What's up with these "pain contracts"?

Spurred by the federal government's crackdown on prescription drug abuse, doctors around the country are resorting to "pain contracts" with patients in an attempt to protect themselves from charges they are Dr. Feelgoods. Such contracts typically require the patient to agree that "lost, stolen, or misplaced" drugs are not to be replaced and that the patient agree to be drug tested. Patients who refuse to sign such an agreement or who test positive for non-prescribed drugs--i.e. marijuana--are likely to be cut off. There is at least one chronic pain patient in the Veterans Administration system who is challenging the pain contracts. I will be writing about his ordeal next week. In the meantime, I sit and ponder: Who benefits from these contracts? It doesn't appear to be the patients, who are basically treated as criminal suspects for wanting to relieve their pain. And how does the Hippocratic Oath fit into this? I'll be digging into the whole sorry issue. Stay tuned.
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pain contracts

I was a pain managment doctor in the recent past, but no longer give that care to the people that deserve therapy for their chronic pain. My license was taken through actions of doctors who do not understand and completely oppose the treatment of chronic pain with any means possible. That includes high dose opiod therapy. I followed the state regulations that would help showed that I was not a Dr Feelgood, trying to supply diverters and abusers with drugs, but it still did not help. Pain contracts are used to try to protect the doctor from the people that would destroy his career. It did not seem to help in my case. Now the chronic pain patients I saw are left to suffer without adequate treatment! All at the hands of the 99% of the doctors and the government, through the DEA and federal prosecutors, who know nothing about high dose opiod therapy! They do not care to, even, listen to the science! They are fighting the failed "drug war" by hurting doctors and patients, now!

The Hippocratic oath is not taken in many schools today, but we still have a moral obligation to help those we can to relive suffering. Notice I did not include pain in that statement because pain is sufferring! Doctors in this country have been jailed after unscrupulous individuals , who would sell or abuse their medications, turn coat and testify againts the doctor as if he were a "drug dealing kingpin". The DEA gets to these people, after they are caught selling their meds, and offers them deals to testify against the doctor. They end up putting him in jail for trying to treat chronic pain patients. They say that the doctor was not really trying to help the patients pain, but to get rich selling the drugs. Most doctors do not sell prescriptions, so the basic premise starts out as a lie, from the government!

Doctors are expected to abandon the doctor /patient relationship and treat the patients like criminals and less than human! There may be a few doctors out there that wil benefit from the contracts. But, I was not one of them. And, not only does it hurt me and my ex-patients, it hurts the future patients who might have found some relief in the treatment of their chronic pain in my practice. It also means many other doctors throughout the country will not attempt to treat someones's chronic intractable pain with opiods. Or, they will end up unemployed. In my case, it was after seventeen years of post high school education! it si no fun not working for over a year, now!!


an MD

Chronic Pain Doctors

While it is the good ole' American way to prosper, there are some very caring physicians out there. They might want to prosper but they really want to relieve legitimate suffering. Too bad they have to be hounded by the damned DEA, who should be working on the crack and meth problems. I'm real tired of being treated like a second class citizen, leaving a pharmacy feeling ashamed just because I got hurt and have to take pain meds. I've never known a physician who actually sells prescriptions. And not all pain doctors are Dr. Feel-Gooders. When will society grow up and realize that there are medical people who really, honstly want to help those who suffer everyday? Folks who don't experience pain everyday do not understand that there are people who need pain medicines to exist. We who have chronic pain don't get all buzzed up on these meds. and they aren't fun like most people think. To this Dr.-- I'm very sorry my friend!

...My dr. has me on a pain contract.

I've been doing everything he's asked me to do. go to my foot dr. appointment, MRI on my shoulder. The MRI I went to, my shoulders we're too wide, so I have to schedule an open MRI.....
The bottom line, is, I've been following this contract for 3 months. But this month, my foot has been killing me, and this month I''ve been taking 2 more Norco than perscribed a day, plus Ibuprophen(7-9 Norco a day this month, and 3 Ibuprofen) a day....My contract is for 6 norco a day, and 3 Motrin 800 a day, refill every 30 days. I asked for a few more Norco. this is the 1st of 3 months I've taken a bit more, becuase of the severe pain!. NO, my Dr. is very angry with me and said "NO", sorry. Just take Motrin. And Wants to talk with me when I go to my next appointment! I'm not a bad person, but just made to feel like I am!! This stopping quick has raised my blood pressure and my pain is so much worse than it was!. He made me feel like I was a total criminal.

Refused treatment

I just went through a very similar situation. I had a PM doc for 4 years. I also had a work related injury. W/C takes forever to get anything approved so I went through TRICARE to find a pain management doc. Through a series of events and the stupidity of me being honest, the pain doc found out I was given medicine from my surgeon. The medicine my surgeon gave me didnt work. It contained way too much tylenol so if I took as much as I needed to kill the pain I would have killed me too. The pain doc told me I signed some stupid contract back in 2004 (yeah, like I remember. I cant even remember yesterday!). He just dropped me. That was it. So I now have pain from four failed back surgeries, and no one to help me manage the pain. I feel I am not far from ending it all. It's too much for me to handle.

its not too late

Its not to late. Do not end your life my son

don't give up!

You deserve the basic human right to have your pain managed. I have been doing a lot of research regarding this whole denial of pain treatment. What we need to do is, have a voice. We need to get the media involved as much as possible, talk with our polititians, Go through human rights as a discrimination case. Gather a large number of people together to fight it in a class action lawsuit. There is so much a person can do to try and change policies in the mistreatment of chronic non-malignant pain. Unfortunately people are only complaining and not really doing anything about it. Actions speak louder than words. I am in a situation where my physician is having his prescription privivedges taken away for 3 years. My doctor is a pain specialist, so this effects about 150 of his pain patients. We are not sitting back & allowing this to happen. We are taking the necessary steps to have our doctors priviledges reinstated. We are tired of being looked at like we are drug abusers (USE DOES NOT EQUAL ABUSE). People please stand up for yourselves and fight for what is right. If nobody complains, nothing will ever change . We are having a big meeting tomorrow night, to rally people together. We will be going to the media soon, so look out for a little town in alberta, canada who will not be taking this anymore.
Let me know if anyone else out there feels the same way we do?
Thanks for your support

