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Vermont politics and drug news

Submitted by David Borden on
I created and chaired the Vt. Grassroots Party(VGP) from '92 to 2000 and was a Gubernatorial candidate against Howard Dean in '94 & '96 as well as being 1 of 14 Americans to be on the Presidential ballot in the 2000 election. The VGP received enough votes in just our 2nd election w/o benefit of any money to become the only other major political party in Vt. besides the Republicrats and Demopublicans. I've been an active anti-prohibitionist since '67. I've sponsored and organized annual cannabis awareness rallies in Burlington, Vt. since '89. I Currently I'm working with the only candidate for both US Senate and Vt. Governor who wants to end cannabis prohibition. Her name is Cris Ericson and needs some financial support. Can you offer financial assistance or help us raise some money for her campaign? Currently I have no website but can be reached at [email protected].

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