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New Zealand's War on P (Methamphetamine) Continues, but Price Hardly Changes

It has been a year since Prime Minister John Key declared war on the drug P (methamphetamine). The authorities, and Mr. Key, had hoped to see P prices rising as evidence that the anti-P campaign was working. But that hasn't happened. (Link to Story)

Something my life has become.

I honestly hate P. Ive been hooked on it since i was 16 and now Im 20. I use to think it was cool. but day by day my habit got worster,,  couldnt afford in the end, so i turned to prostutidin in Auckland city around the KRD area. I was just abusing my body, I just wanted to die, I tried all sorts of things smashing my head on stuff to cutting myself everyday then jumping of high objects, etc etc!  but then I found myself getting worster and at that time I was only smoking it through a glass pipe, In about August 2009.

I finally thought I met someone I could trust and thought she was always there for me!  So I told her to inject meth into my arm, so  she did . And ever since that day I havent been the same!  Afew weeks later she got remanded in prison, and I just shattered apart , I though my life was over! I always told myself she was the only one who knew me ,

Then DECEMBER THE 17TH 2009 I went to my bestfriends court case and i had my hopes up that she was going to be getting bail! Finally her name got called up just before 5pm, she got remanded , NO BAIL!

My heart just droped, I walked down the stairs in Auckland district court and yelling and stuff , then I thought why bother, I will just have to prove how much I love her and need her. I then pulled out my ZIPPO lighter fluid and tiped it on me then lite the lite, I though the game was over but it wasnt got rushed to Auckland hospital and put into a como, cause some of my burns were pretty bad! I got transfered over to Middlemore Hospital to the burns unit, Spent I think 5 days in ICU on life support and a few months in hospital! Now I have to suffer the consection and I know that but its really hard! But When I lit a light to myself I had been up for at least 14 days , but i know for a fect if I hadnt been on drugs FOR THAT LONG , I know I wouldnt of done that!


thank U for your time, you can take me serious or delete it! Thats the short story that I had to say say.

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