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Coming in the Chronicle this week

Submitted by Phillip Smith on
Here's a late Sunday night heads-up on what I'll be working on this week--subject, of course, to breaking news and other vagaries... The Portland pot initiative handed in signatures Saturday, and it looks like they will have enough to make the ballot... Thursday's raids on San Diego area medical marijuana dispensaries and moves against doctors saw the feds and local officials attempting to show that the dispensaries and the doctors were not practicing "legitimate" medical marijuana medicine. Is that really what the feds and cops were doing? Is that really the case? And what does the future hold for the dispensaries?... Michigan Gov. Granholm late last week signed an anti-meth package into law. It includes a provision defining exposure to meth as "child abuse." Michigan is only the latest state to hope on board this trend. I think I'll see how many others are doing the same and whether this is a good idea. My initial thinking is: We already have child abuse laws; if they are violating those laws, charge them with child abuse. If not, not. Plus a bunch more stuff...

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