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Texas Rangers Do Not Interfere With Other Police Agencies?

Submitted by David Borden on
The Texas Ranger I spoke with today over the phone said to me that She does not interfere with other police agencies. This would explain how Tulia, TX came about. We all know how long the legal system in Texas took to resolve that injustice. It makes a person wonder what will be next. I live in the wonderful Texas 81st Judicial District. You may have heard of this place. If not let me refresh your memory. 28-falsified drug cases and Ex-Police Officer Albert Villareal? 72 Pounds of cocaine that is still missing? Narcotics Officer Keith Majors who suppressed evidence and stalled investigations being conducted by the Texas DPS. Also people. Keith Majors is still a narcotics officer in the city of New Braunfels, TX. So be careful if you happen through that neck of the woods as Keith Majors never had his TECLOSE suspended and is still allowed to dispense the law. After hearing from the Texas Ranger today I am confident in knowing why these people were able to get away with their crimes against society for so long. And why there was never any oversite. The conversation I had with the Ranger today, took place when I tried to file a complaint regarding a police officer that came close to crashing into my personal vehicle. My children as well as my wife were with me. The local chief of police is the only person allowed to take complaints against any of "His" officers. That is like asking the Fox to investigate the killing that took place in the Hen house. And so I learned today. The Texas Rangers Do Not Interfere with other Police Agencies.

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