutely everything. Most of the news shows (which are crap and one sided) always mentioned how a car accident was caused by someone who had a few drinks, but was high on weed. Funny how no one ever questions these statistics, and no one wonders..gee..wonder how did they drink.
Don't get me wrong, if i smoke dope or drink, i tend to stay away from the roads and most mechanized equipment...but i'd rather drive stoned than drunk.

Also something i've never been used to is road side drug testing. Basically any booze bus right now, also tests for drugs.
It's an oral swab test, that is SO INNACURATE it's not even funny. And THC can still be present in your saliva a few days after smoking, so you can actually get busted even when you're not high!!!!!!

Me and my wife were at a party recently, people were smoking around.....she didn't, got mouth swabbed and ended up losing her license for 30 days.
So basicaly we got punished for the company we crap is that?

the license suspension lasted for only 2 days cause we have a good lawyer who requested a blood test etc...but still
there's people getting punished for not really doing anything

i dunno..but my theory is
if it grows naturally in the ground, there's probably a good reason for it

being responsible and realistic

Nobody should drive when under the influence and that includes pot, as well as alcohol. It's just not responsible and it is stupid.
I am very much for decriminalizing pot, but it's a tough situation now, because of so many pot grow ops that are so dangerous and moldy.
I've been smoking up for most of my life and now have a license to posses for medical reasons.
I buy it from the government and it's not bad weed at all.
I don't drive, but I would not ever ride with some one who is stoned or boozed-up.

If a person wants to drive without any concerns of getting busted for drug trace, then either don't drive, take a cab or stay away from getting high and 2nd hand marijuana smoke.

People who get random drug tests for their jobs know to stay away from poppy seeds on breads and bagels, etc., because it can give a false positive for opiates in their blood.

Every weekend there is major carnage on the highways and byways and most of these accidents are as a result of impaired drivers, booze and/or drugs.
One doesn't have to feel high, stoned drunk or buzzed to be legally impaired.
I knew a person many years ago who was CIA and liked to party, but if someone brought out the weed, this person left the room, and only returned well after the room had been very well aired out.
This way they never had to lie nor fear not passing their random drug testing.

I actually prefer my weed to driving a car and am a proud user of public transit. I am using an organic product and am supporting going 'green' in more ways than one!


cannabis is a hell of a lot safer than most drugs and i am all for legalization myself but there are some people who do develop serious mental side effects a kid from my school use to smoke it a lot (still does i think but i haven't see him in a long time)and from what i hear he is a sketched out, paranoid wreck nowadays from over doing it with weed so if it is legalized there do need to be some controls on the strength of the herbs you buy (maybe like the vol. system for alcohol) with the ridiculously strong strains staying illegal to buy/sell because we all know that as soon as it gets legalized every stoner will order a 9 bar of white widow and get wasted

are you sure they never did

are you sure they never did acid?Because i seen two different people in two different situations where they just never came back to the same people??Never in my life have i seen a change from pot.

Cannabis potency/mental problems

the potency of weed has nothing to do with having/getting a "mental impairment" This is more false bullshit,and there are some cases where sure,a person who smokes weed turns out to have some kind of mental problem,..But that condition was "pre-existing" and was not brought on by the marijuana consumption.

This is more reeffer madness that is being fed to us,...many Times I have "overdone-it" And Im perfectly normal and sane.
Drezta simply does not have enough experiance and is gullible enough to believe the lies,Cannabis is VERY VERY safe. there is no such thing as overdoing it. Its very good medicine and I hope one day it will be legal to everyone.

The #1 cash crop in america will never go away, it or not,marijuana is here to stay!

Marijuana Not As Bad As It Seems

10 Studys Proving Marijuana Isn't As Bad As People Claim.

California HMO members funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
(NIDA) found marijuana use caused no significant increase in mortality.
Tobacco use was associated with increased risk of death. Sidney, S et
al. Marijuana Use and Mortality. American Journal of Public Health.
Vol. 87 No. 4, April 1997. p. 585-590. Sept. 2002.

Affairs scientists looked at whether heavy marijuana use as a young
adult caused long-term problems later, studying identical twins in
which one twin had been a heavy marijuana user for a year or longer but
had stopped at least one month before the study, while the second twin
had used marijuana no more than five times ever. Marijuana use had no
significant impact on physical or mental health care utilization,
health-related quality of life, or current socio-demographic
characteristics. Eisen SE et al. Does Marijuana Use Have Residual
Adverse Effects on Self-Reported Health Measures, Socio-Demographics or
Quality of Life? A Monozygotic Co-Twin Control Study in Men. Addiction.
Vol. 97 No. 9. p.1083-1086. Sept. 1997

8) THE GATEWAY EFFECT MAY BE A MIRAGE: Marijuana is often called a
gateway drug by supporters of prohibition, who point to statistical
associations indicating that persons who use marijuana are more likely
to eventually try hard drugs than those who never use marijuana
implying that marijuana use somehow causes hard drug use. But a model
developed by RAND Corp. researcher Andrew Morral demonstrates that
these associations can be explained without requiring a gateway effect.
More likely, this federally funded study suggests, some people simply
have an underlying propensity to try drugs, and start with whats most
readily available. Morral AR, McCaffrey D and Paddock S. Reassessing
the Marijuana Gateway Effect. Addiction. December 2002. p. 1493-1504.

