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I'm sick and tired of begging my fellow citizens to not throw me in jail...

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...because I might smoke something of which they don't approve. Imprisoning people for drug use or possession is a violation of fundamental human rights, and I don't give a rat's ass what the law says. The US government and the governments of all the states are committing massive human rights violations with their drugs policies, and those Good Germans who allow it to continue are complicit. I try to be understanding of police, prosecutors, and judges. When they throw some guy in jail or prison because he uses the wrong substance, they're only doing their jobs, right? Sorry, I can't cut them any slack anymore. This country has HALF A MILLION people behind bars who didn't do anything to anybody. That's a goddamned crime. And all those criminal justice system professionals, from the cop on the beat to the judge on the bench, are guilty. When do we get our drug war Nuremburg? "Unjust laws exist," 19th century American Transcendentalist proto-hippie Henry David Thoreau once famously noted. "Shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them and obey them until we succeed, or shall we transgress them at once?" We know by his actions how Thoreau answered that question. He went to jail rather than pay taxes to support the US war against Mexico. I'm with him. I'm Phil Smith, and I wrote this message in solidarity with all the prisoners of the drug war. I'm with you, too, guys. I won't be blogging for a few days. I've got other things to do. I'll be thinking of what on earth we can possibly do to end this situation.
United States
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American HOLOCAUST. Make no mistake about it!

I've been imprisoned by various jurisdictions within the union of American facist Police States and have to say that the experiences have caused me to hate the country I once loved. The hypocrisy. The lies about how the US is so "free". BOSH!

Our Counstitutional rights to privacy? GONE!

The American Flag is the symbol of the enemy to me. ``They'' declared WAR on me. What did I ever do to deserve that? I never hurt ANYBODY .

People say if I hate it so much then leave but where can I go where Big Brother hasn't rammed drug-prohibtion down the throats of other countries? Nowhere. The CANCER of US imperialism has spread to every corner of the globe.

God help US!

good rant phil

if we are ever going to actually bring the drug war to an end, it will require drafting an army of literally *millions* of our fellow americans to do the job. at this point, they simply do not give a shit -- nor are they presented with much of a reason to begin doing so. one thing remains clear: using the same tired assed arguments for the past four decades has not done the trick.

as long as the "drug reform movement" remains stratified, disjointed, and in need of a serious "plan," no actual progress will be made.

let's face it, as long as those in the reform movement say things like: "well, i think we can get medical marijuana, but the political climate won't allow more" then we will remain dead in the water.

the way forward is fairly clear: unify. so where is the grand plan from the "leaders" to make that happen? indeed, where is the plan from the drug reform coordination network? what exactly is being "coordinated?"

brian bennett

turn them on

To be honest I think the answer is to get more people to smoke pot. When a large majority of the population has used it, and enjoyed it as they almost inevitably will, then things will change. So introduce your non-smoking friends to the magic...

Hard road

Yes, this is a hard road. Convicing prople that I should not be punished for smoking marijuana. My friends who smoke with me even think I am crazy. While smoking with one friend he had the gall to say that maybe the gateway theory had some merit. Some friends say after I give them some facts "hey you can't believe every thing you read"These are people that smoke. Sometimes it is easier to get non smokers to agree with me.
One thing for sure is that we have no problem finding our stash and have never spent time in jail for it. Most of us just go along and do not think about changing things. Yes, these smokers have to hide and maybe feel that they are doing something wrong even though on some level they must think something is right about it.So I keep hopeing and praying the dam will someday spill over and the truth that is so plainly easy to see is seen but...time goes on year after year. Great products made from hemp, medical marijuana, the first and ninth amendments, LEAP, Montel Willams even Rainbow Farm can not seem to break the demonized marijuana user from the minds of the average American voter. I will keep on telling what I know. I'm the crazy pro pot legalizer.

Illegal law

The fundamental principles upon which this country was created in 1776 are established by the Declaration Of Independence. Freedom is defined in this document. It has never been amended. The Constitution was ratified in 1987 after 10 amendments to placate signees concerns for the lack of freedoms garranteed in it. The Constitution does not replace the Declaration nor does it refer to the blessing of some other kind of liberty. The Constitution gives us the right to vote on leadership and public referemdums, not our neighbors and their personal values and behavior.

Since all prohibitions violate these principles, they are in fact a crime, not a law.

Rick Wolfe

puregenius's picture

Unjust, immoral and anything else you can think of

Politicians are the only ones I have found difficult to convince of the insanity of these policies. Stirring them to action is different matter.

The prohibitionists have no problem disparaging us with lies, so we need to do the same with the truth. People need to be made aware or reminded that politicians and drug dealers are on the same side of this issue. They also need to fully understand that these laws are nothing but detrimental to our youth, and legislators know this but still promote the policies.

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