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The Brasch Letter

Submitted by David Borden on
? The Brasch Letter In Coos County, Oregon the credibility of the states witness in a sting operation became an issue in my son’s trial. A local attorney who had to withdraw from my son’s case, stated he had information that can be used to impeach the credibility of states witness . The attorney states he represented Barbara Maver then Barbara Villers in her divorce and he gives the case number. I purchased a copy of the divorce and discovered pages were missing . I then purchased the tape recorded transcripts and was soon enlightened . Ms. Maver had filed a restraining order under false pretenses, and during the divorce, the incident was proven to be false . During a break in the trial, Mr. Brasch the attorney representing Mr. Villers, asked Ms. Villers if she would now drop the restraining order set for trial . Ms. Villers replied, she certainly would not, and Mr. Brasch can be heard to say, You mean you are still going to go through with that, after what just happened here in court . Ms. Villers replied, yes I am . I then purchased a copy of the R.O. and this file shows case dismissed . I decided to call Mr. Villers and ask what had happened to the restraining order. I explained that my son had been convicted based on her testimony and we had some difficulty with our attorney Mr. Coggins . Mr. Villers said, come on over and I’ll dig into my copy of the divorce, I think I have something that will help your son. Mr. Villers handed me a letter written by Mr. Brasch and said, Mr. Brasch told me if I had any trouble with her again, to show this letter. He also gave me two documents signed by Mr. Coggins concerning the R.O. The letter from Mr. Brasch to the District Attorney Paul Burgett was not in the divorce file or the restraining order and the documents signed by Mr. Coggins were not in the R.O. in fact these two documents were the first proof that I had found to show Mr. Coggins had been involved with Ms. Maver. During my investigation I checked on the R.O. and divorce at the Coos County Courthouse many times and discovered that documents were beginning to reappear in both files . Although I complained to the trial court administrator many times nothing was done. I have posted the Brasch letter and R.O. in reference material, at my web-site, along with some additional information .In the R.O. is a document signed by Judge Waldberg and the D.A. is Greg Nyhus, now with the Department of Justice in Salem, Oregon. Lowell V. Keef Jr. Home page

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