... and Another Letter from a Medical Marijuana Patient

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Another patient story posted on the comment boards:
Six years ago I was literally struck down with Fibromyalgia. I simply couldn't get out of bed one morning. I crawled versus walking most of the time as it was less painful. My husband had to lift me onto the toilet, give me baths, cook, etc., because I was of no use to anyone, including myself. I also had no appetite whatsoever. I lost 20 pounds in a matter of weeks, leaving me a frail 100 lb 50 year old. My husband thought maybe marijuana might help with my appetite, so he "scored" some for me. It not only restored my appetite, it also took a lot of my pain away. It makes me sick to think we both could have been arrested. When is this country going to wake up?!!
As before, good question.
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i agree 100% give us your

i agree 100% give us your thoughts on www.buds4life.com

Jury Nullification

With the federal govt completely disregarding the will of the people and congress refusing to stop them,I believe that the only alternative lies with the citizens.
I would encourage DCRNet and other organizations to implement a massive education program to inform all citizens of their power to nullify laws against marijuana using jury nullification.
What do you think David?


This is a good idea.

I'm aware of isolated instances of this happening, but it needs to become a frequent outcome before the CJ system can be forced to react.

Education about jury nullification needs to be packaged in a way that can reach mainstream audiences. Presenting that information here could help a few people, but it won't bring about the kind of change we'd like to see.


If we could capture the anger about the Hinchley vote and the 80% support for medical marijuana along with the growing feeling by many that the govt is out of control,we may get somewhere.I think a concerted effort to get state Fully Infomed Jury laws enacted would bring alot of media attention.
A great tool that I could use from DCRNet would be one of your links to write congress and suggest that they introduce a federal FIJ law.
I have had alot of success posting stories on netscape,I have one posted right now about jury nullification.

Netscape story

I could use some help getting this on the front page if anyone is interested,please go to Netscape and vote and comment.
Thanks mntnman444


Homegrown: How do cops put a value on the busts?

I think cops use the quality and quantity to make a "value" on a bust. It also depends on the city they are from. As far as the articles I've seen about people using this for pain, etc. I think it is a shame that what helps people can be taken from them and used against them in a court of law.

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