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8th Annual Hemp Hoe Down

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For seven years the Hemp Hoe Down has supported the Alex White Plume tiospaye in its struggle to produce hemp, a crop the US government foolishly prohibits. Alex's talks have been featured at the Hoe Down each year. Alex hosts the Lakota War Pony Races and Lakota Hemp Days each year, and hosted the Hemp Industries Association's annual confence in 2002.

We were saddened in December (2007) to learn that Alex's house near Manderson, in the Oglala Lakota Nation, burned to the ground.

Hemp Hoe Down 8 will be a benefit event for the White Plumes. In addition, the Hemp Hoe Down crew will sponsor workshops to build a hemp house and a Maka Akan Wicoti (community upon the Earth) for and with the White Plume family.

Currently, we're making plans (architectural and logistical) to construct a series of buildings consisting of residences, community center, storage buildings, etc. As a matter of good sense and conscience, we will build with hemp if we can, and with other renewable, sustainable, non-toxic, small-environmental-footprint materials always. As things come together, we'll keep you posted.

"We" are the Hemp Hoe Down crew and the Alex White Plume tiyospaye and all of you who help with the Eco Wicoti permaculture projects. We are Maka Akan Wicoti.

Want to help out with time, money or building materials? Email us about the Eco Wicoti PermaCulture Workshops.

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