'False Positives' Suggest Police Exploit Canines to Justify Searches

A study of "false positives" involving drug-sniffing police dogs suggests some police forces may be using canines to do an end-run around constitutional protections against search and seizure, and may be profiling racial minorities in the process. A survey of primarily suburban police departments in Illinois, carried out by the Chicago Tribune, found that 56 percent of all police searches triggered by a drug-sniffing dog turned nothing up. But, perhaps tellingly, that number jumped to 73 percent when the search involved a Latino subject -- meaning that nearly three-quarters of all dog alerts on Latinos turned up no contraband. (Link to Story)

What does a drug dealer look like?

Some years ago a judge in Arizona dismissed drug charges against a man caught with a huge amount of cocaine in the trunk of his car because the DPS officer who made the arrest admitted in court that she had pulled him over simply because he fit the "profile" of a drug runner.  Hispanic male, driving a clean, late-model generic car right at or slightly below the speed limit.  Needless to say they now pull people over for "improper lane usage."  Surely our public servants would TELL us if they were targeting minorities, right?  If you believe THAT, you'll believe the officer who assures us that he's "confident" that his dog is "hitting on residue," and not being "accidentally" cued to make false alerts. 

How long do you suppose "residue" remains detectable to sensitive noses?  An hour?  A day?  Two days?  And just what constitutes "drug residue" in a car?  I understand residue in a baggie, or a pipe, but in a car?  If you were reporting on law enforcement tactics that more closely resemble old-fashioned piracy, wouldn't you ask these questions?  I would.

Open Air Search

Of course it`s an end run around citizens rights. The dog alerts and now you don`t need a warrant. Drug Dogs follow their instructors lead. The instructor that feeds the dog .Sit boy! Now we have probable cause .  A seat belt violation quickly turns into a " search ". It happens everyday. Nationwide. Welcome to the " Drug War ". Welcome to America.

Wait a sec

This guy has to be a troll, nobody can be this ignorant...


"SO what,maybe if they didnt look like drug dealers and users it wouldnt be a problem"
Discriminate much?  Do I really need to elaborate on the stupidity of this statement?


"see the problem isnt the police,its you guys who smoke that dope"
Oh really?  What exactly is this problem that you speak of?  Care to elaborate?


"you dont have a right to tell the police not to search your stuff"
This makes me believe that he is a troll.  This is patently false.


"are you guys stupid?"
relatively speaking, no.

Cool Story Bro.

Wait, so your uncle died because your dad smoked marijuana?  Had nothing to do with his liver failure from alcohol abuse huh?  What are you smoking?

Sadly this is a prime example of the ignorance of the prohibitionist that we have to overcome.  I doubt that this person can be shown anything logical due to his personal biases.  Just the way of the world.  The war on drugs is and always has been a failure.  Let's end it sooner rather than later...

here we go again

here we go again with drug reformers complaining about cops using dogs to justify illegal searchs,SO what,maybe if they didnt look like drug dealers and users it wouldnt be a problem.see the problem isnt the police,its you guys who smoke that dope. cut that crap off and maybe this wouldnt happen.and just comply with the police when they ask to search your car.you dont have a right to tell the police not to search your stuff.are you guys stupid?you remind me of when my father told me to stay away from the garden of tamado plants, now i know why.he was illegally smoking a reefer.it was so bad and unhealthy i was never so embarressed of him.i dont talk to my father anymore becouse of that crap.he ruined our relationship becouse of that ,and he trys saying im the one who caused the whole issue cause i did the right thing and told the police officer.please i did what was right for my family my friends dad was in the hospital for liver failer due to acohol it devestated them when they found out my father smoked that junk.needless to say my friends uncle died two days later,cause he couldnt believe my father touched that joint.so yeah ,marijuana killed him.,so shut up and buck up.stop trying to complain about the police and try helping us stop the problem tell the police next time you see a user quit being losers you dopes

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