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Alternative Values, Alternative Facts: UN Event on Media Disinformation and Drug War Human Rights Violations

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #1060)
Politics & Advocacy

Alternative Values, Alternative Facts:
Drug Policy and Justice as Casualties in the Struggle Between Authoritarianism and Democracy

side event at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting
Vienna International Centre, Thursday 21 March, 2:20-3:10pm CET
(9:20am US eastern time, 9:20pm Manila time)
Conference Room M3, Floor M01 (one up from ground level)

Facebook Live video or our event is archived here. We will post a playlist version
of the video in the near future at


  • Chel Diokno
    Founding Dean of De La Salle College of Law, and Chairman of FLAG – Free Legal Assistance Group, Philippines (via Skype and video)
  • Pamela Combinido
    Researcher, Newton Tech4Dev Network (video)
  • Davey Alba
    Reporter, BuzzFeed (video)

moderated by:

  • David Borden
    Executive Director, DRCNet Foundation (AKA "")

discussion and Q&A:

  • Chel Diokno
  • Marco Perduca
    Senator 2008-2013, Italy, and Associazone Luca Coscioni
  • David Borden
  • Others TBA

Sponsored by DRCNet Foundation, with AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing), Arewa Youth Trust Foundation, Association for Safer Drug Policies in Norway, Associazione Luca Coscioni, Broken No More, Death Penalty Focus, FAAAT think & do tank, Forum Droghe, Legalize Belarus, NAMA Recovery, NEFFCON Nor-Cal, No Peace Without Justice, St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction, Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust, SA Drug Policy, SAOL Project, Science for Democracy, South Africa Network of People Who Use Drugs, Students for Sensible Drug Policy – Sierra Leone, Students for Sensible Drug Policy – University of Utah, TBHIV Care, UNIDOS-Mocambique

Permission to Reprint: This content is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license. Content of a purely educational nature in Drug War Chronicle appear courtesy of DRCNet Foundation, unless otherwise noted.


Dain Bramage (not verified)

Trump asked Russia to steal Hillary's emails!  AND THEY DID IT!! THAT IS FUCKING COLLUSION. 

Why take my word for it, you heard it too!  Don't say you didn't.  We all heard it.  It wasn't a "joke."

"Russia, if you're listening..."

Who you gonna believe: Bill Barr, or your own lying ears?




Is there anybody here, reading this, who is still gullible enough to believe that Trump is anything but bad for marijuana legalization, for drug policy, for civil and human rights in general, and for America herself?

Mon, 03/25/2019 - 12:53am Permalink
Dain Bramage (not verified)

In reply to by Dain Bramage (not verified)

The Barr report is a cover-up of the cover-up of Trump's treason.

There are only two options:

1. I live in an alternative universe, in which Trump never said "Russia, if you're listening..."


2. Bill Barr is a lying motherfucker, just like the rest of the Trumpanzees, and he is gaslighting us, right to our goddamn faces!

Well, fuck Reefer Madness, fuck "alternative facts", fuck Bill Barr, fuck the fascist fucking Republican party, and fuck that ass-clown, Traitor Trump.

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 8:41pm Permalink
Dain Bramage (not verified)

Don't let the Republicans gaslight you.

It's deeply tragic that victims of a scam, crime, or assault tend to feel shame and self-loathing, and thus keep quiet when they should be speaking out, while simultaneously, the perpetrators of the injustice openly gloat with glee and contempt.  You would think it would be the other way around; the shame should belong to the bad guys, right?

So, again, don't let Trump and Barr and McConnell and Rand and Graham and all the rest -- don't let them gaslight you.  Gaslighting is when someone takes a big shit on your head, and then tells you you're being too touchy and sensitive when you protest.  They say "You're crazy" or "Can't you take a joke?"


gerund or present participle: gaslighting
  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
    "in the first episode, Karen Valentine is being gaslighted by her husband"
Wed, 03/27/2019 - 12:26pm Permalink

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