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Cannabis Doesn't Cause Cancer, But It Might Cure It

When a NIDA funded study last May revealed no link between lung cancer and lifetime marijuana smoking, important questions were raised. We know that marijuana smoke contains carcinogenic compounds, thus NIDA's findings seemed to suggest that marijuana smoke somehow protects the user from its own inherently carcinogenic properties.

Via, new research offers more insight into this fascinating revelation and brings us closer to the conclusion we've long suspected: cannabis just might cure cancer.
Harvard University researchers have found that, in both laboratory and mouse studies, delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cuts tumor growth in half in common lung cancer while impeding the cancer's ability to spread.

The compound "seems to have a suppressive effect on certain lines of cancer cells," explained Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

According to the researchers, THC fights lung cancer by curbing epidermal growth factor (EGF), a molecule that promotes the growth and spread of particularly aggressive non-small cell lung cancers.
I once witnessed Andrea Barthwell get stumped at an ONDCP press conference when someone asked her to cite a reference for her claim that marijuana caused lung cancer. That was funny, but this much funnier.

Evidence that marijuana doesn't cause lung cancer has long consisted of the observation that marijuana smokers don't get cancer. But now you can google "marijuana+lung+cancer" and discover a list of excellent references refuting this old favorite of the prohibitionist camp. Heck, I can't even find it on the ONDCP's website anymore.

Still, it's generally been assumed that the failure of marijuana smokers to contract lung cancer was attributable to their reduced consumption compared to that of cigarette smokers. That THC actually suppresses cancerous cells is a far more exciting and promising explanation. This suggests, among other things, that administering THC to one's lungs though non-smoking methods just might be remarkably good for you.

With each passing year, the controversy surrounding medical marijuana becomes less of a debate and more of a referendum on the blind idiocy of the liars and quacks who've portrayed it as anything other than a miracle drug.

If marijuana proves capable of curing cancer, will these people finally shut up?

United States
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Jess Stone

No ,it wont shut them up as they're insane,it is the "Reefer Madness" proponents that are the ones suffering from a cannabis induced mental disease, just the thought of cannabis seems to send these"people" into a frenzy of stupidity, the garbage that comes from the mouths of these "people" defies logic eg. cannabis 25-30 x times stronger than 30 years ago ! Yet people like myself who have used cannabis for longer than 30 years KNOW this is a lie,the stats do not support this nonsense claim yet the "Reefer Madness" lunatics say total BS lies like this with a straight face and conviction ! But do they really believe their own lies? Well it would seem that the cannabis induced insanity that the "Reefer Maness" lunatics suffer from causes them to believe their own lies, make them big whoppers and tell them often enough and they end up believing their own BS.

FUCK reefer madnesss

FUCK reefer madnesss

I watched Reefer Madness

I watched Reefer Madness while stoned, it was funny as fuck!


With support for legalization above 40% in NV and CO votes last year, evidence of marijuana components having a powerful effect against cancer would hopefully be the final nail in marijuana prohibition's coffin. No, it won't shut the marijuana haters up, but it will help people see them for the fanatical bigots that they are. Any reasonable person can see that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana.

I doubt it

"If marijuana proves capable of curing cancer, will these people finally shut up?"

I hope so, but I kind of doubt it. They'll just pick some new aspect of the human condition and argue that marijuana messes it up, ie. the skunk-schizophrenia debacle in the UK right now. I can't help but believe that that particular media circle jerk is an intential misinformation campaign, and that they tried real hard to come up with a boogey man and the schizophrenia thing was the best they could do, which is saying alot.

what else they will say it caused

I called the American Lung Association the other day, and the lady tried to tell me she has cancer from smoking weed. She also tried to tell me she has emphysema too. I just laughed and ended the conversation right there. what else are they going to continue to tell me does compared to cigarettes.

How to win the drug war for real

Marijuana protects the positive and deletes the negative?

