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Looking Bad for the Statewide Marijuana Initiatives

It's just after 1AM Eastern time, and it looks like the Colorado, Nevada, and South Dakota marijuana initiatives are all headed for defeat. It ain't over 'til it's over, of course, but it's almost over. The South Dakota medical marijuana initiative is losing by 52% to 48% with more than two-thirds of the votes counted. The margin has been similar all night long. There's a slim chance late votes from Rapid City could switch the result, but we are rapidly approaching the point where it becomes mathematically impossible. The Nevada "tax and regulate" initiative is losing by 56% to 44%. I can't tell from the Nevada secretary of state's web page what percentage of the vote has been counted, but it is substantial, and the numbers have been in this range all night. The Colorado legalization initiative is losing by 61% to 39% with 47% of the vote counted. Both CNN and the Rocky Mountain News have called this election already. If these results hold, that's a big disappointment, although not a big surprise. There are other drug policy-related issues and candidacies to report on, and if you don't see me blogging about them here this week, look for the full breakdown in the Chronicle on Friday.
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This is one of the great travesties in American Politics. I'm Canadian, and I've taken a very close interest in the War on Drugs recently. As I see it, once Pot's legal in America, the rest of the world will finally be free to make their own decisions. Having spoken to city officials here in Vancouver, I know for a fact the only reason it's not legal here is because of American pressure.

Are people just too stoned to remember to vote? lol.

Drug Czar is already out there

The Drug Czar has already issued a statment on his blog:

marijuana in general

I would rather serve a bar full of high people, than drunk people.


Born and raised in Bronco country!!!!!!

It's funny...

How doesn't have a public comment section, huh. I tried hard on this one and will try harder to help in 2 more years...

Marijuana Isn't A DRUG

Why does everyone think marijuana is a hard core drug. All you people who are voting againist it think it leads to other things. Well if this one drug was already legal people's illegal ways of obtaining other drugs wouldn't be necessary and would lower crime and drug use throughout the state.

I concur

Marijuana is not a drug, it is a sacred herb that grows from our Mother Earth's soil. I have experimented with the substance every day for years, and I can tell you all for a fact that it does not negatively affect your brain in any way. In fact all of my marijuana experiences have been positive. It is an eye opening drug, that leads to deep intellectual thoughts. Thoughts that can get ignored, and pushed away with the pressures of society. People must rise above, and realise the great ideals of the United States have been thrown away by bureaucratic, pompous a-holes. How in any way is this a free country? Kids getting busted over pot? I can't believe how de-evolved our logic is. Does any or everybody not realise that our entire existence could at any moment be completely disintegrated. That in no way are any one of us immortal, and the very fact that some teenager is being ROBBED his life experience because some republican, who shares none of the same ideals as the victim, thinks pot is bad? Grow the F*ck up America...

Whether this law gets passed or not, I'm still going to blaze up. It's not like law, a man made fallacy could stop me from consuming a natural gift.

We're getting closer

One thing that showed up clearly is that ALMOST HALF of the people are in favor.

sad day for peaceful pot smokers

well it looks like the blanket the goverment has put over americans well remain tis a sad day for all pro-pot activists the only reason i can think it diddnt pass was people think its easier to just keep it illegal and i bet those who voted no on it have never experimented with marijauan or sceen it used in their daily lifes to see that it doesnt affect people negatively lets put this in the past an continue to wake up the country until all states are legalized



i am a college student at Adams State College, i am doing a persuasive speech on marijuanan. if i could get replies from both people who think this is a good idea, and thoes who disagree with it. i myself believe in the legalization of "pot" partially because im a pot head but. im just trying to get facts and opinions from both sides of the story.

if you would like to email me you may at

[email protected]

thank you and have a nive day

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