I'm sorry I didn't read this

I'm sorry I didn't read this post sooner, Please hang on, and in response to the above: DO IT ! We DO need a voice! This is awful! I was gutted like a deer and won the grand prize of "those who refuse to wash their hands". Now they look at me as well with those eyes that size you up in one word---JUNKIE! During one of the multiple "botch her back ups", I experienced what we on earth call "death". One thing I can tell you is that I fear for those who are given the gifts of healing but choose to let their brothers and sisters suffer. Our Creator gave us "seed bearing herbs for food and comfort". Warning: It truly does matter how we treat one another. Opiates are naturally occurring in us and in nature. Big Daddy Government'll charge ya six bucks for a pack of smokes drenched in chemicals,,,,eight bucks for American Spirits',,no chemicals,,,hmmm. We ALL need to get organized and let our VOICES be heard. Someone get on it! Do it HERE! We may not be able to "march" on Washington but there must be a way right???

I am so glad to read about

I am so glad to read about this issue.  My new primary care physician said he would not renew my prescription for ambien, a SLEEP AID, unless I signed a pain management contract.  I have NO history of abusing prescription drugs, and am not being treated for pain management, even though being in a severe car accident 6 months ago.  This doctor would not even prescribe me Flexeral for my accident, unless I signed it. Initially I signed it, and then as I was walking out of his office, I read it. I realized what he told me verbally, contradicted what I was reading, and went back to his office, and told them I wished to rescind the document.  They called the doctor in and I told him I didn't agree with it.  He said okay, but would not write me prescription for Ambien, I took the form back, he said I can rip it up if I want, I laughed, and did.  He refilled my Ambien Rx each time I called for a refill for the next 3 months, and then quit, and harrassed me and said very dramatically that I tore up the contract, and he will not refill.  I was upset, he did not suggest any other meds for me to take.  I started halving the Ambien to make it last, and on Friday, I called to have it refilled as I had stopped taking it and could not sleep for 3 nights straight. Halving it helped, but I was down to my last 4 pills and wanted to save them. I get sick with sore throats and fevers if I do not get sleep, and severe insomnia is part of a medical condition I have. On the phone I was chastised by his assistant and was accused I must have had the Rx filled somewhere else since I still had some left after a month. I explained to her that I had been halving the medication, she proceeded to yell at me that the doctor would not fill a narcotic unless I signed the agreement which I had RIPPED up, and they have that in my file for all the other medical providers to see, when he suggested I rip it up.  I feel harassed, and like I am being treated like a criminal. I have no history of abusing prescription drugs and have not been prescribed pain pills. I feel I will be blacklisted now by any doctors that treat me at Presbyterian, and have not slept again, in days. The doctor was more concerned about the control and that I did not sign the contract, than helping me with my insomnia, and cut me off cold from a medication I had taken as prescribed, one tablet at night time, before bed. Thank you for allowing me to vent, I would truly like to take action on my behalf, and those of others, suffering and going without badly needed medications for their medical conditions. I did some reading online that these contracts are not enforceable, that they are signed under duress as the threat of not getting their medication prompts people to sign them on the spot, and the contract only provides the patient with consequences, the doctor has none, a contract requires the action of two parties, to be enforceable, from what I am reading. I would gladly start a civil action lawsuit against these agreements, and agree that smart attorneys will see the opportunity to help people battling this kind of medical control.  I agree, we need a Voice, and if we don't have one, we need to start one!  I would have no problem protesting with a sign outside of my medical facility with a phone number to a lawyer to call for others being bullied in to signing this type of an agreement. Everyone is suffering in silence, it's time to take this public to help ourselves and others in this position.  Thank you for this outlet to vent.

Cronic Pain

I'm IN ! I would join a class action lawsuit in a Heart Beat ! I happen to have cronicpain in my lower back and have disintegrated disks in S-1 L-5,4, and L-3 I also have a compression fractures in T-12 and T-3.I am on 500 mg a day of Morphine Sulfate a day. And 1 30 mg MS Contin IR and 3 800 mg Ibuprofen a day. NOW they tell me I have to make it down to 120 mg of MS Contin a day,WHAT ! I can't even bend over the sink to brush my teeth or shave my face and even that just feels like someone stabbed me in the lower back with a dull LONG screwdriver and twists it in me for a 1/2 hour after brushing my teeth or shaving  ! I have NO Hypermyalgia at all, that is what the dr's say is the more pain killers you take the more pain I could be in,what bullshit that is.They won't give me Oxycontin because that is their excuse not to pay for them..I was on Fentanyl 250 mg every other day and that did not work either !.So you now know what I feel like.And they want me to cut back to 120 mg a day of MS Contin a day when what I'm on just works perfectly for 3 1/2 years now. So I will join your class action lawsuit just to live in peace.Thank you.

Chronic Pain Class Action Lawsuit

 I would love to be a part of a Class Action Lawsuit on Chronic Pain, I have been disabled receiving SSI for almost 30 years now. With multiple issues from Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, A.D.D, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Disorder, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Lipoma, & Osteoarthritis. My disks have degenerated severly in the last two years according to my latest C.T Scan. I had been a patient for over 10 yrs. with the same Dr. whom recently ( In Sept. of 2014) retired. Since this time I've had my adderall three times, and my oxycodone (Percocet 15) only twice.

 I was sent to a pain mgnt Dr. though I saw a bitter prejudge mental nasty ill spoken P.A whom spoke unprofessional of my prior Dr. saying 6 months I'd failed a U.A (though never asking about what meds I took and or was taking then or now, except two) didn't care about positive Dilaudid, only worried about elevated methamphetamine, My Dr. then wasn't concerned with the results so obviously knowing my meds I tested in reason, As no M.D is going to risk there medical license for a patient. But she only asked me if I still took oxycodone. And then said sorry I am referring to the Dr. my evaluation and that's no meds. So the Dr. that sent me there wouldn't listen to anything I said only I tested positive and no meds. Upon leaving I saw something on the door that wasn't there when I entered (FLAGGED) this is crap. I'm disabled and have been close to 30 years. Of course my conditions have worsened over time. But I can't get my meds. 

