Pushing Crap: 24 Hours Of ONDCP Blogging Boggles the Brain

At tremendous risk to my sanity, I read ONDCP's blog Pushingback.com so you don’t have to. Keep in mind that the following was posted sequentially within a 24 hour period:

First ONDCP criticizes Gov. Bill Richardson for signing New Mexico's medical marijuana law:

Medical Marijuana in New Mexico: A Triumph of Politics Over Science

Next, it reports that prescription drugs now kill almost as many people as murderers:

Report: Prescription Drugs Deaths Nearly Equal Murders

Then it follows up with this:

"Anti-pot Message Needs to be Louder."

The announcement that prescription drugs are killing people at alarming rates is sandwiched between two hysterical posts about medical marijuana. Apparently, it requires massive loss of human life to distract ONDCP even briefly from its frantic campaign against patients with pot.

Meanwhile, murderous FDA-approved medicines are massacring Americans left and right, a fact to which the ONDCP pays lip service before exclaiming, in its very next post, that medical marijuana must really be very dangerous precisely because it hasn't been approved by the FDA.

ONDCP's mantra that FDA-approved medicines are safe and effective and that non-approved medicines are dangerous and unpredictable is exposed as utterly hollow and meaningless right on the front page of its own blog. And they have no clue because the actual human consequences of various medical decisions are the furthest thing from their minds when they write this malicious drivel.

Only by ending the fraudulent campaign against marijuana can the anti-drug movement salvage the credibility necessary to warn people about drugs that can kill you. But they're not ready for that. ONDCP is still busy touting these very same killer drugs as alternatives to medical marijuana. If attempting to comprehend the unintended irony of all this makes you nauseous, you're not alone.
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Question for ONDCP

As a concerned parent I have a question for the ONDCP. When do I tell my kids to "just say no to drugs", before or after I give them their Ritalin?

And you know what the cure

And you know what the cure for nausea is...

drug problem getting smaller?

the ONDCP blog claims the drug problem is getting smaller but... then they show a graph detailing dramatic increases in abuse of prescription drugs... you know, the FDA approved ones

An Afterthought

While I stand by my assertions in this post, I should point out we in no way condone the government's brutal war against pain patients and doctors.

Prescription drugs are necessarily more dangerous than marijuana (heck, french fries are more dangerous than marijuana), but I'm not arguing that objective safety should determine public policy per se.

My point is that, in so far as the government itself is concerned about the threats posed by these drugs, it is notable that ONDCP continues to prioritize medical marijuana to an obnoxious and illogical extent.

(I bring this up because my statements regarding the dangers associated with opioid medicines have drawn criticism elsewhere on the site.)


It's really poison!

Why when I am given certain medicines I also have to have tests to see if they are screwing up my liver? The answer is "trhey are poison". I have glaucoma, and so I know about cannabis, I refuse to call it by
Anslinger's made up name, "marijuna". With that in mind and the fact that this "government", has lied about almost everything, I personnally believe, that we need to demand that they do their job. "Prohibition" has never worked and never will. But if the big drug companies want to put out poison, they can and do with "official" blessings. How screwed is that? But for now I guess we will just go along, but remember when you get a script from your Dr., it's really poison.

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