Why California Decriminalized Recreational Pot: 5 Theories (Opinion)

Getting busted for having an ounce or less of marijuana in California is no longer that big a deal, or even a crime, under a new law signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead of facing a misdemeanor charge, people caught will a small amount of marijuana will now get, at most, a $100 fine. With everything else on his plate — a big budget deal, a landmark health insurance exchange — what might have motivated Schwarzenegger to decriminalize marijuana now? (Link to Story)


sorry about that i said before it was legal,i ment to put before it became illegal ,about my great grand mothers father,my great grand mothers turning 98 soon.

lil offended

I have to say,opinion 2 I really didn't much like. making it harder to for voters to vote for prop 19? They now insist that Marijuana's now practically legal.and theres that huge money saver we wanted from the arrest. My problem is this though,It's NOT "practically" legal. It's still illegal,and prop 19 isn't all about the damn money we could save and generate.It would elemaite the black market for marijuana in cali.and i dunno I really am really curious to how and what a legalized,regulated,packaged ounce of an all new homegrown all american bag of pot. Also we'd help elmiate some of the cartels fundings .Just so people know prop 19 isn't all about the god damn money. it;s about saving lives from needless deaths.that the true killer about marijuana,proibition,It makes me sick.I  would hear faint storys about life during alcohol probition,from my great grand mother when we'd go to visit her, she'd tell me storys cause i liked to listen to em. anyways. Well needless to say she never understood why the need to hemp to be banned concidering her father lost his job when it became legal.he was a hemp famer,before the probition.anyways , IT'S TIME TO FIX OUR REPEATED MISTAKE,PROIBITION .

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