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Medical Marijuana Update

A federal amendment to ease veterans' access to medical marijuana gets bumped, an Idaho medical marijuana initiative campaign gets underway, and more.


Amendment to Ease Vets' Access to Medical Marijuana Shelved. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), sponsor of an amendment to an annual spending bill for Veteran Affairs that would have widened access to medical marijuana for veterans, pulled the amendment in the face of opposition from the VA. On the House floor, Blumenauer explained that the VA "has not been as helpful as it should be" in easing access for vets. "All of a sudden the VA has decided, well, they would be putting their doctors at risk," he said. "I hope that we'll be able to work together to fix this little quirk to make sure that VA doctors can do what doctors everywhere do in states where medical cannabis is legal and be able to work with their patients."


Delaware Sees Two Last-Minute Medical Marijuana Bills. With five days left in the legislative session, two last-minute medical marijuana bills await consideration. SB 170 would allow patients with anxiety to treat their conditions with CBD-rich products, while HB 243, would allow certain approved users to grow a limited amount of their own medical marijuana. The assigned committee has not yet issued a report for this bill, keeping it from a full vote in the house.


Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative Campaign Gets Underway. The Idaho Cannabis Coalition announced Tuesday that it delivered signatures to the secretary of state's office to start the process for getting a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2020. The initiative seeks to provide Idahoans with "safe access to whole plant cannabis and other medical cannabis products through a system of secure dispensaries tightly regulated by the state." Patients with demonstrated physical or financial hardship would qualify to grow their own medicine.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Will Allow Physician Assistants to Recommend Medical Marijuana. Gov. Chris Sununu (R) has signed into law a bill expanding the list of providers who may recommend medical marijuana. A bill that allows medical marijuana users to grow their own plants awaits his signature.

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Dain Bramage's picture

We can do better than rottenness

There is literally nothing stopping us, the human race, from having world peace, simply by choosing world peace.

It's right there for the taking.  There it is.

That's a fact.  We're not being attacked by aliens from space, nor are we being controlled by demons from the darkside.  It's just us.  Living with our choices.

But given the nature of the human primate, it seems we will always have armed forces, one way or another.




Yet we do not have to abandon our better angels entirely.  That too is a choice.

We can do better.

As far as I am concerned, being a veteran should AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY YOU as a medical marijuana patient.

More fundamentally, in principle, the military is there to protect our American freedoms.  Now, I do question that assumption; I think our military is more often purposefully used for wars of aggression, which I oppose.  But, there is no avoiding the logical inference that still exists, which is this: if we American citizens, civilians and soldiers, have paid such a high price for "freedom", then, shouldn't we have it for ourselves?  If not, whose "freedoms" are we fighting for?  Trumps?  Putins?


Just fucking legalize it, already!!

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