The Heroin Overdose Wave Continues...

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WFMZ-TV in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has reported another overdose from the fentanyl-laced heroin batch that is ravaging drug injecting communities in cities around the nation. Meanwhile, officials in South Jersey are trying to figure out what is causing the rash of overdoses in Vineland and are wondering if something may be contaminating the heroin supply there -- five people had to be rushed to the South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center on Tuesday, according to The Press of Atlantic City. We need legalization! Heroin use can't be stopped, at least not in this way -- only a legal, regulated supply will allow for any reliable degree of control over the drug supply -- until prohibition is ended, drug users will always be at risk of this kind of often fatal harm, especially the addicted ones. It is indecent that we are subjecting these people to this kind of situation -- and it certainly means longer emergency room waits when the rest of us need the help. WMFZ-TV accepts comments here. The Press has information on submitting a letter to the editor, or a longer guest column, online here. Also click here to take action to support of a bill sponsored by Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) to fund overdose prevention. And click here for a Drug War Chronicle report on the heroin/fentanyl overdose outbreak.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Fentanyl/heroin today - alQaeda heroin tomorrow

Fentanyl/heroin today - alQaeda heroin tomorrow

The government indirectly predicted the fentanyl/heroin lacing and directly caused it.

In the 'heroin' section of the 2006 National Drug Threat Assessment of the U.S. DOJ they said that there would be a shortage of higher quality Colombian heroin due to successful interdiction. The DTA then predicted that the American heroin consumer would not accept brown Mexican heroin as a substitute. Besides, Mexico does not produce enough to satisfy America's more than 18 metric ton a year demand for heroin.

The lacing of Mexican brown with fentanyl, I believe, is the distributors responding to the market resistance against Mexican. And a way to stretch the supply to meet the demand.

If my analysis of this government report and the situation on the streets is true then the government's next prediction, in the same section of the report, should scare hell out of the free world. But especially America.

The government predicts that the Colombians, who control American distribution, will go to Southwest Asian (Afghan) producers for their future supply needs. Taliban and al Qaeda produced heroin being sold in America by Colombian/FARC connected distributors. And this is a result of successful American heroin interdiction in Colombia.

So once the government interdicts enough of the fentanyl labs and reduces that supply the Mexican heroin will no longer serve the demand. This will, in time, induce the Colombians to look to Asia and bring together extremist groups funded by heroin in South America with extremist groups in Southwest Asia in control of much of the Afghani heroin production.

Super Stateless Terrorist Armies

Now for my personal paranoia. What will happen should one pound of heroin, approximately 45,000 doses, is contaminated with the plague and distributed in Manhatten or the upper class neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. on a Friday night?

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