 I notice the wonderful thing Obama Care and the D.E.A have done together, is only keep the less fortunate down once again. Making it so the poor will rely, on alternative means to cope. But not affecting the wealthy yet again as there Dr's really arn't under this attack, Only Dr's taking state health insurance, are under D.E.A watchful eye, and referring patients for there protection to these pain mgmt centers that no nothing of me or my pain and certainly not more then my Dr. of over 10 yrs did.

 So I say this is a discrimination to all person's disabled, of lower income, or previous drug users, all of which violates are civil rights for fair and equal medical treatment. What the hell kind of shit is it any way and what does it matter, UA's, in order to receive meds for pain. one has nothing to do with the other, next there going to UA to drive, or get help from food banks, what happened to Dr. patient confidence and our rights to tell our Dr.'s the truth. Whats killing people is unfair medical care or the lack there of, increasing suicides, illegal drug use, and lying to are own M.D for fear of consequence leading to inadequate treatment and health safety. The other Dr.'s whom left the practice I formerly went when my Dr. retired left because they will not ordered around and I could be there patient and get my meds except 1. Did you know if you have state health care you can not fill a script or see a Dr. with cash  2. They will not take any kind of State insurance  3. I can not apply nor can I get another kind of insurance because I'm registered as State insurance  All of this is crap it's no ones business if I choose to pay sash out of my disability to see a Dr. how is it legal they can stop me What about my rights.

 Please someone start this class action suit before we all commit suicide or never recover from the damage of loosing our rights to begin with. Rights are for all people not just the rich. oh yah Did you all no that government employees don't have to obide by these D.E.A laws either look it up  OUTRAGED & VIOLATED...


Why did u test + for meth if u r in pain??????????

People like u r hurting us legitimate individuals seeking help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too

I'd love to see a lawsuit too. I am in pain most days because I refuse to sign a pain pill contract to get tramadol which I use to control my pain. I believe the contacts are morally and ethically wrong, if not fully illegal. These contacts are just opening to door for more drug cartel violence, while treating legit users as criminals. My doctor/ insurance (Kaiser) is responsible for causing my health to decline. I feel like crap all the time all thanks to this BS contract. Because I feel like crap I can't exercise, which contributed to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is difficult to control without exercise. I feel like there is absolutely no point having a doctor because they just make me feel worse, not to mention I'm so pissed by this that my blood pressure is high nearly every time I have to see a doctor (yet normal when checked at other times). Long story short, kaiser is killing me.

Want to make a stand.

I want to make a stand. I am so sick and tired of being treated like a criminal when I go to the doctors for my back pain. Email me how to do this and what I need to do.

Some quick facts...

The opioid panic has been ginned up by the DEA and the media.  You know you're being lied to when doctors deliberately misuse their own terminology.  There is no opioid "epidemic."  An epidemic is the widespread outbreak of a contagious disease -- it doesn't have a damn thing to do with pain meds.  But "epidemic" is an effective scare word, and the media and the politicians know that Americans are very good at mass panic.  The Puritanism that is an essential part of American culture requires us to have a constant need for something to fear, to hate, and to be against.

The facts are on our side.  In 2010, the Biotechnology arm of the National Institute of Health conducted a study of 28,000 opioid addicts.  Fully 78% of them had never, ever, gotten a prescription for opioids from a doctor.  So, in other words, over 3/4 of opioid addicts are street trash junkies (and likely some of them are in legitimate pain and are refugees from the fake drug panic).  So, because of the existence of junkies -- and junkies have been around forever -- those of us in legitimate pain have to suffer.

According to the CDC, a person over 30 with no history of substance abuse has a 1% chance of becoming addicted to prescription pain meds.  A person over 30 who does have a history of substance abuse?  Well, their chances of becoming addicted skyrocket all the way up to around 2% or 3%.  Statistically insignificant.

In 2013, 16,600 Americans died from opioid overdoses.  However, half of them died from only opioids; the other half died from a combination of opioids, benzodiazepines, and/or alcohol.

I'm sorry, but if someone is too careless or stupid to take his medication properly, he's asking for it, and it's not the doctor's fault, it's the patient's fault.

Last year, 36,000 Americans died in traffic accidents, but no one is calling that an epidemic.  I think the FDA needs to step in and decide who gets a drivers license and who doesn't.  Yeah.

And then, of course, there's the 800-pound gorilla in the room:  last year, over 500,000 Americans were killed by tobacco and alcohol.  If we were losing American lives at that rate in a war zone, we wouldn't think twice about nuking our opponent back to the Stone Age.

The DEA is so ignorant, both marijuana and heroin are lumped together as Schedule I narcotics.  (And by the way, "narcotic" is an outdated word; it's basically a law enforcement word.  If your doctor uses the word "narcotic," he needs to get a set of brains.)

Marijuana has around 80 or 85 chemicals in it.  Only the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causes euphoria; the cannabidiols (CBD) are the chemicals with the medicinal properties.  In the U.S., last I knew, medical marijuana contains less than 10% of the THC; the Israelis have developed a THC-free version.  So, all you upstanding anti-drug Americans don't need to worry that some poor soul somewhere dying an agonizing cancer death might take medical marijuana and accidentally get his or her spirits lifted.  That would be awful, right?

As H.L. Mencken said, "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."  Mencken is also the guy who said, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Drug contracts.  What next, lie detectors?

Americans are slowly but steadily giving up all their rights, and this drug panic nonsense is only the latest example.  And need I say this is also a class war.  If I were somebody "important" -- a CEO, a banker, a politician... you know, somebody of "substance" -- I'd get any damn thing I asked for without having to surrender my Constitutional rights.

If I'm in excruciating pain that I simply cannot bear, I'll kill myself and die a Free American before I'd ever sign some stupid fucking drug contract.





Ingnorant doctors who don't understand pain and don't care

Kudos to the guy in Alberta, Canada.  You're so right.  Unless we get together and stop these doctors and DEA characters from depriving pain patients, we will all continue to suffer.

As a beginning, I have seen so much evidence, just in these rural states alone, that this "injection crap" for back pain, hip pain, etc. is truly becoming a racketeering operation.  Just think.  When a doctor can give a patient a worthless injection, WHICH DOES NO GOOD AND MAKES THE PATIENT WORSE, but the doctor's pockets get lined to the tune of $1,500.00 or more per injection, that's the incentive, right there, to stop prescribing proper opiates for pain mitigation.

