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Cops Used Fake Patient IDs to Buy Medical Pot; Was It Entrapment?

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies used phony Michigan medical marijuana cards -- created on a county computer -- to trick state-approved medical marijuana providers into selling the drug to the police. Days after the drug buys, county narcotics agents raided two medical marijuana dispensaries. Defense attorneys for more than two dozen people arrested in the raids are crying foul, saying their clients were trapped into lawbreaking while trying to stay within the state law. (Link to Story)

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Damn right it was entrapment!

It has always been my contention that the leos should never be allowed to do anything for which a non-leo would be arrested.  If the cops can't do it by following the laws the rest of us must follow then they should not be allowed to do it at all!  We should be insisting that every cop breaking any law, regardless the reason, be charged and prosecuted just like any of us would be, and if convicted they should get exactly the same sentence any of us would get -- no protection from any consequences just because they're cops.

Morons at the helm...

There are already laws, and cases on the books that cover this, Police, and people working for law enforcement agencies can not use informants or officers with false ID's to buy alcohol, strip clubs and so on, its the law, its the way it is.. and this is clearly covered under the law, its no different.. the use of false ID's to make illegal purchases/entries is ALREADY covered about every way possible in the law.. for this to be allowed the seller would have to have a iron clad way of verifying ID's used.. case law, learn it, use it.


Well Done Oakland.. it not like you city is a combat zone.. Oo wait it is, and your wasting money on garbage like this.. well done, just about what we have come to expect, Law Enforcement showing their true colors, "have to save those funding levels, without the WAR on "drugs" " you wouldnt get all those millions to piddle away would you..


Maybe if they had less money they would be less willing to waste it.

re: Entrapment: Question about its application

I remember reading this paper at the time, a training thing for cops, which, as it was for cops, even an idiot could understand it!

"Understanding and Overcoming the Entrapment Defense in Undercover Operations" by Sgt. Danny Baker of the Fort Smith Police Department Street Crimes Unit

Entrapment: Question about its application

Did you see any elaboration on what exactly was meant by "...presdisposition to commit the crime to begin with[?]"  Was that a quote off a ".gov" website?

Happened in Tacoma As Well

This happened in Tacoma at the Tacoma Hemp Company--cops making buys with faked medical cards. ("...undercover officers gained access to the Tacoma Hemp Co. dispensary four times, using phony medical marijuana approval forms and posing as patients.")

Sounds like entrapment but I discovered it's not. The entrapment defense emerged during, you guessed it,  alcohol prohibition! (Sorrells v. United States, 1932)  Basically the court held that the cops can use deceit, trickery, fraud, and ruses as long as the person being entrapped had a predisposition to commit the crime to begin with.

While it may be allowable it's disgusting nonetheless.

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