7) PROHIBITION DOESNT WORK (PART I): The White House had the National
Research Council examine the data being gathered about drug use and the
effects of U.S. drug policies. NRC concluded, the nation possesses
little information about the effectiveness of current drug policy,
especially of drug law enforcement. And what data exist show little
apparent relationship between severity of sanctions prescribed for drug
use and prevalence or frequency of use. In other words, there is no
proof that prohibition the cornerstone of U.S. drug policy for a
century reduces drug use. National Research Council. Informing Americas
Policy on Illegal Drugs: What We Dont Know Keeps Hurting Us. National
Academy Press, 2001. p. 193.

EFFECT?): U.S. and Dutch researchers, supported in part by NIDA,
compared marijuana users in San Francisco, where non-medical use
remains illegal, to Amsterdam, where adults may possess and purchase
small amounts of marijuana from regulated businesses. Looking at such
parameters as frequency and quantity of use and age at onset of use,
they found no differences except one: Lifetime use of hard drugs was
significantly lower in Amsterdam, with its tolerant marijuana policies.
For example, lifetime crack cocaine use was 4.5 times higher in San
Francisco than Amsterdam. Reinarman, C, Cohen, PDA, and Kaal, HL. The
Limited Relevance of Drug Policy: Cannabis in Amsterdam and San
Francisco. American Journal of Public Health. Vol. 94, No. 5. May 2004.
p. 836-842.

implanted several types of cancer, including leukemia and lung cancers,
in mice, then treated them with cannabinoids (unique, active components
found in marijuana). THC and other cannabinoids shrank tumors and
increased the mices lifespans. Munson, AE et al. Antineoplastic
Activity of Cannabinoids. Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
Sept. 1975. p. 597-602.

government tried to suppress, federal researchers gave mice and rats
massive doses of THC, looking for cancers or other signs of toxicity.
The rodents given THC lived longer and had fewer cancers, in a
dose-dependent manner (i.e. the more THC they got, the fewer tumors).
NTP Technical Report On The Toxicology And Carcinogenesis Studies Of
1-Trans- Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, CAS No. 1972-08-3, In F344/N
Rats And B6C3F Mice, Gavage Studies. See also, Medical Marijuana:
Unpublished Federal Study Found THC-Treated Rats Lived Longer, Had Less
Cancer, AIDS Treatment News no. 263, Jan. 17, 1997.

Kaiser-Permanente HMO, funded by NIDA, followed 65,000 patients for
nearly a decade, comparing cancer rates among non-smokers, tobacco
smokers, and marijuana smokers. Tobacco smokers had massively higher
rates of lung cancer and other cancers. Marijuana smokers who didnt
also use tobacco had no increase in risk of tobacco-related cancers or
of cancer risk overall. In fact their rates of lung and most other
cancers were slightly lower than non-smokers, though the difference did
not reach statistical significance. Sidney, S. et al. Marijuana Use and
Cancer Incidence (California, United States). Cancer Causes and
Control. Vol. 8. Sept. 1997, p. 722-728.

researcher whose work is funded by NIDA, did a case-control study
comparing 1,200 patients with lung, head and neck cancers to a matched
group with no cancer. Even the heaviest marijuana smokers had no
increased risk of cancer, and had somewhat lower cancer risk than
non-smokers (tobacco smokers had a 20-fold increased lung cancer risk).
Tashkin D. Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control
Study. American Thoracic Society International Conference. May 23,

1) MARIJUANA DOES HAVE MEDICAL VALUE: In response to passage of
Californias medical marijuana law, the White House had the Institute of
Medicine (IOM) review the data on marijuanas medical benefits and
risks. The IOM concluded, Nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety are
all afflictions of wasting, and all can be mitigated by marijuana.
While noting potential risks of smoking, the report added, we
acknowledge that there is no clear alternative for people suffering
from chronic conditions that might be relieved by smoking marijuana,
such as pain or AIDS wasting. The governments refusal to acknowledge
this finding caused co-author John A. Benson to tell the New York Times
that the government loves to ignore our report they would rather it
never happened. Joy, JE, Watson, SJ, and Benson, JA. Marijuana and
Medicine: Assessing the Science Base. National Academy Press. 1999. p.
159. See also, Harris, G. FDA Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana.
New York Times. Apr. 21, 2006


Legalize it, Let the Farmers Pay California Bills

Let free the people who are nonviolent and convicted of possession or distribution. It will be legal one day; it is just a matter of time and everyone knows it.
Whether anyone want to be there when it happens or not, it will be legal. It will be taxed. It should be illegal to drive while impaired due to marijuana use, just as it is with alcohol.
Money is being wasted on the "war" against pot, when it could be used for battling distribution of "harder" substances. If I was Governor of California, I would certainly allow the donation just as if it were to come from any ordinary and generous citizen.

