Readers, I need your help! Where are the corrupt cops?

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Some of you have undoubtedly noticed that the long-running "This Week's Corrupt Cops" feature was missing this week. That's because I didn't have any stories for it. Now, it may have been because there was no corrupt cop news in the past week, but I find that hard to believe given the outstanding record our police have built up over the years. Part of the problem is that one of my primary sources of corrupt cops stories, Bad Cop News seems to have gone silent. Whoever Bad Cop News is, he has only posted a couple of items in the past three weeks, as opposed to the dozen or so a day he used to post. I also rely on my Google searches. I have Google send me every story that has "marijuana," "heroin,", "cocaine," etc. in the text. Corrupt cop stories involving drugs typically show up that way. But not this week. So, dear readers, can you help me out? Can you send me any corrupt cop stories you come across? You may be duplicating Google or Bad Cop News, but you might not be, either. Also, if any of you know of sites similar to Bad Cop News that compile this kind of stuff, let me know. Maybe all the cops have decided to go straight. Somehow, I doubt it.
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corrupt cops in auburn washington

the other day i was with my friend in auburn washington. my friend had been drinking a little bit but was not smashed. a cop pulled into the white river town home complex. recognizing my friend because he has warrents out for his arrest. we tried to run and i hid in a bush, the cop caught my friend but did not see where i was hiding but it was close enough i could still see the cop and my friend. it was that time right before night where it is starting to get dark. the cop took my friend by his car and proceeded to zip tie his hands behind his back. the cop kicked him on the back of his leg so he fell to the ground and started punching him in the face. keep in mind me and my friend are under the age of 18. the cop beat the shit out of him for about 5 minutes then cut the zip tie and started yelling at him about how he fell and thats how his face got all bloody. i dont know the cops name but he just let my friend with the warrent go and he drove off.

corrupt cops

The minute a cop puts zip ties on you start twisting your wrist enough to leave a mark but not breaking the zip tie. Even if he cuts them you got evidence you were cuffed. If you break them he will probably say you tried to escape and you got hurt in the process. Careful out there.

Don't let them get away with it!

If the officer knew your friend perhaps your friend can identify the officer. If the officer has previous complaints against him, you might be able to litigate this.

Here are two good misconduct attorneys in Washington who might be able to recommend someone closer to you:

Hugh McGavick
Law Office of Hugh McGavick
1722 Harrison Avenue NW Suite D
Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: (360)352-4763 Fax: (360) 352-4768

John Muenster
Muenster & Koenig
1111 3rd Avenue, Suite 2220
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 467-7500 Fax: (206) 855-1027

fed up with our town marshall

We have a dirty cop in our town , but can't seem to do anything about him . I have seen photos of his penis along with his badge that has been sent to a 19 year old , and that is only the most recent. Now she claims that she is holding it for a get out of jail free card , but we are unforsure if that is the truth . We have also seen explicit text messages from him as well . We have also been (our teenage kids) have also been a part of him harrassing them many times for no reason. The girl that gets the messages has commented that he stated that my son was the biggest drug dealer in town .He sees my son walking and decides to circle the block several times watching him . I am so fed up with him doing these things based on assumption it isn't funny. Just this past summer , my son had been out of town for 2 weeks , and the day he got back he saw him and folowed him (circled the blocks) , finally my got tired of him doing that and just ran to our home . All he was doing was walking home in the daylight hours and he had no reason to follow him around like that at all. Another son of mine , had gotten a speeding ticket earlier in the year (about 3 years ago) and he continued to harrass him as well . One night coming home from work, my son spotted him about 2 miles from home so he made sure he obeyed all the laws .About 3 blocks from our home the cop comes up on hom with his lights on and pulled him over .He gave him a ticket for 26 in a 20 town ordinance ticket.Which was payed directly to the town .Searched his car and found a leaf (to this day I know it was not pot ) , but a small leaf from a birch tree . He continually stated that he could run a field test but never did in our presence . When time came around for court there was one police report done by one officer that was given to us , and didn't state one way or another if a field test had been done or going to be done . After another court date , another police report came up by the other officer (the one we have problems with ) stating that a field test had been done .My son still got in trouble for it , but he maintain a not guilty til the end .You know this is just some of the things I know , there is still more to this never ending battle with him. We are people that stay to ourselves , and even my partener and I hear things that he says about us . To let you know , my partner and I either have no record that would cause him to give us the trouble we get from him .
I would like to get the support of other people in our town that has these same issues with him and do something about him. I am not sure how to go about it without getting myself into trouble for slander or something . I do know that we are not his only targets , and at one point it was taken to the town board about him circling the block watching young girls in their bikini's . I don't see him being any better than the registered sex offenders. Any suggestions would be helpful .

