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NY, CT Governors Renew Calls for Marijuana Legalization, VA Legalization Bills Filed, More... (1/7/21)

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East Coast governors start the push for marijuana legalization this year, a Tennessee lawmaker files a bill to allow out-of-staters who have medical marijuana cards to possess half an ounce in-state, and more.

Marijuana Policy

Connecticut Governor Renews Call for Marijuana Legalization. In his State of the State address Wednesday, Governor Ned Lamont (D) called for the legislature to pass marijuana legalization this year. "I am working with our neighboring states and look forward to working with our tribal partners on a path forward to modernize gaming in our state, as well as the legislature on legalization of marijuana," he said.

New York Governor Renews Call for Marijuana Legalization. In his State of the State address Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) called for the legalization and regulation of marijuana. He is proposing the creation of an Office of Cannabis Management to handle both recreational marijuana and the state's already existing medical marijuana program. Legislators pre-filed a bill to do that earlier this week. This is the third year Cuomo has called on the legislature to legalize it.

Virginia Marijuana Legalization Bills Filed. Delegate Steve Heretick (D-Portsmouth) has filed a marijuana legalization bill, HB 269. This is a repeat effort for Heretick, who has filed both decriminalization and legalization bills in the past. And that isn't the only legalization bill filed. Delegate Lee Carter (D) filed HB 87, which would do the same thing.

Medical Marijuana

Tennessee Lawmaker Files Bill to Protect Out-of-State Medical Marijuana Patients. State Senator Sarah Kyle (D-Memphis) has filed a bill that would allow patients with a valid medical marijuana registration card to possess up to half an ounce without penalty. Since Tennessee doesn't have a medical marijuana program, SB 0025 would only apply to outstate visitors from states that do have medical marijuana programs.

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