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Communications from the "Hill"

In a recent communication to me from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. The Senator said that she would do what ever it takes to fight the WAR ON DRUGS. When I presented her a factual event that took place in a small south Texas town she changed her tune. I will let you all in on what I described to Senator Hutchinson. In Feb.2005 a police officer from the small town of Floresville, TX. located 30 miles south of San Antonio, TX. A Police Cpl. gave voluntary testimony against a young man that accidently shot and killed his 16 year old best friend. You can imagine the devastation that this horrible event brought to the small town of Floresville,TX. The police officer testified to having used the 16 year old as a confidential informant, since the age of 14. "Non-Traditionally" of course. The child according to police was shot and killed because he had been found out. Senator Hutchinson resonded by saying the following, and I quote: Each day I am required to make difficult decisions based on information available to me and the views of my constituency. I say what a Novel approach and spin that Senator Hutchinson places on the death of a child at the hands of Law Enforcement and their War On Drugs.
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Politicians who are against

Politicians who are against us -- either because they see things differently or because it is useful politics for them -- will almost always avoid making real responses to our tough questions. But that doesn't mean that the letters and phone calls (or in-person conversations, where possible) don't make a difference. Over time they will add up and we'll see even the Kay Bailey Hutchinsons of the world come around.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Hidden Agenda

I have been studying the War on Drugs very, very closely. I have come to the conclusion that to continue on its' present path requires the government to be dangerously obsessive. Was Capt. Ahab elected president, and I missed it? If our leaders(?) are not dangerously obsessed with the War on Drugs, then they must have a "Hidden Agenda". Give it some thought. African Amercans were given the right to vote. Grudgingly I might add. Most of the people in our prisons with FELONY drug convictions are African American. If you have a felony conviction, you can't vote.


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