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Take methadone? Talk here!

Submitted by David Borden on
Hey people. Well this is great!!! I spend a good amount of time at (a pro methadone site) and a very good one at that --- but this is something new and I am really looking forward to checking this out and watching it grow. I am hoping anyone who takes takes the lifesaving drug known as methadone might feel compelled to stop by here and tap out their story perhaps -- or just to say say hello and make your voice heard. Ending the stigma which surrounds our medication is going to take lots of people doing lots of positive things for methadone and the people who take it; this is, perhaps, one small step in that direction. Methadone gave me the chance to save my own life ---- my story isn't unique --- there are thousands of you out there who can say the same thing .... I am hoping you will post here. Tolerance/Respect -- TWITCH

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