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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #1213)
Drug War Issues

An Arkansas cop gets caught slinging dope in uniform and a West Virginia federal prison guard breaks bad. Let's get to it:

In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a Hoxie police officer was arrested May 10 for allegedly selling drugs while in uniform and armed with his service weapon. Officer Joshua Lynn Barber went down after the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force received information that Barber was slinging dope and then conducted a controlled buy from him while he was armed and in uniform. Task force members then arrested him as he showed up for work at the Hoxie Police Department, where he is a part-time officer. He is charged with delivery of a controlled substance and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

In Beckley, West Virginia, a former federal prison guard was sentenced last Thursday to 18 months in federal prison for providing contraband to an inmate. Cody Adam Bays, 32, admitted smuggling various controlled substances including suboxone, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and tobacco. Bays also attempted to smuggle fentanyl into FCI Beckley but sampled the substance, which led to a serious overdose. He also admitted receiving payments totaling $20,800 for his drug deliveries. He pleaded guilty to providing contraband to a federal inmate.

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