Drug Czar: Supporting MMJ is Politically Wise, But Don't Do It

New Mexico has officially become the 12th medical marijuana state, prompting reckless viciousness and incredulity from the Drug Czar. From AP:

"This is a triumph of politics over science," [Drug Czar John Walters] said, suggesting [New Mexico Governor Bill] Richardson sought "to curry the favor of wealthy donors who are marijuana legalization advocates."

That's rich. Considering overwhelming public support for medical marijuana, a more accurate political interpretation would assume that Richardson is attempting to "curry the favor" of almost everybody.

As I've said before, there are really only like six people on the "con" side of the medical marijuana debate. Our opposition otherwise consists of confused parents and arrogant moralists who would be panicking about something else if they hadn’t been tricked by these six people (it used to be seven).

If John Walters wants to bark about the political viability of marijuana policy reform, let's buy him a bullhorn.

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John Walters

John Walters is and always will be an ASSHOLE.

john walters

if you look in dictionary for shit his picture is there .hes probalby a sick child molester and should be investigated

Richardson's resume portends a good presidential prospect

You guys are on the right track. While legalizing marijuana and ending the drug war are not important issues to me personally, I can tell you that having known Richardson personally for 30 years; Richardson is a very good governor, that he was re-elected to second term with a record breaking 70% of the vote, that he got rid of cockfighting and approved a bill to accept the use of medical marijuana for those 175 seriously ill New Mexicans who believe they need it and that it will help them, and most important: his foreign policy is strong and his international resume is brilliant, believing that military strength with no diplomacy is stupid, and that diplomacy with no military strength is idealism blowing in the wind…..check out the articles on Patrick Ruffini’s 2008 website, a complete compilation of all of the candidates’ articles, even including blogs, which is how I came to read your illustrious website’s article. Truly,

Stephen Fox
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Legal Marijuana

The war on drugs is futile at best, so why not legalize it along with the taxes and other revenue it would produce, so the government can save a great amount of money. Using ouor tax dollars in this act of futility is a disgrace at best, a project of moronimity at the least.

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