Anybody want to jump on board?

Anybody want to jump on board? Chymical wrote:
99% low level anti-social crime GONE! Thousands of preventable 'bad-bag' deaths GONE! Families ripped apart over bail/jail and forfeiture...NOT ANYMORE! Organised crime syndicates deprived of their number one business! Addiction rates dropping through the floor! I could go on, but why bother? Some are not prepared for their own liberty and wish to live in someone elses conception of it. Sad... Keep on hating people caught up in addiction folks, That's called Projection kids, and we're all guilty of it when we fail to recognise and allow for it in our thoughts and deeds. Final word: Hate the Sin and not the Sinner. Drug laws Perpetuate and promote the sin whilst hating only the sinner.
copperzink63 wrote
"if addicts are no longer locked up, they will be exposed to LESS DRUGS..." Not buyin it.... sorry. If the addicts were thrown in jail for being addicts, they obviously were able to get the junk on the outside. Also if you dont confine these abusers to prision then they will be abusers on the streets, stealing and killing and doing whatever they can for their next fix. These drugs are not done because of personal choice. Its because they have no choice. ITS AN ADDICTION. If it was personal choice I am sure most of these people wouldnt choose to abandon their families and live on the streets in search of thier next fix. Heroin is illegal because it alters ones mind and body so that it becomes dependant on the drug. Go visit a heroin rehab center and you will see what happens to people who try to go through the full withdrawl. Weed, on the other hand, I am a bit more lax over. I dont mind it AS much but to be honest I dont smoke, drink OR do drugs because honestly I believe in living healthy. I also know that americans have a right to their stupidity and can smoke and drink themselves to an early death over the term of their life... but ive never seen anyone steal their famlies belongings (IE their childrens toys or their wives jewelry) and sell them to make enough money to buy ciggaretts or liquor. Im not sure if your pro heroin because you like to use it yourself or know a friend who does but you should rethink what your stating here.
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