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Framing the Issue

Submitted by David Borden on
re: framing the issue: in the recent article on Ireland the term "re-legalisation" was used, and i thought that was a good term. we could frame it in the context of "restoring constitutional freedoms" or "restoring basic American freedoms to disenfranchised populations", both of which speak subconsciously to conservatives' nostalgic longing for "the good old days" as well as tapping into the Pavlovian response Bush has created to sell his agenda by repeated use of the word "freedom" in conjuction with even the most oppressive activities. other soundbytes include "demanding that our legislature listen to the voice of mainstream America instead of bowing to the will of special interests which profit from the war on drugs", or "ending the rampant government corruption associated with the failed war on drugs", again tapping the populist/nationalist sentiments that Bush has made all the rage with words like "mainstream America". the Republicans have been very successful with such framing tactics, such as with their mantra of "tax relief" to sell their agenda of shifting the tax burden to the working poor, so if it can be used to sell a lie, it should be that much more effective in selling the truth, yes? susan 28

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