AZ, MT Marijuana Legalization Polls, NM MedMJ Reciprocity Expansion, British Drug Deaths Up, More... (10/15/20)

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Consequences of Prohibition

The Drug Policy Alliance is in a new push to move the MORE Act, there are new polls on the Arizona and Montana marijuana legalization initiatives, and more. 

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Drug Policy Alliance & JustLeadershipUSA Lead Extensive Coalition of Organizations Representing Directly Impacted People in Calling on Congress to Support Marijuana Reform. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) and JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) Thursday led a group of 34 organizations founded and led by people directly impacted by the country’s criminal legal system in urging members of Congress to support comprehensive marijuana reform by passing the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment & Expungement (MORE) Act (H.R. 3884) when it comes up for a vote on the House floor following the November 2020 election.. They sent a letter to Congress that argues that ending marijuana prohibition through the MORE Act is critical to addressing extensive racial disparities within the criminal legal system and providing economic relief for the communities that have borne the brunt of these draconian drug policies, creating a clear pathway for them to participate and benefit from the legal marijuana economy.

Arizona Polls Have Marijuana Legalization Initiative with Majority Support. Two new polls have Proposition 207: The Smart & Safe Arizona Act at over 50% support. A poll from OH Predictive Insights has the measure winning 55% to 37%, while a new Monmouth University poll has it winning 56% to 36%, up five points from a previous Monmouth poll last month.

Montana Poll Has Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Leading, But Still Under 50%. A new Montana poll has the  I-190 and CI-118 marijuana legalization initiatives with 49% support from likely voters, with 39% opposed, 10% undecided, and 2% saying they will not vote on the initiatives. That means the initiatives must pick up at least one out of five undecided voters to get over the top.

Medical Marijuana

New Mexico Judge Orders State Health Department to Loosen Medical Marijuana Reciprocity Rules. First Judicial District Court Judge Matthew Wilson in Santa Fe ruled Tuesday that reciprocal medical marijuana patients can buy, possess and use medical marijuana in New Mexico, regardless of whether their identification matches the state where their medical recommendation to use cannabis came from. His order will also allow New Mexicans to get a recommendation to use medical marijuana from another state and become a reciprocal patient in New Mexico. 


England and Wales Had Record High Fatal Drug Overdose Levels Last Year. The British Office for National Statistics reported Thursday that drug-related deaths hit a record high last year in England and Wales. There were 4,393 drug-poisoning deaths in England and Wales in 2019, compared with 4,359 in 2018, the highest number since comparable records began in 1993. The rate of drug deaths for men actually declined, but that for women increased.

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Once upon a time,Great Britain forced China to purchase Indian Opium for tea.A century later,rife with guilt,Great Britian(England)was the first nation to open a heroin maintenance program for registered addicts.The program was open to anyone from any country in the commonwealth.Addicts from all over the Empire, came to England,to participate in a great experiment.Papers were filled with stories of horror and awe over the scenes shown in hospitals.People were on IV heroin,or using debilitating doses requiring hospitalisation.Not the average addict of course.Just those that provided the best sensationalism for the news.Most addicts worked regular jobs and lined up in the morning for their daily.All went fairly well until the USA came calling and said this was unacceptable.Everyone was forced onto methadone.Now we can all see what that policy has become.The shattered remnants of that program returned to their countries and began lobbying for a program at home.Addicts in Vancouver got a tiny dilaudid experiment that was burried.They did set up the beginnings of a maintenance program that had noble intent.A Harper government shattered that into fragments that resulted in what we see today.Hopefully,the more enlightened of the population can make something work for more people.There is always something in the works and people willing to do the heavy lifting.Until then,people are going to continue to die in numbers.Just like we see them dying in the UK.

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