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NY Police Handcuff Children and Shoot a Dog all for a $60 Bag of Pot

With Radley Balko busy uncovering conspiracies in Mississippi I guess I’ll address this week’s paramilitary policing disaster:

From the Times-Union in Albany, NY:

A police strike team raided a woman's Prospect Street apartment and handcuffed her children and killed her dog early Tuesday in a $60 pot bust.

The woman called it excessive force and a case of mistaken identity, but officers said they stormed the home for a good reason: One of her sons was selling marijuana there.

Woodyear said she is appalled about the way her children were treated -- and said her 12-year-old daughter was hit with pepper spray.

The dog, a pit bull terrier named Precious, urinated on the floor in fear and tried to run from the police before it was killed, Woodyear said.

Police said the animal was aggressive and left them no choice but to shoot.

Elijah Bradley said he awoke to find armed men in his home. "They had the shotgun in my face," the 11-year-old said. "I punched at him. I didn't know who he was."

Apparently they're trying to send us a message:

"The moral of the story is: If you don't want officers barging into your house with their guns drawn, don't let drug dealers stay with you and deal drugs out of your apartment," [Police Lt.] Frisoni said.

If only it were that simple. Alas, innocence is no protection against police violence.

Ultimately, if you don’t want officers barging into your house with their guns drawn, you can begin by contacting your legislators, supporting reform, and taking a stand against the vicious war that encourages our public servants to shoot dogs and pepper-spray innocent children.

United States
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Cop Raid

A police strike force! For a baggie of mj! I wonder if there are any unsolved murders or rapes within the forces jurisdiction they could've been working on, or a youths cat stuck in a tree they could've rescued. This is outrageous, kids, pre-teens for god sakes ,with guns in their faces and handcuffs! I only hope a good lawyer gets them a boatload of money from the hardworking taxpayerrs of that county and then maybe some public outcry will deter that type of "enforcement" in the future.

American HOLOCAUST. Make no mistake about it!

Or shall we just call it ``The UN-Civil War?'' Not since 1861-65 have Amercans been so cruel and heartless to their fellow countrymen under the authority of government.

God SAVE America!

You have gone too far USA

Responce someones earlier post...

""Or shall we just call it ``The UN-Civil War?'' Not since 1861-65 have Americans been so cruel and heartless to their fellow countrymen under the authority of government.
God SAVE America!""

You said it... and you are correct, this kind of $h!t from our newly reformed facist goverment is going WAY too far!

Pepper spraying a 12 year old, handcuffing the kids, shooting the family dog, waking up a mother with a shotgun to the face... and all because someone in the house is desperate to pitch in on the bills in this $h!tty economy?

Enough is enough... I say the officers should be arrested and sent to mingle with those they have arrested in the ever growing prison system... And while were at it, send Mr. Bush and the owners of the major oil company's and the men behind the national bank in with them too!

Perhaps then, some Americans will gain "some" trust in this now corrupt nation of ours.

Narco facism in America continues

The outrages continue in the drug war.

Is this the police professionalism that the supreme court justice Anton Scalia warrants ignoring 90 years of precident in throwing out evidence and penalizing the Police for the lawless and abusive behavior!

Pepper spraying 12 year old girls, handcuffing young children.
Shooting a dog that pees on the floor in fear and runs to get away while the police murder it then tell lies about it being aggressive?
All over $60 bucks worth of Pot.

We should Legalize Drugs and end the continuing assault and abuse of the citizens of America and the world!


At least none of the family was physically injured. As readers of this site know, many others are not so lucky. Another WOD victory.

dog killers

they shot my 40lb female golden retriever this mornng. shot her right between the eyes as i slept and then rode by in an unmarked vehicle and smirked at me as i stood over her body. then taunted me wih a k-9 unit and squad car as i buried her.

i got involved in this war when i caught a neighbor[and county d.a.] peeping in windows. he launched a drug investigation against me when i filed a complaint. i have no doubt i would have been framed if i had not complained first.

see, all you have to do to be a victim of this war is live. you don't have to know anyone or be involved in criminal activity. the thing that infuriates me is they wave an american flag somewhere on their person whether undercover or not as they violate your constitutional rights.

kabarrus kounty kops. you don't want to live here.

I'm so sorry.

Police killing family pets is a grave injustice. I still can't believe how often it happens.

Get even! (A genuinely bad idea...)

Always have cayenne pepper, wasabe powder and/or other legal concentrated powdered hard-core nasal nastiness in the nooks and crannies of your car. You know what it's like accidentally breathing when you have wasabe in your mouth? Think about a police drug sniffing dog snorting that up.

It's not YOUR fault they disregarded your rights after you told them you do not consent to searches, and they sent a dog in there to sniff your 'suspicious' car anyway.

"I must not have got all of that spill cleaned up."

No guaranty the animal's handler won't "pull a 'Rodney King' on yo' ass" right after the dog starts freaking out, crying and wiping its face on the ground. Especially if you look anything but genuinely horrified with the results (which will be genuinely horrific).

You shouldn't do this if you actually do carry contraband. This will be evidence of your 'intent' and an extra animal cruelty charge. School lockers, backpacks, same thing. If you do your own, just don't ever have any contraband in it.

If you live in dormitories where they walk dogs along to sniff under doors, DO NOT just put the powder directly under your own door. Seed the powder under every door on every floor of every building, or at least enough doors to make sure someone else gets 'hit' at random.

Don't neglect places where things could be 'stashed'. Under sinks and trash cans, in holes in the wall, gaps in public furniture. Drug searches never leave these places unchecked, and they're all nicely anonymous.

For best effect, re-powder occasionally with fresh powder.

For good planners, sending people ahead to get sniffed with no contraband, but with anti-doggy-powder will essentially terminate drug sniff searches. Caution: this may turn the 'sniff' search into a lock-down with complete hand searches of all personal possessions (especially looking for a bottle of pepper powder).

Also a useful thing to have if you think it's likely dogs will be following your trail.

End result: Well trained adopted pets, because the dogs just can't sniff worth a darn for a living anymore after their sinuses get scabbed up from this. If it takes months to train a dog, and they last days before they're retired, you have a winning strategy.

Do you really think the drug

Do you really think the drug dogs are that stupid? If they can smell marijuana through a package I guarantee wasabe or cayenne pepper will be too intense for them to be rubbing their noses in it.

Worst idea I've ever heard. This article is showcasing the mistreatment of animals, and your plan just further instigates such.


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