I am truly convinced that too many doctors don't want to believe patients suffer from truly debilitation, life-destroying, LEGITIMATE PAIN.  No, they want to lump everyone into the same cake batter, believing that everyone who says they suffer this kind of pain is just a drug seeker.  After all, a guy has to find a way to justify his greed and evil for not treating the patient properly.  So, we blame the patients, right?

I did read some DEA literature at one point, and the DEA itself said, "Don't let the doctors tell you that the DEA does not want your pain mitigated.  That's just not true.  We believe patients deserve proper mitigation when they are truly in chronic pain."

I believe a lot of this is drummed up by the docs themselves because their god-awful injections are so much more profitable than prescribing, even though many people I have talked to, who have had these injections, say their pain is worsened and they will never go back.

This area where I live serves a market area of about 300,000, with no other medical facilities within a 300-mile radius.  The docs and the one hospital (Regional) have gotten together to deny proper pain treatment and insist that people only have these expensive, worthless injections.  I believe this has become a concerted illegal conspiracy and, frankly, these people and others who pull this same game should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes (federal), either in a class-action civil suit or a criminal anti-trust lawsuit.  RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.  The perpetrators do NOT need to be card-carrying racketeers.  Notice the Statute (which is federal law), says AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS.  That means that when an organization behaves in way which is corrupt, or conspires with others to achieve illegal or deceptive gains, those organizations can be sued under this act, either by individuals or in class-action.

I also believe every single medical student out there, and even the doctors themselves, should have to go through at least one month of chronic, debilitating, REAL, LEGITIMATE, PAIN.  A big part of the problem is that since the doctors themselves can't imagine this kind of pain, no one else could possibly have it either.  If they had to go through it, even for a month, they would find themselves unable to go to work, just after one week.  They couldn't stand, they couldn't sit, they couldn't do anything. 

There is little or no compassion anymore with too many of these people in the medical field.  Not all are that way. I have met some doctors who are truly compassionate and do the best they can.  It's also time that the rest of the greedy medical establishment leave the good doctors alone, just because they don't want to join the GREED CLUB!  I grew up in the '50's and '60's and doctors weren't this way back then.  They weren't even this way in the 1970's.  This nasty greedy behavior got started  in the 1980's and beyond.  Is anybody surprised?

We do indeed need to stand up for ourselves as chronic pain patients who have the right to some kind of quality of life, instead of being told we are just criminals and should just go die.  The damned media needs some decent instruction on this issue as well.  All the media ever do is harp on how bad pain medications are.  They are ignorant fools who couldn't care less about he accuracy of their reporting.  I'd like to see them at work after living for a week with chronic pain.  PEOPLE  WHO DON'T HAVE CHRONIC PAIN DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY THEY ARE.  I only wish they had to find out for a change and back off those of us who really do suffer.

Pain NO Mas!!!

You know things can get better, I'm not sure how.
I have had three spinal surgeries, each one more serious than the last.
I have been to so many different doctors, I can't even count them.
I have been on almost any pain med you can name, with varying degrees of success.
Pain clinics are a scam.
The pain contracts are clearly for the benefit of the clinics, not the patient.

It is the same story. They prescribe you a certain amount of meds, then never seem to account for tolerance, and don't increase the amount. Everyone can take slightly more or less medication depending on the daily situation. I travel sometimes and sitting on a plane for 4 hours will tend to make even a healthy spine be painful. For people with serious problems it can be hell.
So you may take a pill or two more on that day, but that is considered a breech of contract. In my case I was sent for an drug dependency evaluation, twice. Both times the counselor seemed irritated that he had to waste his time with me, as he did not think it was a problem at all. He sent me back to the clinic to deal with them.
They eventually got me though. The nurse practitioner wrote down the time of my last dose as 8pm instead of 8am. When they tested me with the wrong parameters they said I tested negative for the drugs prescribed and cut me off. I wrote a protest letter stating that the nurse had written down the wrong time, but to no avail. I was still cut off and eventually left the program voluntarily.
After they wouldn't prescribe any more pain meds, they tried all these really crappy meds that don't do a thing for pain.
Maybe if you leg is sore from a fall or something simple they may do something, but for serious chronic debilitating pain they are pointless.
So, in the end, people stop going to pain clinics because of the terrible conditions and don't get their pain treated. This has a devastating effect on society as a whole. People walking around in pain aren't really happy.
Also, why do they always want people on pysch drugs to treat pain???
If they just treated pain sufficiently, maybe people would be happier.

OMG this couldnt be more

OMG this couldnt be more true. All of these that Im reading.  I tested postive for thc my med level s have always been right on the money same w med counts.  And I crushed both of my feet ankles and lower back has been rebuilt.  Im truly suffering and no doctors will help now that my record has been flaged. And your right pain does make you depressed however the pysch drugs only intensify the pain. Prob cause its not made up in your mind. 

Same here

I also had this happen. I had knee meniscus surgery they gave me vicodens for the pain and a few refills as well as it turns out I need knee replacement! The ortho doc did not like prescribing these to me said come in get charged more co pays and we can figure something else out. I had to get new Primary care Doc my Doc retired. I had to sign a contract with this new doctor.Had a contract with the old doc too. One week ago I fell in my bathtub injury to my back and neck. The urgent care doc this female doctor from hell comes out with this sheet of paper stating you just got vicodens from the orthopedics on the same day you fell in bathtub. You are only to get these from your primary doctor you signed a contract we will not be giving you any vicoden since you already got some. I did not ask for any vicoden just wanted an xray to be sure I did not fracture anything but this damn female doctor had to go and say all this to me. She must have alerted my doctor cause now he cut me off the vicodens for violating the contract. I tried to explain that after surgery all patients are given medications for pain how was I to know they would not inform my primary doctor of it. I figured well now I do need these pills for pain since I fell through no fault of mine. I was not going to ask the primary doctor for any after the awful episode with urgent care from hell doc no way no how. Wondering how long ago they knew about the vicodens I got at the ortho clinic and were they trying to trap me into something by requesting refills now. They did that at my last appointment he said at least twice do you need any refills no way was I going to say yeah to that since it was way too early to be asking in the first place. I did use them for back and neck severe arthritis and also knee arthritis an now need for knee replacement and now from the fall I took in the bath a week ago. I also used them for severe migraine headaches but no more for any pain because of this rotten medical system we have that does not help patients soaks them for every dime and nickle with co pays and the like and cuts them off pain meds.