Here's one!

Officer charged with drug trafficking

Officer charged with drug trafficking
Last Update: 11/30/2006 12:50:35 PM
By: Associated Press

LAS VEGAS, N.M. (AP) - A New Mexico Highlands University security officer has been charged with drug trafficking.

University spokeswoman Dolores Gonzalez says 35-year-old Michelle Espinoza has been placed on leave pending resolution of the case.

Police allege officers found cocaine in Espinoza’s purse last week.

Espinoza had sued the city of Las Vegas and two city police officers in March 2005. She alleged she was falsely arrested on January 26th, 2005, for driving on a suspended license when it had been reinstated.

Espinoza says she presented a valid identification, but the officers refused to accept it. She accepted a $15,000 settlement with the city in exchange for dropping her lawsuit.

(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Officer faces charges

Officer faces charges

A Pittston Twp. police officer has been charged in federal court with felony drug and weapons offenses after an investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Federal officials said Michael Byra Jr., 28, could face a sentence of up to life in prison and fines up to $2 million if convicted of all offenses lodged against him.

Byra was charged in U.S. District Court in Scranton on Friday with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a firearm during a felony drug trafficking transaction and possession of a stolen firearm.

Byra was being held by federal authorities at an undisclosed location.

Ex-Officer Sentenced For Drug Use, Possession Of Illegal Weapons

HONOLULU -- An ex-officer, who prided himself for his personal toughness, broke down and cried in court Wednesday.

Former patrolman James Corn Jr. was being sentenced for being a drug user in possession of illegal weapons.

KITV's Daryl Huff reported that Corn smiled at court Wednesday before admitting he had been an out-of-control officer on drugs.


Officer nabbed on drug charges

Officer nabbed on drug charges
The Capital-Journal (Topeka, Kansas)

A state parole officer was arrested on drug charges Friday morning in Junction City.

Anthony Love, 44, and Tamara Love, 50, were arrested at about 10 a.m. Friday in connection with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Junction City police spokeswoman said. They were taken to the Geary County Jail and released on $15,000 bond.

According to a statement from the Junction City police, the Geary County and Junction City Drug Operations Group found narcotics and drug paraphernalia in the Love residence, 827 W. 10th.

The house had been under investigation for drug violations for two months.

Anthony Love is a state parole officer with the Department of Corrections in the Junction City parole office.

Malden Police officer sentenced to 15 years for drug conviction

You covered the conviction in April, here's the sentencing...

Malden Police officer sentenced to 15 years for drug conviction

By John R. Ellement, Globe Staff

Malden Police officer David Jordan was sentenced today to 15 years in federal prison for using his badge to participate in the Christmas Eve rip-off of a drug dealer in 2003.

"He wasn't just anybody," said Judge Reginald Lindsay from the bench. "He was a law enforcement officer who has a greater obligation than other people. His job is to promote respect for the law ... People will wonder who they can trust when the law enforcers are the law breakers."

Federal prosecutor John T. McNeil urged the judge to impose an 18-year sentence, one year longer than called for under federal sentencing guidelines, because Jordan, 45, has sold his badge. "When law enforcement commits a crime, they cause this unbelievable corrosive effect on the community," he said.


Cops Arrest Alleged Drug Dealer Robbing Cop

Nov 11, 2006 5:21 pm US/Eastern
Cops Arrest Alleged Drug Dealer Robbing Cop

(CBS/AP) CAMDEN, N.J. A Camden Police Department veteran has been arrested over accusations he assisted a man in robbing drug dealers, officials announced Saturday.

Cpl. Michael A. Hearne, 42, of Woodbury, who worked with the Camden department's Fourth District, was arrested Friday night while in uniform and charged with official misconduct, conspiracy to commit robbery, money laundering and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes.

"After seeing the results of a life of crimes, it's very sad when any sworn officer crosses the line," Lt. Mike Cartagena, head of the State Police Organized Crime Bureau's South Unit which handled the case, said in statement.


Convictions upheld in police corruption case

Convictions upheld in police corruption case

BUFFALO, N.Y. A federal appeals court has upheld the convictions of two former Buffalo Police narcotics detectives convicted of stealing from drug dealers, using false information to stage drug raids and other charges.
Sylvestre Acosta is serving a 45-year prison term, and Paul Skinner is serving seven years and nine months.

