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Drug Laws Drive Addicted to Prostitution in West Virginia (and Everywhere Else)

Steubenville, West Virginia, has an interlocking problem of drugs and prostitution, The Intelligencer in nearby Wheeling reported this morning. The article was prompted by an anti-prostitution sting operation that rounded up six men and five women Wednesday night.
"The prostitution and the drugs go hand-in-hand," [police chief William] McCafferty said. "Most of the (prostitutes) are drug users, and that's how they support their habit. None of the men who are coming here to purchase the product the women are selling are from Steubenville, and we don’t need them in our city. "They know the girls are here and have a drug problem to support," he added. "It makes our drug trade better than what it actually is. The 'johns' support the prostitutes who then support the drugs."
But why do some drug addicts need to resort to prostitution to be able to afford some chemical mixtures that could literally be produced for pennies? It's because prohibition of drugs drives up the price by putting it into the criminal underground -- economics call this the "risk premium." Cigarettes are just as addictive as any street drug, but you don't see people walking the streets (or for that matter breaking into cars) to afford them, at least not very much, and the same goes for alcohol. Legalization of drugs would therefore reduce prostitution and help some of the addicted avoid being in that often degrading and dangerous circumstance. In the meanwhile, carting them off to jail probably isn't going to be the thing that helps them stop using drugs once they get out.
Steubenville, WV
United States
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prostitution sting in wheeling wv

let me tell you about the crooks that are running wheeling nowadays. theres the outgoing mayor, sparchane, who's family run the booking/gambling bussiness for 50 years out of benwood, being started by the old man, his buddies, that get together and start a "bank", the mainstreet bank, that gives there inner circle verylow interest loans to buy up wheeling on the backs of the common man who unknowingly banks there, and when the whorehouse was shut down, marys place, that was frequented by many of the wheelings elite, didnt bow to there demands to sell her building to them for pennies of what its worth, they raid her and take the property anyway. great leadership huh?? how do you fuckers sleep at night, oh wait, you've been doing wrong things for years, I imagine you have gotten used to it by now......

Drug War/ War on "Terror"?

The same reasons go into the "drug war" as they do "the war on terror" hello people, wake up.. the reasons the government and city/state governments keep these "propoganda" wars continuing is because of MONEY. They just haven't figured out a way yet to "politically correct" tax, enforce, and justify the need to legalize drugs. We've lost the war on drugs, and we'll also lose the "war on terror" because again, it all boils down to money. I.E. if states and city governments don't use the money given to them by the federal government (state/city budgets) to legitimately fight these "wars" then, the states, counties, and cities won't receive the money next year or the year after. It's big business people.. it keeps the economy going in an odd way, shape, and form..This way of thinking and doing things have gotten us in the state we're in.. our cities, states', and even our country has gone into shambles.. because no one has stepped up to the plate to change things.. why not safely produce drugs, because they're always going to be there.. just like trying to take guns from law abiding citizens.. if you're a criminal, you'll find it no matter what... so just make it safer, legalize it, and make better drug addiction treatment programs. Something has to be done.. because the old way, (not only on these issues.. ) is not working, and will never work.. CHANGE POLICIES!

steubenville/wheeling legal drugs and prostitution

I am a lifelong resident of this area and the epidemic that is plaguing this area is prescription drug abuse. Young mothers are becoming addicted to these painpills and are selling themselves for these pills. There is a rise in child neglect and abuse, and almost every family in this area has been touched in one way or another by this epidemic. Grandparents who should be retiring and enjoying weekend trips to mehlmans, find themselves raising young children again. The leadership in this area is irrelevant. There is little treatment available in the area. One for profit methadone clinic ran by a raging bully, a half-assed mental health center northwood, crossroads which is considered useless by most addicts, and a residential center constantly full of local prisoners. We need real inpatient treatment centers that provide guidance and treatment after the initial stay period. These young mothers need help applying for education, child raising classes, and a stable environment to proceed with their sobriety.

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