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How Did You Celebrate Meth Day?

Meth is the worst drug since marijuana, a fact worth considering on National Methamphetamine Awareness Day, which we’ll be celebrating every November 30th until everyone is aware, or we find something else to be hugely concerned about.

Meth was invented during the summer of 2004 by Al Qaeda bio-terrorists and quickly made headlines nationwide, mainly because it was cynically designed to only affect white people. When the Office of National Drug Control Policy got wind of the problem in 2005, they launched a three-prong strategy of creating a national holiday, arresting convenience store clerks who sell "cooking" materials, and campaigning against ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana, which causes meth use in children.

Bill Piper at the Drug Policy Alliance celebrated Meth Day with a great editorial. It’s kinda long though, so you might wanna pop an Adderall before attempting to read the whole thing.


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well I did the obvious....

It was "awareness" day, so I spent the day being very aware of all the meth I was smoking!
I'm so glad that, for once, I could do what was asked of me by my gubbermint.

Oh and get this--I'm not a gay/male, I own my own (legit!) company, have a home, pay my bills, eat 3 meals a day, sleep every other night (I mean let's not skip ALL the fun, right?) and to top it all off: 4 years going strong and I still have a very lovely face.
Imagine that!!! I still keep waiting to turn into one of those "after" mugshots, but.... it just aint happenin'.

I'm so glad that Al Gore invented the inter-web back in 1996 so that I could post this comment. :-)



I couldn't help but write to you. I realize what I'm about to write may just make you angry with me, but my heart is hurting so much I felt compelled to write. The day after you posted your 'awareness' day comment (12/1/2006), I buried my beautiful 24 year old daughter from a meth overdose. Like you, her face was still 'lovely'. She was working, and seemingly doing fine. But it took just that one last smoke to cause a severe reaction, due to undiagnosed prior damage from the 2 years she'd been using...and she went into convulsions. Her brain was seizing for 8 days, in spite of the care of the best Neurologists we had working to save her. I miss her so badly - she was my best friend. Her brothers are devastated. Life as we know it is over, and we're forced to try to understand why we now have to face life without her. I don't know if you have family, or people in your life who love and care about you, but I hope for their sake you'll understand what a nightmare meth causes for the 'survivors'. Please take care. This is meant with concern, not malice.


I spent the day drinking absinthe I illegally imported to celebrate the day.


One terrible fallacy that seems to be taken for granted in every discussion about drugs, even from the point of view of legalizers, is that all drug use always results in impairment. This is patently false. No one ever complains about someone coming to work "on caffeine" or "on nicotine". Most people have had dental work, and taken opiate pain pills and gone on to work effectively the rest of the day. Some of us with chronic pain take greater amounts of opiate pain medication daily than is available to most junkies and it is the only thing that allows us to work and function at all. We need to stop allowing the Puritans who have taken over our government to define the debate in these false terms.

Double standard

Recently my girlfriend's small minded brother told her" I would rather you were a raging alcoholic then a Meth Head." I pray for day somebody verbalizes such stupidity around me. Last year alone saw over 100,000 alcohol related fatality on our highways, that is a small city. What about all the alcohol poisoning cases, with is far more the all illegal drug combined. Almost everyday I hear someone tell a story of some crazy thing that happened to them and it always starts with how drunk they had been. I don't recall ever blacking out from doing meth or fealing like an ass the next morning for the spectacle i made of myself the night before. There has never been one person who has died from Meth withdrawl, compared to thousands from alcohol withdrawl. I am convinced that alcohol is the worse of the to evils. I have been using meth IV for 3 years and it is nothing nice, don't get me wrong. I am not defending it. I am just sick of the double standard people have. The preconceived idea that if you use drugs that you are an untrustworthy piece of dung. I am a very honest and trustworthy person who does the right thing regardless if anybody is watching or not. I have the same values and sense of right and wrong as most God fearing Americans out there. Don't be so quick to judge and believe the lies the media tells.

[email protected]

Get Your Facts Right People

Meth was invented during the summer of 2004 by Al Qaeda bio-terrorists and quickly made headlines nationwide, mainly because it was cynically designed to only affect white people.[quote]Where did you find your information at??? Meth wasn't invented in was first synthesized from ephedrine in Japan in 1893 by chemist Nagayoshi Nagai. In 1919, crystallized methamphetamine was synthesized by Akira Ogata. The related compound amphetamine was first synthesized in Germany in 1887 by Lazăr Edeleanu. And it wasn't invented to affect only white people...back then or today.


How did you come up with meth was invented in 2004 by terrorists?? My Mom said she did it when she was a teenager and that was in the 60's...I started doing it in the 80's (stopped now, P.O. gets irrate if I fail a ua)...and it is a well-known fact Hitler used it too. Our military used to issue it to the pilots to fight fatique as well.

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