This is nothing knew.
American scientists had that info in 1974 even though they continue to persuade people take their life threatening perscription drugs (of which some of my closest freinds are addicted).
If the government wants to stop kids from taking drugs that "open their mind" and make them "drop out" than they should stop pushing drugs on them and the American people that infact numb the mind and the senses.
Many children with ADHD are given large quantities of health threatening drugs that "get them to behave".
It should be no supprize that many of these kids (after years of having their senses numbed out) decide to then take the "other drugs" that increase their mind and sense activation-and or stimulation.
Once America becomes a nation of non-smoking teetottlers than it will have the moral authority to declare a "war on drugs", once it ceases promoting the philosophy of the "quik fix".
Mabey the youth would then be unattracted to drugs that give them freedom from society.
Untill then they can expect their children to eventually discover the drugs that "free their mind"; an act which is infact essencial when you have been dead on perscription drugs your whole life.
If the youth of India started taking LSD and smoking pot it would be quite a tradgety because Indian culter is so pure when it comes to REAL health.
But in America taking LSD and marijuana is essencial to climbing out of the deep pit in which the drug companies, FDA, have left it's citizens.
It is the way to gradually evolve out of the genetically damaging effects that American life will have on it's future generations.
The perfect detox from American drugs (or individuals who a strongly dependent on sense numbing drugs) is to take LSD and marijuana for two or three years (LSD no more than 10 times a year ofcourse)(marijuana no more than once a day) directly followed by a complete herbal detox regimine for five years, even still followed by a more or less vegetarian diet of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and multi-vitamins.
After 10 years of gradual mental, physical, and spiritual detoxification then, mabey, America will be able to defeat it's drug and health problem permenantly.
In life one must not go to extremes, and this is why I suggest first replaceing the over the counter sense numbing drugs with natrual and psycoactive-transedental ones, becuase you should not go from being a comfetably numb drug addict to a drug free individual in the wink of an eye, this could have strange effects on the evolution of the genetic family.
As for hard illegal drug addiction one must look into the psycoactive plant known as "ibogain" it substancially lowers withdraw symptoms from previous dope fiends, coke monsters, and cracks heads in 3 days!
Ovcourse this extreme treatment for such an extreme mental illness is totally illegal becuase it is not "manufactured" by the "drug companies".
Dosen't it just make you want to declare jihad against these devils?
I just finished reading a book by Kevin Trudeau entitled "Natrual cures "they" don't want you to know about".
In it he describes how the FDA pruposly looks to annihlate all natrual opposition to the "profits" by conducting smear campaings on all natrual cures for various health problems.
Whether it is a cure for cancer, aids, or addiction it seems that those who run these companies are trying to make people sicker in the long run by giving them a drug that works like a charm in the short run (and they have the nerve to critisize the hippies!)
Rather than stimulating creativity and cures for the ills of society the drug lobbyists prefer to have the working Americans on prozac as they sell them chemicaly dangerous food that makes them depressed, hungry, fat and in serch of a momentary rush.
If people thought more resonably instead of in terms of "the saved and the unsaved" mabey many of the social and culteral problems that are only fuel for the drug problem in America could be permantly won.
Living in truth is eventually the most rewarding, and since we will be dead when future generations inherit the earth it would only be wise to seek the solutions that will conqure fear, lies, and death for the the future instead of ALWAYS relying on the "quik fix" which is all marijuana and other psycoactive plants do for it's users anyway(giving them a moment of heaven in a hellish world of lies and cyclical death).
Only then will America get over it's drug problem.
Untill then "inhale, smile, and preceed to the next song" as Abbie Hoffman once said.

its hard for you to believe? u better believe it

There will be and increase in the amount of research done to figure out everything marijuana is good for and to be totally honest not only can marijuana possibly cure cancer like the doc says but if it does maybe smoking it at an early age will make it so the cancer doesnt have a chance to reappear. But this is my own speculation. In real truth, marijuana can be used for plenty of other things such as making clothes... hemp is one of the most durable gear in the world. Marijuana plants can be used for the bio fuel if there is a rise in the use or damand (virgin airlines).
not gonna bother writing this in my own words.

Hemp Paper Can Save the Forests!
One acre of cannabis hemp, in annual rotation over a twenty year period would produce as much pulp for paper as 4.1 acres of trees being cut down over the same 20 year period. And while hemp reaches full growth and can be harvested every year, the trees which are cut down take hundreds of years to return. The process of making paper from hemp uses only 1/5 to 1/7 as much polluting, sulfur-based chemicals and does not require the use of any chlorine bleach.

