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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #462)

Take Another Crack at That Cocaine Law," Eric Sterling in the LA Times

NPR on crack cocaine sentencing

Pardon More Than the Turkeys, Debra Saunders for the San Francisco Chronicle

Judge Walton slams crack cocaine law, Washington Times

Stunning Revelations, Silja Talvi on Tasers, for In These Times

Guarded Hope for Dope Reform, Wired

UN World Drug Report 2006

New York Campaign for Telephone Justice, coverage by the New York Nonprofit News

Talking Over Turkey, drug war talking points for family, from DPA

And Tony Newman on a roll this week with two Huffington Post blog items:

More Mexicans Have Died This Year From the Drug War Than Americans in Iraq and 92-Year-Old Woman Latest Drug War Casualty

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