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Latest on Atlanta Police Killing of Elderly Woman in Drug Raid

The killing of an elderly Atlanta woman after she shot and wounded three undercover policemen during a nighttime drug raid just might end up shedding some much needed light on the sordid business that is drug law enforcement in these United States. What we're seeing so far is not exactly a shining endorsement of the Atlanta Police Department's REDDOG (Run Every Drug Dealer Out of Georgia) drug squad or what looks to be the mindless search warrant machinery of the Fulton County courts. Just today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which deserves kudos for being all over this travesty, reported that the snitch on whose word the warrant was based now says he never bought drugs at Johnston's address, and the narcs involved in the raid asked him to lie about it after the fact. The Journal-Constitution also provides a copy of the search warrant, which Fulton County officials originally refused to release. The warrant is clearly marked as a "no-knock" warrant, putting the lie to initial police reports that police had knocked and announced, as required by regular search warrants. The affidavit for the warrant is a banal portrait of the day-to-day grinding of the drug war: The narc describes how he points an informant at the address, gives him $50, he comes back with two bags of crack he bought from a man known only as "Sam"…and that's that. Rubberstamp, please. Interestingly, there is no recording of the alleged transaction, and the affidavit is written to suggest that police surveilled the transaction, but does not actually say that they did. The seven narcs involved in this little shindig are now on suspension. Now, again according to the Journal-Constitution, Police Chief Richard Pennington says the department will review its "no-knock" policy, which would be good news. "No-knock" raids are a well-documented clear and present danger to police, innocent civilians, and yes, even people actually selling banned substances. You don't deserve summary execution for slinging some bags of crack. Meanwhile, in a Monday night update on the case, CNN reported that the killing of Kathryn Johnston will be the subject of a federal investigation. That, too, is good news. It means the heat is on, but as anyone who has watched these stories play out in the past knows, justice for the victims of these out-of-control, heavy-handed police raids is hard to come by. At the least, we hope the cops will be a little less hesitant to risk life and death—their own and others—over a couple of rocks of crack.
Atlanta, GA
United States
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Dirty Atlanta Cops!

"There Are Seven7 Ways to Die in Atlanta... Choose 1"


The Story the City Didn't Want the World to See...

Cops in Atlanta

Some mistakes might have been made. But the cops, not just these cops, but all cops aren't allowed to make mistakes. Cops aren't human beings they are machines, or so think writers in the liberal media. The AJC and this liberal Phillip Smith love to bust the chops of some cops, who are doing their part to Run Every Drug Dealer Out of Georgia. Maybe just maybe Phillip Smith doesn't want all the drug dealers ran out of Georgia. Now that is something to think about.

Cops arent humans they are

Cops arent humans they are murdering monsters. The police force is the biggest most ruthless gang in the world. I have no respect for any of the low life thugs in blue.

Cops Everywhere

Cops are the scum of the earth and they only want to justify a continual increase to their budget and increased power. All you idiots who think they made a mistake fails to overlook the fact that they are wrong most of the time and deliberately frame people the rest of the time. They are only right a small percentage of the time. They are action junkies and bullies in a boring job so they create their own excitement to other peoples detriment. When the situation doesn't match the facts then they change the facts to meet the situation. I am speaking as a law abiding concerned citizen. I am speaking as someone who has been beat up 3 times by the police and took it in silence only to be framed for crack cocaine possession(charges subsequently dropped) and framed for more traffic offenses then I can count on both hands. All in all if you look carefully and honestly over the past 100 years Drug Dealers have not in any way been more criminal, murderous, illegal, abusive, or monstrous than the criminals who make up the ranks of the police. The police are incarcerating a generation of my people only a small fraction of whom are actually guilty of crimes which should be legalized anyway. All you white people who think that the cops keep you safe from "us" the young black or latino so called bad elements of society are ill informed and naive. They are creating an unsafe situation for all of us. Many of you whites expect slavery to be forgotten and think all racial problems are in the past are ill informed and naive. Slavery still exists it is now called "justice" call fabricated arrest, wrongful conviction, excessive sentencing, followed by time in prison work camps to produce "cheap made in america goods" for .25 cents and hour so that you unjust and excessive sentence can be reduced(even if you were guilty in the first place which you were likely not) If you continue to let them abuse us and frame us and then applaud them for "reducing crime" and "aggressive policing" not only will we start to go after them(which is within our rights) and destabilize the overall situation, with some of that spilling over into your communities, they will eventually start to turn on you and violate your rights the same way they have always violated ours. These scumbags are just trying to invent crimes and create arrests in so called "high crime areas" doubling as any minority neighboorhood near you. That is what you see here. They better be glad it wasn't my Grandma they shot up like that. I have a zero tolerance policy for pork. These sorts of incidents will only increase as time goes by as the demand for cheap slave-prison labor increases and the approval for so called "crime reduction" works. Do not let one genuinely screwed up incident that may happen in your community make you believe that something drastic or new needs to be done about crime. What needs to be done is better hiring practices to screen out racists in your local PDs, and firing all the crooks who work there now from the top down. Let me remind you all of something there are 1.5 million black men in US jails and prisons. If that many of us were really criminals or really angry Iraq would look like Disneyworld.

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