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Save a Cop's Life: End the Drug War (Opinion)

Neill Franklin, who performed narcotics enforcement with the Maryland State Police and the Baltimore Police Department over a 34-year career, opines that we desperately need to end the "war on drugs" which has done so little to prevent people from using drugs but which has done so much to enrich organized criminals who do not hesitate to use violence to protect their black market profits. Franklin asks: How many more hardworking and brave law enforcers do we have to see killed in the line of duty before our elected officials will change this policy? (Link to Story)

@AndrewDo you realize how


Do you realize how ignorant and uneducated it makes you sound when you spout of nonsensical drivel like that? The people you are raging at like a toddler don't take your point to heart because you don't have one and so your idiotic ranting serves only to further degrade the image of drug users to the rest of the populace. 

There are crooked cops out there who would like to see drugs remain illegal most definitely. However the real evil lies within the DEA and it's upper echelon (go ahead and look that up), that is where you see the real bastards who will raid a cancer patients home and/or dispensary to have their photo in the morning paper and secure their budget for another year. 

More instrumental in the fight to keep drugs illegal are the big lobbying groups for the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. They put even the folks at the DEA to shame. They use their corporate backed financing to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt to the idea of reforming drug policy and use those same corporately derived funds to essentially bribe politicians to keep and implement policies that are good for the interests of their respective industry. So think about that next time you are buying that pack of Camels or that tallboy of whatever shitty beer you consume. 

Finally there are people like you who through their ignorance and lack of social graces serve to further the image of drug users being tactless, unintelligent, low-life, losers who would truly and sincerely wish that someone else's soul spend an eternity in hell for having chosen a career in law enforcement. So please sir for those of us who are intelligent, morally upstanding, productive members of society who also happen to light up a harmless herb at the end of a long day or whatever it is, please just do us a favor and shut the hell up when it comes to speaking out against the failed misery that is the drug war. No really, we can take it from here. 

all cops should go suck one

all cops should go suck one and burn in hell....ur the dirty bastards that keep this war going...all in the name of a bigger drug budget....and u all will burn in hell

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