The Second Circuit Appeals Court ruled that District Judge Richard Arcara gave the two former detectives an unbiased trial. The appeals court also said Arcara properly applied federal sentencing laws.

Australia: Light terms for corrupt drug police,20867,20817596-2702,00.html

Light terms for corrupt drug police
Natasha Robinson
November 25, 2006
PROSECUTORS described it as the most serious example of police corruption in Australia, but two former Victorian drug squad detectives received sentences equivalent to only one-fifth of the maximum penalty yesterday for their part in a multi-million-dollar heroin trafficking ring.

After an investigation that involved a handpicked team of detectives, and a trial that lasted more than four months and cost millions of dollars, former detectives Stephen Cox and Glenn Sadler were jailed yesterday for seven and 10 years respectively.

But Cox may be out of jail in four years, and Sadler in six years, if they are deemed eligible for parole. The maximum penalty for their conviction of conspiring to traffic a commercial quantity of heroin is 25 years in prison.


The top Interpol Cop appears dirty....

Selebi, Agliotti and the dirty cops - link in huge drug bust

Last Friday, Directorate of Special Operations spokesperson Makhosini Nkosi announced the arrest of five people suspected of being part of an international drug syndicate. The Scorpions seized 762kg of hashish and more than a ton of compressed dagga with a street value of between R100-million and R200-million.

What the statement did not say, but the Mail & Guardian can confirm, is that the arrests flowed directly from the Kebble probe, more particularly from investigations relating to businessman Glenn Agliotti and impacting on National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi. M&G

Or read the whole M&G FANTASTIC STORY

Or more on the Commissioner of the South African Police Services
SAPS man Jackie Selebi: SAPS

Or more on the Interpol president man Jackie Selebi:
Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization.

Trusting Mbeki on Selebi takes a leap of faith beyond most of us...

CRIME affects all people equally in SA. Women live in constant fear of being raped, assaulted, robbed, and murdered — not to speak of crimes against children.

The country’s crime statistics on murder, rape, cash-in-transit heists, and armed robbery, according to a recent Financial Mail report, beat the war statistics of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In this climate of national “gatvolness”, the allegations against the national police commissioner Jackie Selebi are serious.

Business Day

Bleating about Beating on the cops

"I write in respect of the growing disquiet expressed across the length and breadth of South Africa with regard to the conduct of National Police Commissioner Mr Jackie Selebi, and to respectfully request that you establish a board of inquiry to investigate the serious allegations made against him."

Over the past month, a series of very disturbing allegations had surfaced, which pointed to Selebi being guilty, at best, of inappropriate conduct, or of having inappropriate relationships with known criminals.

"At worst, the commissioner is possibly guilty of wrongdoing,"

Read it first on M&G

Corrupt cop clippings



Lee J booher from junction city kansas, search for his story, ex state HWY Trooper.

Corrupted cops that try to bribe victims

There's cops down here in Camden,New Jersey that's so corrupted they don't care what happens to you. All they care about is money. they turn into the people that they are out looking for. cops down in Camden are terrible they are good at one point and then they are bad the next. If you was to sit back you'll see what they are about. Just a little while back, I say about a couple of months ago there was a cop that got caught robbing people off dutie,and he been doing it for years. many cops here in Camden, New Jersey are just like that cop that has been recently locked up. I just wish there was someone that can put a end to all that. If you would like to know why i'am mad it's because a cop tried to bribe my uncle and ask him to give his money up and he'll let my uncle go. when my uncle "said no" the cop pin him with charges that were false. My uncle just came home on a charge that he was wrongfuly accused of. Now i know you are thinking how he always getting wrongfuly accuse is because the corrupted cops are here. I was there when the whole problem went down and i witness it happen. Not only that my uncle was in a predicament like that but i was too, but the difference between me and my uncle i know my rights and he don't. that problem with me i won that case. If you know anyone that can put an end to this corrupted cops thing.please help because i have a kid now and i'm afraid. My name is Matthew Martinez i'am 20yrs.old and i'm already tried of it.

Re: Camden's Corrupt Cops

Matt, I know all too well of the corruption of Camden cops. I have had VERY unpleasant experiences with them. I think it's the cops that give Camden its undeserved reputation. I actually had an encounter with cpl. Michael Hearne during Puerto Rican weekend 2004 and let's just say what goes around comes around!


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