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Manufacturer Advertises Marinol as "Legal Marijuana"

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Drug warriors such as Andrea Barthwell and David Murray have argued strenuously that cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals such as Marinol and Sativex are completely different from marijuana. They’ve bristled at Rob Kampia’s claims that Sativex is "liquid marijuana" and they’ve long used the availability of Marinol as an excuse to arrest patients who prefer cultivated marijuana instead.

Whether extracted or synthesized, THC-based medicines don’t include anything not present in the plant itself, so it’s ludicrous to argue that one can be medicinal and the other can’t. Yet they’ve done exactly that. Afterall, if this stuff is medicine, it sure as hell isn’t marijuana.

Thus I was rather surprised to come across this Google ad:

The link goes directly to the official Marinol website, sponsored by Solvay Pharmaceuticals. So while Barthwell is saying the stuff ain’t pot, Solvay is marketing their product as "legal marijuana."

Moreover, since Google ads are designed to offer products relevant to the web page on which they appear, Solvay’s ads target anyone interested in marijuana. Structured as such, this ad campaign will reach many recreational users and encourage them to become patients. I’m not saying that’s what they’re trying to do, but it's unusual to see a pharmaceutical company boasting that its product is legal.

Let’s assume Solvay is merely trying to inform the public that one needn’t break the law in order to enjoy the widely recognized medical benefits of marijuana. It’s perfectly understandable, and very smart from a marketing perspective. Afterall, if I had to choose between nausea medications, I’d pick the one that lists "exaggerated happiness" as a possible side effect.

The fun part is that by calling Marinol "legal marijuana", Solvay is basically mocking the very people who helped them get Schedule III approval in the first place. And they’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Aggressively marketing Marinol at this time makes sense with Sativex on the horizon.

Ultimately, the drug warriors’ goal of distinguishing cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals from the plant itself could prove a lost cause. Marijuana is popular among patients and a large segment of the general population. Claiming that these pharmaceuticals are totally different from marijuana may suit hardcore drug warriors trying to save face, but it’s not smart if you’re trying to win over patients who like marijuana or prospective patients who’ve heard good things about it. You’re better off saying your product is similar but legal and more potent.

So if Solvay Pharmaceuticals refers to its medicine as marijuana, and patients refer to their marijuana as medicine, it seems everyone’s on the same page except Barthwell and Murray.

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where can i get sum of these heres magic weeds pills i hear u doctor folk telkin bout so much


seriously though my guys raising his prices and mes in need for some "marinol"

marijuana users in denial

You know its a shame that something thats so importent to so many sick people like marijuana is is being ignored.
Its a true healing herb straight from god him self.
But you know if it is legalized then there will be a big money loss for those against it
. But it makes since to legalize it cause its here to stay.
Have you ever heard of anyone dieing from marijuana i think not.
Read your bible first book geneses see where marijuana realy came from.
Selling it as a pill is just going to turn people into a pill head.
Which is worse then smoking marijuana.
I think it should be public choice on how to use it.

Why I Want To Be Able To Smoke Marijuana Legally In USA

I have AIDS and often I do not feel that great in the mornings or after
taking medications. Marijuana will make me feel better if I smoke (vaporizer is
the safest way to smoke it) some within 5 minutes. Also, synthetic THC that is
legal to prescribe by doctors somewhat works (not as well though and it takes 2
to 3 hours for the effects to be noticed and appreciated). Seems like a scam
that I can legally have THC from a pharmaceutical company (inflated 1000 times
the retail "street price" or 50,000 times more cost that for me to produce my
own) but I cannot grow my own (I guess the pharmaceutical companies make the
rules so their profits are not threatened).

I have a prescription for Marinol (it's a huge rip off and the pharmacies are
taking advantage of sick people), but there is only 2mg of synthetic THC (and no
other cannabinoids mixed in, the marijuana plant has over 20 different
variations of cannabinoids that may make the difference) are in each tablet and too get the same calming
feeling I get from a 1/4 gram joint (one normal tobacco cigarette contains about
a gram of plant material) I have to take about 5 to 10 Marinol pills (about $75
per dosage). If I am not feeling well and I feel nauseous, then I cannot swallow
the pills easily whereas I can still smoke some "weed" (as long as I do not over
do it and start coughing and gagging). Now this 2mg Marinol pill costs about $8
US whereas it only costs me about $0.20 (20 cents) for the same amount in the
"devil weed" (each gram of marijuana contains about 50 - 75mg of THC and costs
me 10 bucks, 50mg of Marinol would cost about $200.00 US. If I was allowed to
grow my own marijuana plants for medical use, it would only cost me 1 cent a MG
to produce.