Now I guess I can find a pain management doc or fibromyalgia doc already go to chiropractor twice a month for degenerative disc disease etc. I am going to another clinic next year and will probably not be seeing any doctors at that clinic again. Oh and they finally did an xray of my neck which I complain about all the time to no avail. Good luck to you.

I've had the same problems...

Hi everyone,

I too was asked to sign the pain contract.  I have been with my current dr. for almost 20 years and never been asked to sign this.  The doctor that asked me to sign the contract, had only seen me about 4 times period!  Which means you don't even know me.  I was told that since I've been on oxycodone for app. 5 years, I'm probably addicted.  I was then asked if I wanted Morphine or Oxycontin, I said that I would rather continue with what I was taking.  That's when the pain contract was produced.  I read it and felt like a sex offender, or worse.  Random drug testing, can be sent for psychiatric treatment, at the doctors discretion.  Also I could only go to one pharmacy, it goes on and on.  I refused to sign and was told that I will be cut off.  I have an appointment with a new doc next week, she's not part of the current practice.  Meanwhile I'm getting copies of my medical records, because these doctor's are getting scary.

more of the same

I had to change clinics too much for co pays new doc says if you want pain meds need urine test test 4 drugs this seems like med system policing patients. Very scary may stop going to docs eventually feel they scrutinize our every move who do you live with how much alcohol which is still legal etc etc sickening and obtrusive!


I as well have been put on a pain management contract. After numerous attempts of back injection, physical therapy and countless back specialists. My doctor sent me to a final back specialist that said i should of had back surgery months ago. I had to wait one year throw all this. When i finally had surgery I had complications and had to have a second surgery . I ended up in more pain then when I started. Two doctors later they tell me I have perm. nerve damage . Now not only in my lower back but now into my left leg. There isn't a day go by that im not in extremely chronic pain. I can not sit, stand or walk more than 20-30 min. at a time. My pain levels are throw the roof. When going through different attempts to get the pain to at least bearable levels my doctor put me on this pain management contract . But how he came at me with it was like he didn't believe me. I later learned that the area I lived in was known for people who abused pain medication. I do all of what my doctor ask and I do not do drug nor do I drink but I still feel like I have to prove myself. This is outrageous . UUGGG

You can't take more. You have

You can't take more. You have to wait for them to adjust it

pain med response

that is real sad. no wonder why they dont want to help me relieve pain on my knee with torn ligaments.
They offerd me tramadol which is a non narctoic pain reliever....funny thing its the same thing the vet gave my dog.
Totally rediculas they cant operate a surgery and fix it right away, but instead of relieving pain they made it worse by forcing exersizes and giving me canine pain meds that do nothing.
I am sorry that has happened to you.....For doing nothing but being a great doctor that cares for your patients. Probably the same darn reason why most doctors chose that profession to begin with!!!! to help people get better.
An curse those patients for making you into the bad guy, you did nothing but try and help rid them of their pain. I totally bet they feel dumb now as they lay there and hurt. It upsets me cuz some jerks selling their scripts is the very reason the legit people in pain,...myself included...is the very reason i cant get pain meds to rid me of my pain.
god bless you and best reguards.

pain contracts and doctors

Can i be honest with you all even though my spelling and grammer is that of a 5th i mean 4th grader?  I guess the public school system really works huh? I was in the Marines and I was injured in 2002 I had 2 back operations in 02 then again in 03 most of my left hand/arm was blown off i was on 160 80 mg oxicodone and 240 norco for years was told i had stage 3 colon cancer went thru surgery had chemo and rad. I went in to the doctor for my 3 month check up in 2010 and was seen by a Nurse Practioner after a 1 min. visit she said im not reissuing you any pain meds i think your addicted. I said no Shi* ive been taking this crap at this amount for years,Well she was taking me off of them right now...no if and's or butt's.....So i hobble out of that doctors office wondering what im going to do for my pain, After about 1-2 days i started to withdraw O.M.G.!!!!!!! the back/ leg pain was nothing compared to withdraw i hate to admit it but on more than one occasion i went Poo-Poo on myself it was too much for me so i went on the street to find the some crap on the bad side of town,I have only done drugs as a kid and im 52 now that was just pot so i didnt know where to go but i got some crack coke, It didnt help my pain all that much but i thought i just didnt smoke enough and  boy did{ i} and life take a weird turn so after about 4 months and $150,000.00 later and seeing many naked 25 year olds  

[sometimes 2-3 @ a time} I checked myself into a rehab, I was labled a drug addict and i completed rehab went to my doc and he gave me a script for 60 40 mg of oxicodone a month no way enough but i dare not complain and i lived with it for a few years now.  In January an old friend stopped by to visit and asked me if i wanted to smoke a joint i thought about it a second er two and said sure. I noticed it helped with my back/leg pain and i said hummmm so i decided to grow my own and grow enough to get me thru winter and to the next harvest in early summer well ive been a regular smoker for the past 7 months but i know my doc is going to give me a pee-pee test for drugs when i see him next time and i have decided to give up the oxycodone for the mary-jane....And you know what? Taking a crap has never been as easy. Im in total bliss on earth my back/legs still hurt but it did on the oxycodone too...Call me a drug addict or whatever you want. Just to be able to go Poo-Poo again was enough for me....7 grams a day keeps the pain doc away! Oh 1 other thing, Someone told me just YESTERDAY that smoking pot causes short term memory loss,And something else, I forgot!   LOL The government sure has spent alot of money keeping me alive but i think they just dont want me/us to be alive AND pain free! GOD bless YOU  and the good ol U.S.A.

pain dr /pain contracts

Thank you for caring for people like me who are in chronic pain. I have been in pain for so long and have had multiple surgeries and recently lost my therapy because I was told I broke the pain contract. I honestly forgot. What the contract said because when I sighned it I didn't really read it at time so now I need a new doc.we need more doctors who would recognize that. We make stupid mistakes but that doesn't mean we are not in any less pain. I would like someone to give us one chance to make up for a mistake we made and if it happens again then that would be grounds for dismissal. The director of the pain clinic at Dartmouth hospitol in NH treated me like a criminal and an addict. He actually yelled at me and said" your an intelligent person so you must have known that you were wrong,are you an addict! "Really I could of said English is my second language but he degraded me so badly I just went home and wanted to cry. He made me feel like I was the most terrible person and didn't deserve to be treated. I have never abused anything. I just w want to be given a chance to prove myself and be pain free.

