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Vancouver MP Leading Fight to Save Safe Injection Center

I spoke this morning with Vancouver East Member of Parliament Libby Davies for an article I'll publish Friday on the effort to ensure that Health Canada continues the exemption for INSITE, the safe injection site. The Conservative government of Prime Minister Harper is hinting it wants to shut the whole thing down, and Davies says she is "concerned" but hopeful Harper will retreat in the face of strong local support and good, solid evidence it is working. Donald McPherson of Vancouvers drug policy office told me yesterday the city is also strongly behind it. I suspect Vancouver Coastal Health will say the same thing when I speak to them. We could all take a lesson from the way Vancouver mobilizes for drug reform. (Click here to read an open letter Davies sent about this last week.)
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"Harm Reduction" or "TERMINAL ADDICTION"

The dtes is a melting pot of people from all walks, the addiction scourge that exists there will continue to grow as long as the support for this lifestyle is supported by so called harm reduction policies. Safe injection clean needles i agree with for health and potential overdoses. The fact that the vpd will not charge you for possession makes this part of town a freeway to hell. The so called four pillars approach should add another pillar the fact that insite has over seven thousand registered iv users and the estimated number of people in active addiction is said to be some ten thousand in a twelve square block area means that all these addict's have a habit to support and drug's to buy. To me the fifth pillar seems to be let the drug dealers do what they want. The amount of arrest's for trafficking does not add up compared to consumption how do i know you ask well let me tell from a personal observation over the last five years. I walk and or drive through this area of town daily and it seems that the same drug dealer's set up shop at the same locations daily i have never seen them arrested the seem to be untouchable so in conclusion i say the fifth pillar must be to supply the four. You can get heroin, cocaine ,crack, rx, weed, twenty four seven in this part of town at many well known places. People from across the city as well the country migrate here to the addiction capital of north America knowing that it's a free for all.

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