Sure you can get cancer from smoking weed in cigarette form (or just
breathing our polluted air these days), but there are many alternatives that cut
the risk to almost nothing or have no cancer risks at all. For example, eating
it is actually good for you, it's basically a vegetable high in vitamins and
antioxidants. You can vaporize it with a contraption that heats the THC crystals
just enough that the evaporate, but the leafy plant material does not burn. THC
can be extracted into oils (THC is not water soluble) like butter, than spread
on toast or used in cooking.

Marijuana also helps with my depression. I smoke a bit and my worries do not
seem so bad (now I can actually think about solving them rather than panicking).
I also get more motivated to do repetitive tasks (like a job) or do things I
would rather find too boring to even start.

Many people claim that "pot" makes people useless and lazy. Well with me, without marijuana I am actually a
dull, lazy and unproductive person who would rather watch TV all day as an
escape. With some THC in my system, I get to work on my home business and make
it grow or feel more sociable to spend time with my family.

When I feel manic or over stimulated, a few puffs of marijuana will calm me
right down. It's like taking a Xanax or Valium that works in 3 minutes instead
of 35 minutes (Xanax takes a long time to work, seems even longer when you are
having a panic attack).

Marijuana also helps me as a pain reliever that is fast acting (no 45 minute
like with taking Vicoden), only takes a couple minutes for the effects to come
on if inhaled THC through lungs (also anal cavity insertion is fast acting but I
don't do this, also having THC in spray form can be sprayed in mouth and
absorbed under tongue).

Even though I have a prescription for Marinol, I from time to time buy street
weed, but I would much rather grow it myself so I know its not contaminated or
moldy. I do not use Marinol very often (usually go without the THC helpers) as I
have to pay the full cost out of pocket (no coverage with insurance) and there
is no way I can afford to use $150 to $200 of legal pharmaceutical THC daily
(would only cost $10 a day with illegal weed, or would only cost $1 a day if I
grew it myself).

Written by the founder of

Marinol and medical cannabis

I also have a prescription for marinol. It costs 20$ per pill, or $1,200 for 60 pills (one months supply for me).

I have NO insurance. I did not qualify for medicare/medicaid because they said I am not on disability, have no kids, etc. I am broke and cannot afford 20$ per pill. WHO CAN? I called Roxane and Unimed (makers of Marinol) and asked for patient assistance to get them to help pay for it because I cannot afford it. They said they NO LONGER have financial assistance to help pay for Marinol prescriptions. (They obviously just had it in the very beginning of sales to make it look like they care, then they stopped it as docs started to write more prescriptions)! So I got a prescription for Medical Cannabis. It works MUCH better, and faster then the marinol. Plus, the Cannabis costs me only $180 per month!
The DEA tries to tell people to just take marinol instead. I plan on writing the DEA and tell them that I will be glad to use it instead if they reimburse me for the ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS per month bill I will get for the Marinol! LOL
I will stick with my Cannabis, thank you!

Wrong Assumption

This article of yours is based on a wrong assumption. You say that Solvay is advertising Marinol as legal marijuana, but you fail to notice/investigate that it is not an ad, it's a sponsored link. This means that Solvay has purchased the search word "legal marijuana", and whichever page contains a similar phrase will show a sponsored link in that form. And that is probably only one of many search terms they must've bought.

nice find scott

nice find scott

This is essentially what I

This is essentially what I told the weed group I'm involved with on Facebook.  They were worried that Sativex would totally ruin everything we've all worked towards.  I disagreed with them entirely stating that it would help our arguments by leaps and bounds.  I already use Marinol as an argument for marijuana's medicinal benefits and many times it works, other times it doesn't.  People who can't comprehend that it's the same thing, I instantly dub as being too stupid and probably someone who is entirely unable to read.

marionl 10mg

Need help to get my marionl i am on ssi a very income or i would not  ask you if you if could help

pay for it i am 5'10 H   112lb and do not have aids\cancer i am sick and need help to eat or i will die 

i am 48 years like to make it to 50. 




                                                501-525-4212  home after 12:00pm

                                                      Thanks hope you can help me.

Assistance with Marinol

Is there a program available for assistance in obtaining this medication?

I am a caregiver for a man that is on SS disability and a Vietnam Vet.

He is in so much pain and his doctor has given him a prescription for

the medication.  Thank you.


Need help with getting my prescription filled.No insurance!!!

Need help with getting prescription filled,no insurance!!!


I take marinol and I was wondering can you smoke the oil with a vaperiz? And if so what kind of vaperiz should I get?

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