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Speaking out does NOT make me a bad parent!

Last spring, my childrens' school hosted a anti-drug conference. This conference turned out to be a doctor who's brother had committed suicide and she blamed crystal meth. I am all for teaching our children about the dangers of drugs but I believe that our children should be told the TRUTH about the physiological effects certain drugs can and cannot have. This doctor used scare tactics and lies to try convince those school children not to use crystal meth. She then proceeded to tell them (us) that if they were not Christian and they got addicted to meth that their situation was hopeless. Granted, I am situated right here in the heart of the Bible belt, but there were still mixed religions in that crowd. After the conference was over, the kids and I had a talk among ourselves about not only crystal meth but other drugs (prescribed and unprescribed). I told them the truth while still remaining strict with DO NOT USE DRUGS. I also talked with my two high school children about what legalization would do and guess what...they both GOT it and agreed. I also emailed the doctor that headed that conference. I rebutted the "facts" that she had stated with medical journals, etc. I, then presented her an argument for legalization and sent her web links to support my view (drc was one of them). Her reply was simply that she would be praying for me and mostly for my children since they were unfortunate enough to have a mother that supported the legalization of such dangerous drugs so that they would be readily available for the children to partake of. I responded to her that for a doctor, she sure was stupid because I believe that those dangerous drugs are more readily available to my children NOW than they would be if they were legal. This doctor then notified the school councelor that she may need to speak with my children because I was a bad influence on them. Needless to say, after my children put the councelor in her place, I did! My children are 16,14.13 and 12 and as of this blog, they are great kids. I am not naive enough to think that none of them will get into trouble whether it be with alcohol, drugs or sex but I do know that have parents that are open and honest with them has helped keep them out of trouble so far because not only do my husband and I openly share our views with them, they do the same with us.
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Good for you!!!!

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts."

Oh I am SO glad to hear some common sense form a fellow parent!! Had I been there I would have applauded you and joined in at your side -----
My 9 year old knows exactly what drugs are and that she should NOT mess with them. She also knows I take methadone and am a recovering heroin addict. TRUTH is something that cannot be tucked away or compromised --- the TRUTH about drugs (and not scare tactics) is what needs to be visited on our children. Again -- Good form -- Twitch

Twitch blog:


The time has come when we can no longer remain silent! We send our children to school to be taught reading and math, " NOT " manipulated by others beliefs!!! Stand your ground, if there is anything I can do to help , just ask!!! Through the ignorance of policy today many facts are coming out. That being MANY of our young people are using hard drugs just because they are out of your system in 72 hrs! And some are dying, just trying to avoid being caught for pot by a UA!!! Where as pot has NEVER killed anybody , anywhere on this planet, FACT!!
There is nobody for drugs, but common sense and honesty has purposely been removed from the discussion! And NO ONE can tell me those parents who have lost their children, wouldn't rather be disciplining their child for pot use, RATHER THAN PUTTING FLOWERS ON THEIR GRAVES!!!!

Rusty White

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