Hemp as an Ecological, Renewable Fuel Resource
Hemp can also produce 10 times more methanol than corn, the second best living fuel source. Hemp as fuel is renewable whereas oil is not. Hemp as fuel is environmentally beneficial: it enriches and prevents erosion; it burns clean and sulfur-free, while oil's sulfur content causes acid rain. Hemp as fuel would yield a balanced Oxygen/CO2 cycle, while oil releases only CO2, thereby increasing global warming

What a business to start up if we could get some funding eh... i mean if hemp can be used for all these things whos to say there isnt more it can be used for. Solution to pollution? therefor leading to global warming (solution hemp) ?
That would be insane for some people to believe... for others maybe a bit of research and some good management skills haha. eh doc!

youtube has some quick videos of doctors explaining hemp can cure cancer.

I love you Mary Jane!

I mean honestly if mj was so bad then why do people continue to smoke it and enjoy it? It was made from the earth with no additional chemicals. Its mother natures way of saying "Hi". It decreases aggresiveness, which I think our so-called-dumb-ass-oil-driven-president should probably consider smokin. Clinton admited he puffed a little, did'nt inhale-yea right, and when he was in office we had no wars, no worries. Sure he got his we-we played with, but so what. Would'nt you rather hear about the presidents little escapades than to go to the pump and pay 5 bucks a gallon? If the world leaders got together, and each had a little bit of some of the finest from his/her own country, smoked it and started talking. There would be no worries.I mean seriously, I like to smoke and I have some pretty damm good ideas when I'm feelin "the love". Its illegal to smoke a joint, but i bet all the politicians smoke all the weed they want to cause they jack it from us!
"I promise I'll smoke chronic until the day that i die!"


this dude is completely right! if Marijuana was really bad for you then people wouldn't smoke it. PEOPLE AREN'T AS STUPID AS THEY SEEM!
It's more than obvious that Alcohol is way worse for you than Marijuana, Alcohol increases the risk of all sorts of cancer...and Marijuana actually helps care/prevent a lot of diseases. Statistically Marijuana is NOT bad for you! If this Government thinks that Marijuana is sooo terribly bad for you...then why don't they make alcohol and tobacco illegal too?? that would make a hell of a lot more sense considering the medical fact that Marijuana actually has good effects on u versus alcohol and tobacco which are very harmful. Marijuana is the least toxic drug out there and alcohol is one of the most so which do u think is better for you? when marijuana is a natural drug, why not go the natural root/ organic is the way to go. and i know from experience that marijuana isn't nearly as harmful as alcohol!


if the goverment were to tax mj in the united states you would come up with billions and billions of dollars. which can reduce the federal and provincial taxes for all those non tokers out there. so by making it legal ur putting more money in your pocket as a non smoker and the goverment is getting there money still without hassling the crap out of everybody and making income tax the most dreaded thing in the world. If MJ was legalized and taxed it would bring in more money then tobacco does for the goverment. we live in a greedy society so why doesn't the goverment just fall into there urges to do whats right for it's people?

dem goverments tax enough

dem goverments tax enough stuff, decriminalize it.

The Government wont do whats

The Government wont do whats right for its people because we are not its people. I would think if we were its people they would be helping us and not the FDA and trying to find ways to prove cures dont work so the Gov wont legalize them. I am sure the big drug companys are paying them more than they could ever make on taxing Natural cures.

combo effect

well between the drug companys,oil companys,tobacco and beer barons and a few others out there of course they dont want weed used for anything would cut all in to there profits.
hemp can be used for fuel even better than enthanol and other bio bio fuels......and cigs and beer would go out the door since weed can be smoked and gets ya high...and drug companys dont want it cause they would be out billions of dollars...and the gov is stupid .sure they would lose some money for the short term cause companys would have to redo some there deparments and there for no kick backs from them years lol.......but they make more money than anything in the long run plus healther greener usa....but then again your getting in to upsetting the status quo and that is something certain groups will not let ya do

fda lolz

dude many of the ppl that retire from the drug companys go to work for the fda that should tell ya somthing right there...

Does anyone have anymore

Does anyone have anymore links on hemp as cancer cure? I would like to see more but about all I can find is Rick Simpson and Run From the Cure. Would be nice to see other studys done on it.