Veterans pain program Unfair

I am a 100% disabled veteran, disabled from failed back surgery, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis-central and foraminal, impinged nerve roots at L4,L5 and a whole string of secondary conditions related to the above. I have been disabled since 2000 and under the treatment of the veterans hospital pain clinic in Nashville, TN. My spinal fusion took place in 1977 at Fort Riley, Kansas after an injury while in the Army. The doctors have had me on all kinds of medicine to include Morphine, Methadone, Oxy-contin and every kind of nasid under the sun.
On 9/12/06 the pain clinic gave me a urine test and found marijuana. This after 7 months of trying to get my medication increased to no avail. The pain clinic immediately discharged me and said no more narcotics would be issued to me unless I attended a substance abuse treatment program that was 30 days in hospital in which they would completely detox me from everything then would put me on high dose methadone. I ask, What kind of since does this make? A man with documented severe spinal conditions that are intractable and no promise of it getting better, unless a miracle from my Lord and savior. What has happened to common since in America, this is nothing short of torture for a man in my condition. We have no rights once you sign on the dotted line.
Sign Me-Disabled an sentenced to a life of pain and distress.
If you know of any assistence I could get please email me at [email protected]

You will have to ask the VA

You will have to ask the VA to send you to a pain management clinic.  Write Congress for help too if you need it.  They are looking to kick people off right now.  They tested some up to 5 times a month.  In truth Weed never stopped pain in those I talked to but it can help with other ailments. 

pain meds and docs and gov

you people put limits on how many, how long,how many docs you can see and meds you can take and you people dont live with chronic back and leg and nerve pain that gets worse as time goes on,so dont tell me i can't take this or this many or don't give me more of something if i say i need it and say i'm just addicted when you have not lived it and don't know the pain i'm and other people are going thru!!!!give people what they want as long as its not completly crasy!!!!!!

notoky's picture

Medications that help

Those who attempt to live with chronic intractable pain without available, safe and mass produced pharmacy products now live in a feudal state of frustration.
With no degree in medicine, the DEA (and assisting conspirators) continue to overstep boundries and impose their 'governmental' superiority over licensed physicians who attempt to treat those living with pain. This situation is out of control and continues to drive away the few physicians who may prescribe opiate pain medications.
At this time, I'm just putting the comment out here for some response. I have much more for this topic as I am a person, like many, who deals with physiological/documented chronic pain and the issues relative to this on a daily basis.

" a madman is one who has lost everything except reason"

Errogant Doctor

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year, have been dealing with it eversince. It is not in remission and my life has been a living hell. My sophomore year in highschool I tore my ACL and had 4 reconstructions on it in a 9 month span. Then I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 8 months later and have been living with it since. Lately in the last 3 months I have been having the worst Chronic Pain througout my entire body. I got in to see the Rheumatologist and he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia...on TOP of my Crohn's disease and bum knee. Then he whipped out one of those pain contracts, after giving me a prescription for Oxycotin of 30 tablets; giving him sole custody over distributing and dictating my pain medications. I have four other doctors, and they would have to go through my Rheumatologist for approval if they need to distribute me any kind of narcotic for what they are treating me with (which happens to be completely different than something that of Rheumatology). When I refused to sign the contract due to that reason, he took back his prescription and told me "Sign it, or hand over the prescription."
He clearly saw, by giving me the script, that I was in severe pain. Then because I wouldn't sign it (which was nothing personal), the took back the script. In Affinity Health System's Patient Rights and Responsitbility Clause, Rule #19, patients have a right to be relieved of pain when possible. THIS WAS DIFFINITELY POSSIBLE and the kicker is, I am only 19 years old and about to lose my SECOND job to this because I can't even get out of bed in the morning, nor can I get comfortable at night to even fall asleep.

What kind of healthcare has this turned in to? Or should I say..what kind of BUSINESS has "healthcare" turned into?

Veterans Clinics have gone nuts

Millions of Adult Americans are enduring chronic pain that remains under treated or untreated completely, because the War on Drugs has become a War on Doctors. With the advent of the Pain Treatment Contract, I prefer to call it Blackmail Drug Testing; common sense would indicate that something is wrong. As a U.S. Military Decorated Combat Veteran with chronic pain, my situation becomes even more complex given the fact my Healthcare is theoretically guaranteed as a lifetime benefit. I am presently being denied my medication solely for refusing to sign a waiver of my rights and protections.

The best way I can describe the problem is, the DEA in order to quell prescription drug abuse, has begun prosecuting doctors who actually have participated in the illegal dissemination of prescription drugs, along with those honest doctors that may fail to recognize the difference between, a patient with chronic pain and a drug addict lying to obtain narcotics. Doctors are also being held liable it seems, for the misuse of prescription pain medication by patients, even after having been warned of the deadly consequences. Doctors have had to sacrifice patient rapport, trust and confidentiality with presenting their chronic pain patients with a document that serves as many functions as the ‘names’ it has been referred to, to sign or not be helped.

Primarily, the document serves as a detailed “Informed Consent” Agreement; it doubles as a waiver of applicable rights and protections of privacy, to include a waiver of Fourth Amendment rights and protections against unreasonable search and seizures, i.e. granting permission to perform a “Drug Test”. The idea that a patient with chronic pain must prove truth and innocence to a doctor to receive medication and/or healthcare and sign a contract that the patient is not signing of their own volition does not sound ethical or lawful.

