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Why Rep. John Hall (D-NY) voted against Hinchey-Rohrabacher...liberal fear of federalism

Submitted by David Borden on
Today I called the Washington office of my congressman, John Hall. I have vigorously supported him in the 2006 election against a Bush rubber stamp Sue Kelly. He was seemed to be a progressive democrat (indeed he joined the progressive caucus after entering office). However, he voted against Hinchey-Rohrabacher, refusing the step to stop DEA from raiding the dispensaries. A gentle lady answered the phone, and I asked about the reason why he voted against the amendment. She told me to wait for a moment, then she came back telling that Hall voted that way because he believed it should be "discussed at the federal level" and states should have the ability to do whatever they want. I do understand the knee-jerk fear of states' rights by liberals like Hall, but when federalism means saving people's lives, playing political ideology is just cruel and inhumane.

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