I was doing so research for health class on weed and 3/4 of the info I gathered said that it could help cure cancer.


i think if you want to smoke a joint once a while why the hell not.. :0 i think marijuana is a good alternative to ciggarettes. but everyone is entitled to live the way they want and me personally weed is harmless if you dont abuse it. i have heard that it has some anti cancer benefits, it induces appetite too. supposedly it doesnt cause cancer either, aids and cancer patients too they find it beneficial. and for some people i hear it helps with anxiety. i love buying hemp products,,,peace and love

California's tax on weed

Since CA legalized weed usage to a select few, dispensaries or cannibis clubs have been sprouting up like weeds(actual weeds not our beloved bud). Each club is taxed on everything marijuana they sell from the bud itself to the edibles and the hash. On a article on digg I was checking out, it says legalizing weed can make 1.4 billion in revenue.

Heres a passage from that article:
California is considered by federal authorities to be the nation's top marijuana producing state with 8.6 million pounds a year, valued at $13.8 billion, making it one of the state's largest agricultural crops, much of which is exported to other locales.The Board of Equalization analysis concludes that assuming 16 million ounces of marijuana consumption in California a year, legalization under AB 390 would generate $990 million from the $50 per ounce special levy and $392 million in sales taxes.

With that fact stated, why not? Americas in debt majorly and the war on weed wont end until the haters realize that there are worse drugs out there we know the name of them, they've hurt people and many of them are legal!

Oh btw, I dispise those above the influence commercials anyone with me on that one?

ummm yea,

i despise those commercials too, and i despise all those dumbf**ks who made it illegal in the first place just because "it drives people crazy and makes our white women fu*k those black guys out there" i believe that line was from "THE UNION" , a cool potumentary, its just ridiculous. our government is soooo messed up that there are ex CIA and FBI agents who resigned because they supposedly found out that our beloved goverment was actually allowing some shipments of the HARDCORE drugs like COCAINE, HEROIN, PCP, LSD, ACID, etc to be imported into our country and making a profit off of if thats true, idk but then again i wouldnt put it past our government to do something like that.

LSD = acid. get your shit

LSD = acid. get your shit straight.

and who cares if "hardcore" drugs are being poured into our country, we're already getting brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies like pfizer and glaxosmithkline with their mind-numbing antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, the list goes on. fuck it, our economy needs them real drugs at this point

man while its pretty widely

man while its pretty widely known that weed isn't as bad for you as tobacco or alcohol, its worse for you than LSD. its a hardcore drug but shouldn't be placed in the same as cocaine and heroin. get your shit straight. see THIS is the reason weed is illegal, misinformation.

Wrong. Marijuana is not a

Wrong. Marijuana is not a hard core drug, by definition. And the mental risks associated with LSD far outweigh the physical `risks` (if you`d call them that) of marijuana. Nice try though. Get YOUR shit together.

Legalizing Marijuana (NEVER)

Regardless of the benefits of cannabis, legalization is not in any near sight. It has little to do with short comings of cannabis (if there are any)
It has to do wit money. As long as Pfizer, Bristol Myers, etc pay millions to lobbyist and politicians, this dog will not hunt.
Think about it. Drop a seed in the ground, water and wait three months and you have a pound or two or three of weed which can be used to make Cannabis oil which will cure your cancer and a host of other health issues. Total cost.... $0
Compared to chemo, drugs etc... Total costs WTF..#$%&$ dollars. there is just way too much money being made treating cancer. And as usual, just like any crime. All you have to do is follow the money and you will find the answer to why. Why is cannabis still illegal?

I totally agree that until we

I totally agree that until we get out from under the thumb of corporate ownership, weed will never be legalized. I also think it's sick that big CEOs are getting rich off of the misfortunes of the sick. This country is in a horrible place and until we get all these greedy douche bags off the chair of power it will continue to be shitty.

No deaths always provided the clue

"It might cure cancer."!!??

Jct: The fact no one has ever died of cancer who smoked only marijuana is one great clue that while non-tobacco smokers do die of lung cancer, only marijuana smokers do not. No one expects major logic from government but when you're dealing with things that are zero, there's as certain certainty about some things that is easily determinable. I would also bet that fewer smokers who pollute with processed tobacco die who also clean out with natural cannabis. But zero deaths from lung cancer for cannabis smokers is an impossibly easy conclusion to make, except for people with a hidden agendas.

I was diagnosed with asbestosis of the lungs at 18

I was told I would develop lung cancer in 20 yrs and die. I'm 49 now and was clean at my last screening.

I've been smokin' for 30 years. I intend to continue until THEY pry the joint from my cold dead fingers.

I've always known those republicrat bastards were hiding something.

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