Prop 19 "Robo-Polling" Shows Majority Support

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Yes On 19 Internal Poll Shows Majority Support for Marijuana Initiative
Results Reveal Voters More Likely to Voice Support for Prop. 19 in Automated Polls Than to Live Callers

OAKLAND, CA -- The Yes On 19 campaign Friday released an internal poll showing that likely voters support the initiative to control and tax marijuana by a margin of 56-41 when presented with an automated questionnaire but are less likely to state their support to live interviewers.

"As the polling shows, there still seems to be somewhat of a social stigma attached to marijuana and the politics surrounding it," said Dan Newman, a political strategist working with the Yes On 19 campaign. "We're confident that when Californians find themselves in the privacy of voting booths on Nov. 2, they will vote to end decades of failed and harmful marijuana policies. Very few people think the current policy is working."

The results affirm earlier suggestions by New York Times analyst Nate Silver, the blog FireDogLake and others identifying a so-called "Reverse Bradley Effect" indicating that voters may be uncomfortable telling strangers how they would vote on controversial policies.

The Yes On 19 internal poll was conducted by EMC Research on October 13-14 and had a total sample size of 1,403 respondents. The margin of error is +/- 2.6 percentage points. The full results can be viewed at

Taken in context with other recent polls, these results show the race to be extremely close, as it has been throughout the summer and early fall. With the exception of Survey USA, which has consistently shown Prop. 19 to be in the lead, most other recently released polls have been conducted by live interviewers.

Yes On 19 has a team of hundreds of committed volunteers who are spending their free time calling undecided voters to help shore up support for the initiative. In contrast, the No On 19 campaign seems to be a largely top-down operation.

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newageblues (not verified)

It's reasonable to think this number would have gone up lately, because  Holder, CA District Attorneys and other establishment Jokers have been lining up to oppose it recently, with Holder claiming Feds would continue to enforce the law, even against users, and the LA County DA stating he would ignore Prop 19 if it passed.  

Sat, 10/23/2010 - 10:45am Permalink
AnonymousPatriat (not verified)

Hey this is the American  government here. they would not ignore prop 19 if it was passed and do what they wanted anyway.....Oh wait a minute thats what they've been doing for the last 80 years. I say its time for a change. And we the people can make this happen. We did against the oppressive British government we can damn well topple this government and actually be free again. Don't get me wrong i love America but this communist government needs to go. fire everyone involved in the government and start all over again is the only way to fix this the "connected" people are already dug in too deep. Re-Elect the whole damn thing and monitor all the officials incoming and outgoing money to see whose votes are really for sale and hang them for treason against there country when they are caught.    ITS ABOUT WHATS BEST FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. NOT THE GOVERNMENT.    "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" JFK

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