·A physician shall, while caring for a patient, regard responsibility to the patient as paramount.
·A physician shall respect the law and also recognize a responsibility to seek changes in those requirements, which are contrary to the best interests of the patient.
·A physician shall support access to medical care for all people. - Principles of Medical Ethics are standards of conduct, which define the essentials of honorable behavior for a physician. Adopted by the American Medical Association House of Delegates June 17, 2001.

The agreement policy is creating an adversarial relationship between patients and physicians where the doctors feel the need to resort to contracts instead of working cooperatively with patients and patients no longer trust the doctors sufficiently to be candid and honest.
As a military combat veteran I thought, with the additional Federal Regulations of Rights and Protections that I have, the VA could not permit implementation of such a policy that appears to be in direct conflict with CFR Title 38 Part V Chapter 73 Subchapter III
§ 7333. Nondiscrimination against alcohol and drug abusers and persons infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

(a) Veterans eligible for treatment under chapter 17 of this title who are alcohol or drug abusers or who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus shall not be discriminated against in admission or treatment by any Department health-care facility solely because of their alcohol or drug abuse or dependency or because of their viral infection.
(b) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations for the enforcement of this section. Such regulations, with respect to the admission and treatment of such veterans who are alcohol or drug abusers, shall be prescribed in accordance with section 7334 of this title.

However, new VA national guidelines appear to be allowing the contract policy.

"The ethical obligation to manage pain and relieve the patient's suffering is at the core of a health care professional's commitment."
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR)

The Pain Relief Act, and similar statutory and administrative responses, can minimize fear of legal penalty for effective treatment of patients in pain. The Act identifies pain control as a priority for state health policy, and allows pain control to join drug control as an expressed policy of the state.

Forced Drug Testing is becoming a tool to deprive citizens of healthcare benefits and services, being ‘sold’ to the public as the War on Drugs. A person can go to jail for permitting a dog to suffer in pain, yet we are allowing Americans, including veterans, to suffer with chronic pain for refusing to sign a waiver? Or failing to pass a drug test, that also has no custody or control protections in place?

Blackmail Drug Testing is becoming quite popular in a free and democratic America. Allow me to propose a “We the People” Contract Agreement, whereas “Drug Testing” is a ‘mandatory’ routine procedure for ALL Federal, State and Local Employees of “We the People” from the President on down, and then publish the results for dissemination, if they don’t want to sign it, they are denied employment with “We the People”.

“I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.” - Hippocratic oath

Amen!! A Comrade after my own heart

My name is Russell Belcher and I am not ashamed to spell or say my name. I have been kicked out of the pain program twice for testing positive for Marijuana, This after begging for 7 months for them to raise my little 120 mg of time release morphine sulfate aday 60 in the A.M. and 60 in the P.M. for a spinal condition fusion L4,L5,S1 that has failed and now have Degenerative Disc Disease amoung 6 or 8 other secondary diseases.
The DEA has became better doctors after some pencil pusher signed his name to his so called degree. Yet most doctors have 6 or8 or 10 years to learn to diagnose these chronic pain diseases we all suffer from.
The DEA is a waste of the tax payers money in most instances the should get their ass to work on the crack labs, etc. I personally think they are to scared of catching a bullet like most of us in the wars then maybe a few would get shot in the BACK and let us then see who's side they are on. They have names for those kinds of people where I come from it's called Chicken Sh--!!!!



Drug test scare!

Hello all,
I smoked a little bit of weed, maybe two hits about 3 days ago. I have a urine drug test I think in about 5 days.
Do you think it will show up?
This is my first pain clinic appointment, and I don't know if they typically test you the first visit or not. I've already been kicked out of one pain clinic at oh so the worst time.
I just had a baby, and now am at the mercy of yet another unknown clinic.

Thanks! email me at [email protected] to answer back.

Appreciate it!

Not only do we have to take

Not only do we have to take drug tests, but unlike employment drug testing we have to pay for them. I've put out over a thousand dollars for drug testing ($500 each) in the last 3 months. My tests came out just fine (correct level of medications and no illegal substances) and I still have been refused treatment!

Band Together

I wish there was a feasible way for all of us to form a lobby that basically told doctors that we refuse to sign these contracts because they likely involve illegal search and seizure. Could you imagine what would happen if we all refused to sign these absurd invasions on our collective privacy? We'd have poor doctors, wouldn't we? I'm sure that the god of greed would intervene and doctors would just throw out those silly forms. Then again, maybe they'd just find another specialty to practice. I'm finding that doctors don't really care about the patients anymore, but rather, they enjoy counting their greenbacks. Where is the love? (As if!)


Let me know

I'd be happy to put my name on a legitimate document to stop this lunacy.

i've sign that contract

well, i had to sign that drug contract, cuz my pain was so bad. when i went to the hospital, they found out that i needed surgery. i have a 19.9 x 17.0 x 11.0 tumor in my stomace and when they went to do the surgery, they had to stop cuz they found out that i had hyperthyroids and they can't do the surgery until they control this matter. so now i have been under treatment for the thyroids but the doctor said it takes time. meanwhile i am suffering from the pain, even taking pain medication i'm still in pain, but i needed to sign that contract cuz if not. i guess i would be more in pain, i just had my first drug test last week and i have to go see my doctor in 2 more days , i don't do drugs and i don't drink but i drink all kinds of medecine and i don't know how my test is gonna come out,
i didn't know that they did drug test when i first sign the contract after 5 month my first test was last week and i didn't know that i had to get a drug test and to top it off they send a nurse with me in the bath room they have to see you pee well thank you for listening to me i'll keep in touch with you guys
signing out

goggie gonzalez

After the pain clinic

What are the answers to receiving pain relief after you have been kicked out of the pain clinic. Mail order drugs? Move to another country, state, city etc.?



If we are to be heard we need legal advice on how to lobby against these ridiculous contracts..

They do NOTHING to protect the doctors from a lawsuit, and older guys like myself cannot pee on command anymore. Not to mention the indignity and inconvenience of having to travel to and from the clinic to get tested.

If anyone can get something going, post it here.

In the meantime I punish the clinic when I have to be tested by getting other tests done outside of the clinic so it costs them money..






that so many object to these contracts and so few willing to do anything about it.

Failed drug test.

