Drug War Chronicle #461 - November 10, 2006

1. Election 2006: Brief Comment on the Transfer of Power in Congress

DRCNet's executive director offers a brief analysis of the new political dynamic in Washington as it affects drug policy.

2. Election 2006: Initiatives Defeated in Colorado and Nevada, But Hundreds of Thousands Voted to Legalize Marijuana

Two marijuana legalization initiatives went down to defeat in Colorado and Nevada, but by relatively narrow margins. Organizers are vowing to try again.

3. Election 2006: Local Marijuana Initiatives Win Across the Board

Statewide marijuana initiatives may have had a tough time this year, but it was a clean sweep for local lowest priority initiatives, which went five for five, plus a local medical marijuana measure.

4. Election 2006: South Dakota Medical Marijuana Initiative Backers Vow to Try Again After Narrow Defeat

In a close vote, South Dakota voters became the first in the nation to turn back a medical marijuana initiative, but organizers vow to try again.

5. Election 2006: Drug Reformers in Third Party Statewide Bids Poll Single Digits, But One Wins a State House Seat in Washington

A drug reformer won a state house seat as a Democrat this week, but third-party reformers got largely ignored at the polls.

6. Election 2006: Arizona Voters Take a Step Backwards on Sentencing Reform

Arizona voters took a step backward by allowing first- and second-time methamphetamine offenders to be sentenced to jail or prison -- unlike any other Arizona drug possession offenders.

7. Election 2006: Massachusetts Voters in Four More Districts Continue the Clamor for Marijuana Law Reform

Four more Massachusetts representative districts have voted to ask their reps to support either marijuana decriminalization or medical marijuana bills in the state legislature.

8. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Kentucky deputy gets caught stealing from the office stash, so does a Cleveland court employee, and a Cleveland cop's husband's activities is raising eyebrows.

9. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

10. Medical Marijuana: First New Federal Prosecution in Three Years Underway in California

Federal authorities had not prosecuted a California medical marijuana patient or provider since the Ed Rosenthal trial blew up in their face three years ago, but that changed Wednesday.

11. Sentencing: US Supreme Court to Try to Clean Up Post-Booker Ruling Issues

Last year's Supreme Court decision making federal sentencing guidelines only advisory has led to confusion in the federal courts. Now the high court has agreed to hear two cases that could help stop the head-scratching--and maybe get some drug offenders some shorter sentences.

12. Sentencing: Public Hearings on Illinois SMART Act Pack 'Em In

Public hearings on an Illinois bill that would divert first-time drug possession offenders into "drug schools" instead of prison are now underway across the state, and if the crowd in Chicago is any indication, public interest is high.
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