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linking in posts and comments

Submitted by David Borden on


This note is just to provide some information on how best to do linking in your blog posts and comments here. If you put a http:// at the beginning of your URLs (or at least a www.) then our system should change them to hyperlinks automatically. For example, won't be hyperlinked automatically, but will. Making the links live rather than just text should increase the benefit that posting here will have for your own efforts. Also, you can use the WYSIWYG editor that we are trying out (just installed this morning) to put links wherever you want to. (If you prefer plain text, you can click on "disable rich-text" at the bottom of the posting window, at least in blog posts). Let us know if this editor gives you any trouble, or if you have any other suggestions to make our new framework easier to use; we are still working out the kinks in it. Also we will be taking steps this week to make Reader Blog posts a bit more prominent on the site. Thanks for participating.

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