Thanks for reading

I agree pot virus = bad news

That's just a plain bad idea making a smoke weed or die virus.. come on .. there's already one in existance, it's called old age, smoke weed and it isn't so bad, and who knows you might live a bit longer.. (more likely if you were to eat the cannabis instead) .. but whatever the case, the government is purposely stoooopid when it comes to things like this, because it loosens their control on us that much more, come on guys, you should understand we're all slaves by now.. and if not check out the video on my website and realize how deep their hold is.

I personally hope that the terminator will take it, considering his past drug life.. if they don't want to send children a bad message they should shut the televisions off and stop the war... ? no? either way, I think marijuana is pushing itself out of the shadows.

I Love you all but your wrong

I used to believe that the weed would be legalized. I thought it was right around the corner. That any day now there would be a change of additude. I was actively writing my congressmen to tryu to help, I sent money to various free the plant orginizations and would spout facts to anyone who would listen. Then one day my brother bought me the october 31, 1969 40 cent issue of LIFE with the headline MARIJUANA and a burning joint on the front cover. This was in 1998, and they were saying the exact same shit as 30 fuckin years ago. Now Im a closest smoker. I cut my hair short, play alot of golf and dont discuss my smokin habits with anyone. The industry of building and running prisons has surpassed the point where sain people would of stopped and I dont see a slow down coming soon. Every year a well respected university or medical research center puts out an article that says pot dont hurt and every year the goverment puts out an article that says pot has its roots in hell. No one ever says anything bad about a closet smoker, and the cops dont pull me over even tho I am high.In this life it is real easy to tow the line and real easy to fuck up but real fuckin hard to do neither. Enjoy what you do but dont fuck it up for someone else by spouting dum shit .

Re: I Love You all but your Wrong

"Enjoy what you do but dont fuck it up for someone else by spouting dum shit". Like heading up a post with the word your when you actually mean you're?

So actually you are denying

So actually you are denying who you are?

A billion for California????

The problem is not whether to legalize marijuana, the problem is government spending. Percentage wise, marijuana users are too small a group to warrant the excessive attention accorded them by our so called legislators. The real reason for the war against hemp is oil, timber and chemicals. The thing that makes the movers and shakers of this country blood run cold is AGRICULTURAL HEMP!
Do some research, forget about your pleasure for a bit, and check out good old 1937!

Wow this is a great

Wow this is a great thread!
It's true that the realization that your personal activism has been totally ineffective is disheartening, but that's within the nature of activism... remember whatever you do, at least you did it! At the very least, you did it to be honest with yourself, and there's nothing more self-destructive than denial! If you do it to immediately realize a change and give you a feeling of meaning in your life, then I'm sorry but you can expect disappointment.
On the other hand, the current and ongoing Global Warming consciousness is a great example of how an issue that was seemingly directly in opposition to the powers that be (same industries and political affiliations as with hemp) has now been embraced by many of its former opponents because ..... THERE'S MONEY IN IT!!! If there is a demand, there is a market. And if resources are non-depletable, and subsidized by gov't eco-friendly bills, all the better! I hope you all understand what I'm saying, even better if it's already obvious to you. If not, I will clarify.
So, it's time to begin working WITH corporations, because it is clear that demonizing them has no effect. They are not evil, they simply have a monetary agenda (unless you are very paranoid). Concepts like "morals" and "truth" are dependent upon their aganda, not the other way around. Therefore, if pot-legalization lobbyists want to make a change, they will have to convince the so-called opposition that they can have common interests, and still fulfill or improve their respective agendas.
Since politics is dependent on the economy, politicians are an ineffective lever to be pulling because they are merely the output stage of policy. So, lets be co-operative rather than reactionary. Help the ruling elite see that legalization is actually in their best interests. Note: I am, of course, making the assumption that it can be in their best interests, but if you disagree, please explain. Anyway, I could keep going (because this is fun) but i figure you should do some thinking about it first.... and then turn it in to cooperative activism!!!
The good news is that the truth is out there and we know the "opposition", their motives, and their power. Now= get creative.

woops forgot something:

If you have comments/questions about the last post ("wow this is great"), just post em.... but if you wanna contact me, email is [email protected]. peace

The Blind Leading The Dumb

Oh come on... if child porn would stop sending people to jail and make us money, would we do that do...yeah probably this country's moral and educational compass has had way too many magnets around...I sure there are NO other good solutions...and look how well Mexico and South America do with their little to no enforcing of any drug laws...THEY ARE BEGGING TO COME HERE...well, until we make it a third world country here also...

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