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DEA: Mind-Altering Drugs are Available in Stores, But Don’t Buy Them

Submitted by smorgan on
Someone needs to remind the DEA and CBS 4 in Denver that many people actually enjoy doing drugs.

DEA Warns Over-The-Counter Drug Is Like Acid
encourages people not to take salvia. It also identifies by name several stores you shouldn’t go to because they sell it and describes vivid hallucinations you can avoid by not smoking it.

The thing is, suggesting that a drug is "a lot like taking acid" and complaining that it is available "at the Head Quarters on South Marion Street in Denver" is a curious way of discouraging salvia experimentation. I wonder how the proprietors of Head Quarters feel about local news exposing them for selling potent legal drugs and giving away their location.

Dave Chappelle once did a skit in which he played a crack addict addressing a group of school children about the dangers of crack. During the course of his presentation, he inadvertently provided numerous details about where crack could be purchased, at which point the students all started taking notes.

This is just like that, except it’s not supposed to be funny.

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