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"Pot. It mightn't kill you, but it could turn you into a dickhead"

This slogan, in all seriousness, will be appearing in magazines and on bus stops in Australia. I don't know what 'dickhead' means in Australian, but around here it means someone who isn't very nice.

Needless to say, being a dickhead is neither a crime nor a likely result of smoking pot. Ironically, however, writing the word 'dickhead' on a bus stop generally is a crime if done for any purpose other than this one.

Given what we know about the effectiveness of absurd anti-drug ads, I'd guess this campaign is unlikely to cause a decrease in marijuana use, but it might cause an increase in the use of the word 'dickhead.'

In fact, it already has.

United States
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confusing cannabis with alcohol again

I take a dickhead to be someone who trashes other people one way or another. Takes a lot of chutzbah for an alcohol loving country like Australia to blame cannabis for behavior that alcohol abusers specialize in.

Well thats whats going on at the moment down here"reefer madness

Absolutely the anti-cannabis-nazis are blaming cannabis for Australia's scandalous alcohol abuse at the moment. We are revisiting "Reefer Madness" in Oz and its getting out of hand .Saliva drug tests for drivers for MJ with absolutely flawed machines rejected in Europe and the USA ,Securatec Drugwipe Twin, and Cozart RapiScan Flawed unscientific simulator tests by Swinburne Tech Uni in Victoria have been used to justify this along with bogus stats that claim 30% (approx) of road fatalities involve illicit drugs mainly Speed Canna and XTC however they never demonstrated that the dead drivers were impaired and as I'm sure you know here that MJ remains in the body for absurdly long time past intoxication. Then there is the mental disease "epidemic" being caused by MJ ,despite the fact there has been no per capita increase in the percentages of people with a mental disease including (yawn) schizophrenia.So these dickheads do have this much chutzpah.


Well it seems to me that MARIJUANA is a well known "FACT" In Australia, that frutie tutire is a well knows proper NATURALLY grown Marijuana, That grows WILD in Australia, and is all very well liked by all the growers of this NATURE!

Im quite taken by the FACT,l mao, that someone (A Dickhead themselve's) are calling People "Dickhead's" on side of Buse's, thinking ..., That those words/wording, would or Even Could STOP an Marijuana grower/Smoker, growing the NATURAL GROWING HERB from the EARTH we all Walk on....

As Many see it, iff it grows NATURALLY on the Planet we all come from, then is NOT in our GOD given rights to choose beween smoking it or Wearing it??? ha.. got ya all there eh??? "as the chinese have done so for hundreds of years" now, from the HEMP/MARIJUANA-PLANT'S all round the world...(All Natural with many good advantages, But law decide to outlaw it for ANY good resources as of yet!!!) hm? very strange that even though , ALOT of them are users themselves, and those who do, and deny that, are just the "waisters" they all seem to try n call ANY other Fellow tokers n smokers from around the globe!!!

Get real and ENJOY, instead of Employing more unfair and un-natural ruling's of NATURES Resources, out of thousands and thousands of plants that are wayyyy more DANGEROUS than a plain 'ol "MJ" plant....

Let the growers grow, as it will "eventually" eliminate MANY of the street dealers, and all the TAX free money they all make.
And getting it LEGALISED at least for the consumption of Medicinal use.(For the "People's" benifit's)

But to say "MEDICINAL" use, is for when a person is either, dying or near death, or already in very bad health before they all even "consider" handing over any rights to grow or smoke the NATURAL plant for the good of ones health.

Which in total TRUTH, they should do, or ANABLE to all people, even "BEFORE" the avarage person with possible elligibilities for the MEDICINAL MJ use, get's very very sick and ill in the First place......

LEGALISE the HERB people... for medicinal and for decriminalisation, so the more NARCOTIC dealers and users have more room in the PEN'S for them, instead of a RELAXED MARIJUANA user!!!

Thank you all for listening n reading this very important Post, that should be drilled into all human activist's head's, and the OBVIOUS others, that NEED it driiled in, to even allow this to begin or tried even, before they LABEL it all a Corrupt way of trying to get some "WEED", without getting pinched,lol, rediculous thaughts of an "OUTFIT", that are supposed to be in CONTROL of this, but, where? when? what are they REALY thinking of, Talking about??? In conrol of???

Thanking all who read this...

"Hope to GOD", this can be considered very reasonably, without the "USUAL" people always just having an answer already in their head's about what to say about MARIJUANA,(Give it a Chance.....for a very GOOD e.g, "Just Check "Amsterdam's" Wayyyyy more "relaxed" all in all culture nowadays"!!!!!)

A Personal user of MJ....

(Has done me "wonders" for My "back pain" and my sore "knees", which i got from a Sports injury, "VERY Impressed by ITS management of Helping to controlling my PAIN'S", and allowing me a Better sleeping Patern and time too....... Ty "MJ"..)

Pot. It mightn't kill you

I wonder what dickhead thought of that slogan

You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me. I eagerly await the time when marijuana users fight back against this ridiculous discrimination; accusing all marijuana users of being ______ (criminals, losers, dickheads) is about as rationally justified as believing all blacks or latinos are violent, uneducated criminals. I know it took America many years to get over those prejudices, and they still exist, unfortunately; however, unlike the current substance-prejudices, they're not supported by government legislation.

why was my comment removed?

I posted a remark stating that I found vulgarity more offensive than people who use marijuana. Thus my remarks were condemning this campaign Why on earth was this removed? I wasn't even disagreeing with you. But even if I did would that be a reason to remove the post? Or did I just not post it correctly?

Try again

I don't think we removed your comment.


I might have been drinking when I tried posting it the first time. Perhaps if I must post comments again while intoxicated I will try doing it high on MJ. Maybe then my success rate will be higher, even if only slightly.

I do find this offensive.

As a religious user, I find this kind of language very offensive.
I am a US citizen.

Now, I have a very good reason to never travel to an other-wise facinating country. Really, we should boycott. In fact, I'm going to tell all my gay friends.
I don't think the gay community likes being called names and I KNOW they are sensitive to the interests of the cannabis community.

Perhaps it's the time for some reform. I will pray for it.


hay all just wanna get sumthing straight !!!

hey as a regular pot user,
i just wanna say when the government trys and doesnt succed in getting the attention of teenagers on the way to school and home again i mean its just useless trying to do it....once you try it and you like it your gunna do it again and again so reli i wouldnt waste my time anymore trying ... seriously its just one of those things you stick i always say "once u pop u can stop" all im trying to get across here is that ive seen the posters and stuff lol and i honestly think they are pretty funny.
sorry but it is!!!

anyways if u got any questions u can send me an email to [email protected].....

laters peoples

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