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Draw Up Your Plant: get ready to dump prohibition!

Draw Up Your Plant is one of Encod's CannabisSocialClubs Antwerpen (Belgium), 4 November 2006
Dear members and supporters of Draw Up Your Plant,

The self organization of cannabisconsumers 'Draw Up Your Plant” is ready to end cannabisprohibition in Belgium as we know it. We have all elements at hand that are needed to go to the last fase in changing policy from prohibition to a regulated system.

Ending cannabis prohibition in Belgium, ingrediënts:

Draw Up Your Plant / Action Plant
Memberships Fee's and Defense Fund
Location for Plantation
Political Support
Press and Media

Draw Up Your Plant / action plant
I don't need to tell you this, you where in the first row when we started campaigning for draw up your plant. You can read, listen or whatch it again on Cannaclopedia or on my

Membership fee's and Defense Fund
Memberships fee's will be used to put up the plantation and if needed for financing our lawyers in court. We can start the plantation ones we have 1500 euro. Some candidate-members still have to pay their fee. Also the people who want to support us, but who don't want to become a member of the association can transfer money to our Defense Fund. You find all the infomration needed on our CannabisPage (email to Joep Oomen for details about international donations)

Location Plantation
To have the plantation concept operating in practice, we of course need a location for it. We couldn't find anyone who would take the risc of housing this plantation, so we where already developing plan B when al of a sudden a new member registered and at the same time offered us a location.

Political support
Federal level (in charge of the justice departement and drugs policy)
On thursday 26 October a federal member of parliament Stijn Bex writes an artikel in De Morgen (one of the quality newspapers in Belgium). He explaines that Draw Up Your Plant fits right in the current federal drugs policy and announces that he becomes a member of Draw Up Your Plant (aldhough this MP is a non-user)

What does this mean for draw up your plant?
We've got the concept, members, defense fund, location and we have a federal MP who belongs to the federal majority who states that Draw Up Your Plant fits into the federal drug policy framework. He emphasizes thisproposition by announcing that he becomes a member. If no remarks are made to this by other majority MP's, then we're off changing the climate for cannabis definitely. On the other hand if we're sued anyway, then we have our defense fund and a federal majority MP who tells the public that what we do was meant to be if you follow federal drugs policy guide lines. One way or another, we're kinda protected to go all the way now.

End of November we open the plantation. Until then we'll be busy organizing it, prepare a media event for it and so on.

Wish us good luck!!!

Trekt Uw Plant vzw (Draw Up Your Plant)

Stijn Goossens
Joep Oomen
Philippe De Craene

18-28 October Press Releases and Media
18 oktober: Trekt Uw Plant doet voorstel aan Belgische burgervaders
21 oktober: Constructief Antwoord Aan Burgemeester Kennis Van Kasterlee
24 oktober: Trekt Uw Plant Maakt Zich Op Voor Definitieve Start Plantage
26 oktober: Stijn Bex (Spirit) Trekt Uw Plant past binnen het federale drugsbeleid (en ik word lid!)

28 October 2006: Drug War Chronicle (In English)

De Nieuwe Gazet 28 oktober 2006

Het Nieuwsblad 27 oktober 2006
Het Nieuwsblad on-line 27 oktober 2006
De Standaard on-line 27 oktober 2006
De Standaard 27 oktober 2006
Algemeen 27 oktober 2006
De Morgen 26 oktober 2006 De Morgen 26 oktober 2006 Opinie Stijn Bex

Lange Lozanastraat 14
2018 Antwerpen
Tel. 03 237 7436
03 236 6001
GSM: 0495 122644
E-mail:[email protected] / /
Trekt Uw Plant wil in geen geval aanzetten tot druggebruik
Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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