My name is Marshall and I have been going to a pain c. for about a yr now and I too had to sign a contract. My question is this,,,I took a drug test today and failed it and I have been taking my meds for the last 30 days but I have also been taking a baby asprin each day and someone told me that it may have something to do with taking the baby asprins but I do know that I took my meds and I know that I felt like a fool today in that Dr's office b/c I know they did not believe me when I said I had been on my meds but I swear to the almighty that I have been taking them! So they sent if off to the hospital for more testing and said it would take about a wk to get it back but I know it will come back Neg if it was Neg in his office but like I said my friend said that a drug testing office told them if they was on Baby Asprins that the test may not be true so as I said if you have any info that would help me or any advice please let me know and here is my emil [email protected]

nuropthy pain from diabetes

I am a military spouse, i recently switched my doctor from on post to off, when i was in the emergency room on post a nurse told me to ask my doctor about a pain contract, i was wanting some percocets for my cronic pain in my feet, legs and arms. I have diabetic nuropthy, My doctor off post says that he has never heard of pain contracts and he doesnt perscribe percocets, That is what i have taken in the past and it has helped me, I do have a handicapped plate on my car and recently had my 2 dogs registered as service dogs to me, what can i do about my doctor and this pain contract, I need my meds, Marcy


I have read through all of these stories and I keep on getting more upset with our government every day i live. This is ridiculous for people to have to sometimes BEG for medicine, to have to ask multiple times, and have to even take a test to take pain medication. This absolutely absurd. What's even worse is when people get denied our very rights. I know so many people in my life that need medication because they just can't deal with the terrible pain from their daily routines. I know people that can go through days without taking medication and will because they don't want to take too much of their medicine because then their doctor will think they are abusing the medicine. They will only see how bad you guys hurt until they are in your position. I'm not saying beat them up... but show them. I am only 18 and if I ever see anyone being treated like you guys are being treated I know I will never stand for it and I will do whatever I can in my power to stop this ridiculous hold on the medicine that you guys are promised as patients.

start a petition

anyone starts a petition i will sign it. i am no lawyer and therefore do not know the first thing about making petitions but i am all for exercising my constitutional rights and that contradiction to the Hippocratic oath is ironic in the very essence of the term. this post has made me cry from all the pain that i have felt just reading your words. i wish that i was a lawyer or judge so that i may do something about it. im 22 and have severe nerve damage due to complications from other medical conditions and there is nothing that can be done to rectify that nerve damage. i asked for nerve blocks and they said they cant do nerve blocks on the spine. so they gave me opana and i take it as prescribed but i have been fighting this pain ever since i was 15 and it took me til then to be taken seriously because muscle atrophy and nerve damage doesn't show up on the typical mri. luckily i had a reputation for being honest and straight arrow and settled for a diluted pain management program from my family physician until i was approved to a pain management system. now i am too scared to ask for refills and even go in so there are times i just go without and bite the bullet. after reading this post i am scared i will fail because i take Tylenol to stretch out my meds and drink a screwdriver or two to make them work better together. my pain is nowhere near what i felt by reading your posts and it just pisses me off how a government can dictate what we can and cannot do. blame Nixon and his war on protesters. the scheduling laws were enacted during his administration to supplement the war on drugs. there was only one commonality among protesters or "hippies" and that was the use of marijuana and acid among other substances so to arrest them he made the scheduling act which empowered police to arrest protesters and strike fear into anyone who contradicts the government. i hate how i feel like an addict simply because i am in pain. i never took the pills to get high if the dea would worry about crack and get the dealers who sell the drugs and not the doctors who are just doing their jobs. whats next they will hook all patients up to lie detectors to see if we are telling the truth before administering any treatment. i have gone my entire life having people not believe me. i limped as a child because my hip was deteriorating and no one could find it on the x-rays except one nurse practitioner and i nearly had to get a hip replacement at the prime age of 8. i felt like i was making it up myself because no one could find out why. so anytime i was told i was limping i would get pissed and tell them i wasn't and then try to compensate myself so that i wouldn't be limping anymore to no avail. pain can't be measured scientifically and everything must be measurable, categorized, and easily referenced for the government to give a damn. all they see is parents crying help for their children oding on their meds and plead for intervention. as a result everyone in pain suffers. my prayers are with you all i count myself lucky now after reading this post. start a petition and i will sign it. you lead i will follow. there is no reason why people would opt for death to get away from the pain. no reason at all!!!

count me in

I have tried to get something going in the past. It seems most just want to whine about the testing problems but are not willing to do anything stop it.
I can only assume that they are doing drugs other than what the doctor has given them.
I am offended by the drug test in that it infers that I am buying and using illeagle drugs. That in itself seems to be reason enough for a good lawyer to be able to start some sort of proceedings. Not to mention constitutional issues.
Also, at my age you don't urinate on command anymore.
Get one going, I'll sign.

Opioids for chronic pain

Unfortunately high dose opioids are almost always unhelpful for chronic pain conditions. They cause side effects without relieving the pain. Abberrant drug taking behaviour, especially rapid increases in dosing usually indicates that the drugs are not working. If they are not working you should stop them. Believe it or not most pain physicians have your best interests at heart and pain contracts are definitely to help patients and not doctors. Their purpose is to outline to patients their legal responsibilities and also the conditions which would indicate that opioids are causing more harm than good and so should be stopped.

The sad reality is that there are very few effective therapies for chronic pain currently available. Low dose opioids provide relief for a small proportion of sufferers, but for many they will do more harm than good.



a pain contract is called a "contract of adhesion", it gives doctors so much power that even courts of law give deference to those that are required to sign contract of adhesion when a court action is brought.

You sign away all of your rights, including privacy, which means the doctors can tell anyone that you messed up and you are an addict even if it is not true. They tried to make me sign it right before I was supposed have a procedure. I refused and they had the nerve to get mad. I was just beginning to trust them. Not anymore.

The day I take a drug test is the day I commit suicide. My doctor has already told me that he will not provide medication if I do not sign. But I have no intention of taking a drug test if he demands it so I guess I will be in the same boat. No pain medication. I have no intention of living in pain. The last doctor stopped my medication for no reason and I was crawling around the floor of my apartment, unable to bath or fix a meal. My former doctor called the police because I was begging and crying for him to give me the medication. Luckily the police were nice enough to take me to the hospital.

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